Friday, January 8, 2010

♪We've Only Just Begun ♫

BRRRR can you say cold?! -2 Wind Chill for us ....and they say Global Warming (spits) I woke up a million times last night freezing. Lils doesn't like covers and she sleeps pressed up against me (remember we're co-sleeping now) Hubby is snoring...blah blah. Lils still nurses at night...I know I know...but I'm too lazy to wean her off night feedings...But there are times she will stir and not be awake but fuss a little. She doesn't want to nurse..I think she is just getting comfy! She rolls around until she gets me in the most contorted know where your back starts to twist and your head is facing the complete opposite way. Then she grabs a chunk of my hair and twirls it between her fingers! But hey, whatever makes her happy is my motto :o).

So I finally wake to hub's alarm at 5am...only to drift in and out of sleep until I hear the kids alarms go off at 6:55. I ohhh so want to pull the covers over my head and go back to sleep!

Rush downstairs...feed kids...brush their hair ...bundle them up....curse b/c it's a -2 wind chill and the kids can't ride their bikes to school...throw baby in car bundled too and drive kids to school.

Rush back....wave at 13 yr old and rush for a shower. Today is hair wash day...I remind him not to panic that I will be down in 30 mins!

Stand in shower and tell Lils not to stand in mommy's cabinets....Beg Lils to not pull all of mommy's clothes off the hangers...Begs her again that I'm almost through!

Then out the door to drop 13 yr old off at school. Put baby in the car and then realize she has pooped...tell 13 yr old to not panic...I'll be another 2 mins. Baby has my keys and sets the car off honking while upstairs changing her blow out...back to car and get 13 yr old to school!

Rush home...stare at coffee pot and wonder why it looks weird....oh yeah forgot to add water....
add water...feed baby a leftover waffle from the kids plates while standing unloading the dishes...yes w/babe on hip!

Look at dog who is standing by the back door to go out....(it's cold brrrr) back in and realize the dog chewed up one of the Christmas Erasers all under the table! Picks up eraser b4 Lils eats it too!

Grab cup of coffee w/only 1 pt of sugar free creamer for my WW pts! But get sidetracked and coffee is cold...zaps it in the microwave...lost spoon so I'll use my finger to stir it!

Notice 3 laundry baskets standing by the laundry room....the kids finally listen and brought their laundry down...ha ha sweet now my basket of laundry will wait yet again...(how many days have I worn this nursing tank???)

Notice dog hair on my floors under the chair legs?...didn't I just vacuum that yesterday?

It's only 9:50 and my day has just begun....

I'm off back to the microwave to zap my 1st cup of coffee yet again!

But good news is my hair is washed today and I feel like a million bucks!


Candice Pair said...

Ok your day sounds a lot more hectic than mine! Thanks for the comment and for following! I look forward to your blog as well!

ModernMom said...

...and tomorrow you get to do it all over again:)
All so familiar!

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