Friday, September 11, 2009

Baby Talk


11 month old baby girl in the bathroom with her mom. Mom is trying to take a shower. Mom places baby in bathroom w/bucket of toys and puts baby in her view. Mom watches baby through glass shower doors. Mom washes hair....eyes fogging up....Rinses hair....Opens eyes....Mom moves fog from glass to see baby. Doesn't see baby....Mom strains neck and sees glimpse of baby in cabinet drawers.

Mommy: "Kate what are you doing?" (in playful mommy silly tone)

Baby: Baaa-gaaa-shhhh translates in italics and bold - I'm not Kate

Mommy: "I mean Lil's ....what are you doing?"

Baby: ahhhhhhhhhhhh-blaaaaaaah (Going through all your stuff)

Mommy: Liiiiiiiiiiiiiily Close that drawer now......Go play w/your other toys. Mommy is almost finished. Let mommy rinse her hair and at least get one leg shaved today.

Baby: (stares at mommy w/a smile while eating the top of her lotion and then starts rummaging through another drawer)

Mommy: "♫Clean up clean up everybody everywhere clean up clean up♪"

Baby: dadadadadada (That's not gonna work this time....I'm not in the mood to clean and you're in the shower so there isn't anything you can do about it)

scene ends with mom watching the destruction of her bathroom yet again! AWW joys of motherhood! ;o)

Lil's cracks me up on a daily basis. She is babbling like crazy and knows a few words....Her favorite lately is "Buh Buh" translates to bye bye! She will grab a phone and say Buh Buh. She will wave Buh Buh too! It's all about the Buh.
She will sign for milk (she opens and closes her fist like she is grabbing something) and then tugs my shirt
Dada is daddy....
muh muh is mommy.....
da is the dog....(got to be careful and listen for just 1 da or she could be talking about her daddy!)

The other day Lil's was walking over to the dog food at tornado speed. We always have to make sure we pick it up or she makes a bee line for it to tump it over on purpose. I can tell her No a million times and she just laughs at me. The other day I was doing something *I don't remember what...I'm a mom and multitask* and I heard Lil's scream bloody murder like she got seriously injured. I ran over to her and she was w/her daddy. Daddy obviously told her No and she busted out sobbing. We had full blown lip tremble...jerky sobs! I was shocked. How can da's have such much power. It happened again the other day....she was trying to get at his phone and he put it up and still she persisted by climbing up him....and he said "No" ...not even in a rough tone...just a simple No.....boy did she turn on the water works and lip tremble! She bawled again! Amazing! So now she has mastered No! Thankfully she only says it every time she sees the dog food....then of course tries to reach it before I can...all the while squealing with laughter!

The next funny word phrase she uses is the good ol "UH OH". Except her words are Uh Uh. You know how this gets started...things say the phrase and so on... Well now everything is dropped on the floor for the Uh Uh. Even stuff that you didn't want dropped on the floor! But I'll allow it for the time being b/c she's soooo darn cute saying it.

Lil's is also the queen of snorting! She will scrunch her nose up and show all 4 cute teeth and snort multiple times in a row. It's the cutest thing. You can't help but smile and join in!

She also likes to get the dog howl and mimic him! During bath time she calls the dog in the bathroom...."DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" Moses comes a running. Then she stands up in the bath tub (yes, naughty girl) and starts her impression of howling. (sounds more like a really loud moan) This gets the dog howling and I sit there laughing hysterically! She is such a ham!

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