Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Boys Boys

I love my 2 and 2....that's 2 boys and 2 girls! I love sitting back and watching each one of their personalities....ohhhh my how different they all are!

Last night I was doing room know making sure each child was in their bed...rooms picked up (chokes) and I was checking their clothes were laid out for the next day school day.

I noticed my oldest is in his brother's room and they are chatting......(2 yr age gap)

2nd son: "We're having the puberty talk at school soon"

1st son: "You have any hair yet?"

2nd son: "I don't know...I make mom look occasionally"

1st son: "Well I'm starting to get a says I need to shave"

2nd son: "I want some. How come my hair is lighter than yours? I want darker eyebrows...mine don't show up"

1st son: "Want to feel my chin beard?"

2nd son: "No...."

Ha this point I entered the room and told my oldest to quit bragging about his 3 chin hairs.

I love boys!!!!

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Cora said... cute!

I'll be back!

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