Friday, September 11, 2009


Little Lil's started walking when she was around 10 months old, but only a few steps at a time and then she would crash and burn. More of a face plant really! Then last week she just took a few steps and kept going! It was soo funny to watch! I caught a quick video of her playing with the trash can and throwing her snacks around! Listen to her on the video trying to lock the trash can. She makes this grunting sound like it was such a hard task.
Each day she perfects her new skill and now she can literally run....ok she looks totally unstable but it is funny none the less!
Lil's has realized that if she stands on her tippy toes she can reach deep inside the cabinet drawers and pull everything out. She is so determine at times to either eat or throw away her finds. I now have to not only make sure the trash can is locked, but to check the trash to make sure nothing has ended up there that shouldn't! She is such a big helper!

I'm not bias here I swear, but we have one smart girl on our hands (ask my husband and he will claim super sperm)...

she will take the caps off of things and put them back on....she will go to a bucket of shoes and pull out the pairs....she will throw trash away .....she will clean up her toys or whatever is messy when you sing the clean up song! Give the girl a towel and she will clean the floors! All I have to teach her is laundry now and I've got myself a slave...I mean really great baby!

Each day is a new experience with her...she is like a tiny sponge....she absorbs everything we do and tries to imitate us!

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