Saturday, January 9, 2010

Daughter Day...Tar-jay Day!

Being a Mommy to 4 kids can be a challenge at times. I want to make sure that each of my little chickens gets some mommy time!
Today I put Lils down for her nap and then Mini Me and I bolted for "our store" Target!! WOOHOO. We were looking for some bedding for her upcoming birthday on the 26th. Hubby thinks she has enough bedding, but he doesn't know girls that well!
Here is what we are thinking about...

The comforter is reversible to the zebra side! I think it is totally girly and totally cute. Her birthday party is going to be a Slumber Party. Her 1st one...and really mine too. I never asked for one growing up and probably didn't miss out on anything since I attended my share, but I'm sooo excited nonetheless!!!
The tablescape will be this bedding (hopefully if hubby is ok w/us buying more bedding) and then each girl will have a feather boa. I love with this mommy did...and will have to use a little of her idea!!!

I thought we would get some water bottle labels w/the zebra print made on I'm working on a cute invite and found some cute pics of cakes too.
Any and all suggestions for cute party ideas w/the zebra theme for a 9 yr old would be a huge help to me!!!

After we finished up some clothes/shoe shopping we ended with some lunch from Chick Fil A....and yes Mother I stayed in my WW. Luckily a chargrilled sandwich and fruit cup is a total of 6 pts! Rock on!!!


New Mommy!!! said...

Love love love the bedding and party theme!! Can I sleep over too??! Ha! I'm watching the cowboys kick some bootst. But just wanted to say hi!! Or, err, hey y'all.!!

New Mommy!!! said...

That was supposed to be bootay I was auto corrected!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

I would give anything for Chick-fil-a!!!! Lucky duck!

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