Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Rinse Lather and Repeat....or not

My oldest child is just about to turn 13 (9 days from today) and I noticed that yes....he has started to get pimples and blackheads around his nose and chin.

I did the only thing I knew of, so I headed for the store and got him some Clearasil Foaming face wash. I proudly displayed it by his sink and waited until the evening to tell him about it. Of course he didn't even notice it and when I pointed it out he asked me why I got him peach colored hand soap.

I explained to him that now that he was getting older he was going to have to take better care of his skin. The kids take their showers at night and I've tried to get them in the habit of washing their faces in the morning before school, but you know how that goes. I told dear son that every morning before he comes downstairs to wash his face w/warm water and use the Clearasil face wash.

A few days later noticed his face looked oily.

Mom: "Gray have you been using your face wash every morning?"

Son: " No, I've been using it at night instead before my shower"

Mom: "That's why I bought it for you...to use every morning since you shower at night"

Son: "Well it made my face sticky so I use it at night"

Mom: "It shouldn't make your face sticky...are you sure you washed of it off completely?"

Son: "I'm supposed to wash it off?"

Mom: (blank stare....cue the cricket sounds)

Son: (blushing and then laughing)

Mom: "Well honey didn't you read the directions?"

Son: "Yes, but I thought it meant to wash it off my hands"

Gotta love him!

See it just goes to show you that no matter what age they are they will always still need us!


Becky said...


momma wray said...

friggin' hilarious! lol

The Farm-Marm said...

OMGosh! This reminded me of when my son (now 22)was 14, he asked if he could use my special MK moisturizer, as his skin was really dry. Sure, no problem-o. Well while he was at seminary some of the kids looked at him and asked why he was so glittery...the moisturizer has miniscule shiny particles in it! He just shrugged it off and make a sly comment. He also kept using it!

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