Monday, January 11, 2010

King Sized Coffin

This weekend the boys pretty much stayed in b/c of the low temps and played the Wii or PS3....Mini Me had a friend sleepover Saturday night. We made a huge soft comfy palate on her floor for them to sleep on. According to the girls they played pranks on each other all night and didn't get any sleep.

Me: "What kind of pranks did y'all pull?"

Mini Me: "We would wait for the other to fall asleep and put bath foam in one of sher hand and then tickle her nose and watch her smash the foam on her face ....we would take turns"

Me: "But if you knew what the other was going to do then it wouldn't work?"

Mini Me: "No it worked and it was funny"

Me: "Ha Ha...if you say so."

Mini Me was obviously tired because she took a nap curled up in the bean bag yesterday. The boys had fun lifting her eyelids to make sure she was really asleep. I didn't stop them because I have to admit it is pretty cool to see!

Later that night I got Lils down in our bed around 9pmdid the usu and then hubs and I re-watched the Cowboy game from Saturday ....yes because it was that good!! After the game we turned in. I noticed Lils was on her back... arms and legs spread which wouldn't give me any room on my side of the bed.

Hubs: "Just move her"

Me: "Heck no, she wakes at the first sign of touch and I'm too tired to mess with that."

Hubs: "What are you going to do then?"

Me: "Well I'll get as close as I can to her in the middle...and still give you room."

You have to understand I like to cuddle with hubby for about 8 mins and then I like my side of the bed. This whole co-sleeping has really messed this up. Lils is all over the place in our bed. I have the worst pain in my bed and neck from contorted positions because of this. If she didn't sleep so well then I wouldn't have her in our room, but she is the worst sleeper ever. 2 months ago I finally gave up and started letting her sleep with us. It's been terrific for everyone but ME. I tri

So we climb into bed and I tried laying on my side and that didn't work. So I flip on my back. My sides are smushed next to Hubs and Lils.....there are no room for my arms. I tried over my head, but they started to get freezing and it was really uncomfortable. So I end up crossing them over my chest. That's when it hits me.....I'll be like this in my coffin with no room to move....

Me: (whispers) "Honey...."

Hubs "What...go to sleep"

Me: "I can't...I'm so uncomfortable....I think I need a King Sized Coffin"

Hubs: no answer

Me: "Did you hear me?"

Hubs: "Yes, did you really want me to answer?"

Me: "Well if this is what is going to be like then I need more room in mine...I'd like a King Sized one"

Hubs: "I don't think it will matter b/c you won't be doing any moving around in it"

Me: "I don't care....this is horrible."

Hubs: "Cremation"

Me: "Then I'll need a King sized Jar then!...ha ha ha"

I couldn't sleep all night...I wonder if they make anything bigger than a California King...Mommy needs her sleep!


Anonymous said...

hee hee hee....OMGosh, that was TOO funny girl! Hope your having a great day! XOXO

Taylor @ Jimmy Choos and a Baby Too said...

HAHAHAHA! Sounds like Branden!

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