Saturday, February 27, 2010

Shelf Life...I'm a Waster

My husband hates this about me. I can't stand to keep food in the fridge for longer than 1 day..maybe 2 ...depends on the hour I cooked it the days before...I know I'm need to remind me! :o)
I google those Shelf Life website of foods, but I'm convinced they have no clue truly about food.

I am a lot better than I was BH (before hubby) about this while issue though. He grew up in a family where his mom would toss everything in a pot at the end of the week and make soup out of it. I laugh and tell her all the time that I would have starved growing up in her house. My FIL loves me though b/c I send all leftover past 2 days to his house. I swear they have stomachs of steal over there...I cringe when I think of the past shelf life of foods they eat. You know how things say...good for _____ days when opened? Well I will chunk it on the day before...I don't know...I just panic! I don't want my family sick from contaminated foods!

SO get this...I totally went against all my shelf life rules...yesterday the kids all lost the bet about the "click to vote" contest. 1 kid said I would be at 100...another kid said I would not get any votes (gee thanks) and the other child said I would get 50 votes...ok they were all wrong..I think I got about 20 votes, which means they all lost...and so the piece of Black Forest Cheesecake sat there.

UNTIL TODAY...I ate it just a few mins ago and it was sooo good. I will force myself not to think about the fact that I made it Wednesday and I that I will be ok. My FIL told me to send what was left to his house on Monday...he'd polish it off! ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, but too late!

Side Note:
Wasn't a huge fan of Couples Retreat....neither was hubby...had only 1 funny scene...I was really disappointed since we are huge Vince Vaughn fans...

Friday, February 26, 2010

My Lovely Baby Bump

(Geddes Photo)

I'm gonna just put a guess out here and say that the more babies you have the sooner you show. I'm only 8 weeks and my bump has sprouted!

I usually wear nursing tanks during the day and def to sleep in at night! Yes Yes Yes, I know I know....Lily is a boobie baby still and I love love love it! I let my babies self wean and I'm not sure Little Lils will ever give her's up! She loves her "BooBoo" as she calls them. I've never been pregnant and nursed a baby at the same time so this is all new. So far so good....I had read that my milk supply could drop or could change and the baby might go ahead and wean...well mine must be like the sweetest cream around! Ha ha.

Lils is a co-sleeper too! Now I was never a fan of this....I love my space in my bed. Hubby has his side and I have mine. I will start off w/the "couple cuddle" for ohhhh about 5 mins and then ...BOOM I'm back on my side. But you see. Lils isn't like the other kids. She is the worst sleeper and I finally caved and let her in our bed back in November. Best decision I have ever made. She sleeps like a dream at naps and bedtime. She went from taking 45 min naps to 2+hr naps! She went from fighting her sleep and going to bed at 10pm only to wake up at now passing out at 9pm and not waking up until around midnight for a BooBoo! Life is wonderful! Now I just need to practice some tricks from "The No-Cry Sleep Solution" book on weaning a co-sleeper before baby #5 comes.

Back to the bump....I wear nursing tanks under my clothes and yesterday I noticed it kept rolling...I kept pulling it down etc...then it dawned on me. Oh me oh my! My baby bump is starting to show, but I'm too early to show. So I jumped on the scales and I've only gained 1 it's all belly! Even hubs noticed....

So I'm guessing one starts showing earlier w/more babies??? With #3 I wasn't until 15 weeks before the bump came...#4 I was around 10....I guess w/#5 it's even sooner! So does Mrs Duggar get pregnant and start showing on day 1? Whew?!!!

Hope everyone has a terrific weekend...I'm busy today chasing Lils trying to keep her clothes on...that's her new fun trick...Get undressed and run around naked!

Hubby and I have a date night at home after kids have gone to bed....We're gonna watch Couples Retreat! We are huge Vince Vaughn fans!!!

Hey would y'all humor me and click on the button up top to vote? My kids are having a contest with each other to see how far I can move while they are in school. The winner gets the last piece of Black Forest Cheesecake I made Wed night...that is if I don't eat it before they get home from school. Thanks!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Menu Mondays

Ok Ladies....I'm a huge huge huge huge meal planner for my family. Every Sunday night I plan my meals for the week and post them on the fridge for the family to see. I don't know about you but my kids used to ask me daily "what's for dinnnnnnnner Mom?"
Now they don't ask fact they say, "wow I can't wait for ___ night, because that meal is my favorite!"

I am always looking for new meals to fix for my family...whether it's sides, salads, main course etc. Would you care you join me on Mondays with "Menu Mondays" where we share a meal for the day? Just write up a dish and use the Menu Monday button and I'll have a MckLinky link to link back to your blog. Then come Monday night we can have some great new dishes to share with our families.

Let me know if you want to participate?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Top Two Tuesday

Head over to my Bff's site for Top Two Tuesday!!! Thanks Taylor
Today's topic....Top 2 Favorite Tv laughing at mine...

#1. Little House on the Prairie
I have seen probably every episode of LHOP...and even when Pa Ingalls was off the show and Laura Ingalls Wilder had her own w/her hubby and baby Rose. I was so obsessed as a little girl that I read all the books and even the bio on Laura Ingalls. I was enthralled that she was born in the mid 1800's and these were (sorta) based on a true story. I think all little girls pretended to be born on the prairie...that is until you realize you have no running water....toilets...good have to sleep in the same bed w/your fridge....etc.
I couldn't wait to have a little girl of my own...hoping she would share the Little House Love, but sadly she read the first book and didn't seem to care! That's ok...I had another little girl...I'll force introduce them to her one day when she's of reading age!!! Did I mention I cry at all the episodes even though I've seen them a million times? Yep that's me!

#2. Young and the Restless
I know we are probably not supposed to watch these...I know they are not real (directed to hubby) and that women shouldn't act like that...and no one can die and come back 50 times, but I love this show. I esp love DRV watching. I can tape a whole week and sit and fast forward through the lame parts and just watch what I want in 30 mins. I think I can remember way back when I was a little girl and watching it with my mom. Ok, not watching it with her, but I remember it on during lunch time! I've grown up with these people they are like family! Hey Victor and Nikki...glad you're back together again after the millionth time! How long will this last?

Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Three G's

Gratitude, Giveaway, and Going On

First I want give a massive THANK YOU to Mrs Muffins for rocking my new blog design out. Not only did she come up with this awesome layout, but she did it all while sitting on pins and needles awaiting the arrival of her hubby soldier who's been gone for 9 months! You are a true friend! Glad it kept your mind off the clock while you're counting down the hours. So head over to her blog and make a new friend!!!

We've got a WINNER!!!
Mini Me wanted to draw the winning name!
Amber over at Fabulous Young and Newlywed
is the winner of the Onion Goggles
Congrats Amber!

Speaking of other Giveaways!
Misty at Southern Belle Mama
is having a giveaway of her top 5 things.
Luckily they are 5 of my favorite things too.
So head on over and become a follower and tell her your 5 favorites for a chance to win!

Going On
Today is our BFF's (Jimmy Choos & a Baby Too) little girl's 1st Birthday Party. I love little 1st birthdays...there is something sweet and angelic about them. You can look back at the year of how much our little ones have changed and grown. Her theme is a Pink Parisian Theme and I can't wait to see what she has come up with for decorations! I saved some old clothes of Mini Me's stuff (yes I hung on to them for 7 yrs because I knew one day I would have more babies)
Lo and behold one of the outfits was a pink poodle Paris skirt set! How cute is that gonna be?
Check out Taylor's blog to catch a glimpse of her cute party later! I'm sure it will be adorable...knowing her!!!

Tomorrow hubby and I are getting the In Laws to babysit (2nd time we've had a date in 16m since having Lils) Can't wait to 'bond' with my hubby! Hopefully he'll take me for some lunch after.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Earth Angel ...Earth Angel....Won't you be mine?!!!

I had totally forgotten about Earth Mama Angel Baby products until I commented on another pregnant momma's blog post. She mentioned she was itching and using that Cocoa Butter stuff...
I hated the smell of that stuff. When I'm pregnant I am soooo sensitive. I can smell stuff for days....and other smells blow me away. I swear I can detect that the baby is going to poo even before she needs a diaper change. (ok exaggeration but you get the point)

I became totally obsessed with my hands the other day. I was sniffing them and sniffing them because they smelled so good. I had just changed detergents again (had a coupon for Gain) and that stuff is knock your socks off terrific. I guess I had my hands in my shirt pockets for a while and then went to hold the baby...I was kissing her hands and got a whiff of mine. It was so fantasticly pretty smelling! I couldn't figure out what I had I'm sniffing the baby thinking she has some special new baby scent I wasn't aware of and then it hit me detergent! I think I do laundry now just to smell it. When Hubs comes home I give him a super big hug and sniffffffffffffffff hello. He already knows I'm crazy so he doesn't think anything of it...

But I digress.
This blogger was talking about being itchy on her belly and boobs and I had that "ahhhh been there done that' thought.
When pregnant with Lils I searched and searched for oil or lotion that didn't make me want to puke or get a horrible headache....and I found Earth Mama Angel Baby products. Now these aren't the cheapest around, but I was willing to give it a shot at that point. Boy was I amazed! I love their Stretch Oil. It smelled like delicate flowers! Actually put me in a good mood! I blew through a bottle like there was no tomorrow. I felt hugely guilty, but my skin had never looked better and I didn't have that crazy "tear your skin off itching" feeling anymore. Better yet...this stuff can be used on your Perineal during labor. I do natural birth for my babes...and a midwife and birthing center. You don't know the difference labor was for me here instead of a hospital. I had the worst experiences laboring naturally in a hospital. With my 3rd baby ....they wouldn't admit me fact they never called the dr ....and 3 hrs after being there I was ready to push...they told me not to b/c the dr wasn't called yet....too bad so sad. The nurse caught my daughter and I tore...I was sooo mad b/c when I asked her to massage the area she looked at me like I was a freak!!! So needless to say....midwife delivered baby #4 and it was the most incredible experience ever. She was by my side the whole time I was there and 2 hours after! Can you say that about your dr? She even did the perineal massage and ladies...I had a 8lb 11oz baby and a few hours later I couldn't even tell I had a baby. (Ok again slight exaggeration again, but making a point that being cut/tearing vs a massage makes a world of difference)

Enter Earth Mama Angel Baby products....I love their stuff and must find retailers where I can go in and buy it! I can't say enough about their products!

I noticed they had a "Something for Mama To Be" gift set w/all my favorites in it...gonna have to leave little post it notes around hubby's stuff to get him to get the hint! :o)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Poseidon Is Hot

The actor that is...
I took my boys out of school early today as a surprise. My mom is in town (or was her time is up) for 10 days to visit. So I thought it would be cool to pull my 2 boys out early for a little movie time w/their mom. Being a mommy to 4 (5 if you count the one that is cooking) takes work getting some one on one with your kids. We've got great family in town and out that love to watch the kids if we ask.
My boys and I have read all 5 books of Percy Jackson "The Lightening Thief" series and the movie was released last Friday. I don't know if you have boys, but this book series was really fun to read with them. I have a huge passion for reading and I'm glad they do to. We had some great chats about the book in the evenings together!!!! I enjoyed Greek Mythology growing up and these books were a little refresher course in them.

So off we went to the 1:10 show. I was loaded down with candy in my purse (yes, I'm one of those) and we got the $$$ cokes to support the ever rising costs of the movies. We were the only ones in the theater and it was totally awesome! The actors did a fantastic sort of followed the book....(what movie really truly stays w/the books???) and it left me wanting more!

I will admit to having a crush on Pierce Bronson and Kevin McKidd and a few others.....A handful of years back we went to The Atlantis in the Bahamas and it just happened to be the movie premiere of Before Sunrise w/Pierce, Woody Harrelson, and Selma Hayek....woohoo....yes I took pics of Pierce on the beach....I couldn't help it! Here look for yourself....I was just feet from him and kept my big brim hat on and sunglasses and stared! RAAAR
SO I enjoyed my afternoon w/my boys! It's nice having special moments with them.....

Hey and if you haven't had a chance...head over to the previous post and enter my ends tomorrow!!!!

Onion Goggle Giveaway....

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My First Giveaway!!!!

Do any of you remember that poem I wrote a few posts back called Ode To My Husband? Well Cheryl at RSVP International Inc. felt sorry for me thought my poem was really funny. So much so that they wanted to send me a pair of Pink Onion Goggles for Valentine's Day. You don't know how excited I was when she contacted me. The goggles arrived yesterday by UPS and I nearly tackled the poor delivery guy down to the ground! They arrived just in time because I was about to start chopping my onions for our dinner and was dying to try them out! But get this.....Cheryl sent me 2 pairs!!!!! One for me to keep and one for me to giveaway in my blog! How awesome is this company? Check out their things....If any of you have/or know of someone who sells awesome kitchen gadgets you must head over to their site! My favorite gadget to try would have to be Chunks N Cut Scissors!
The pair I have for one lucky blogger friend is a Black Pair.....
I know I know you would probably like my pink pair, back off they're mine, but think of how cute you can make this pair.

Here's how to win them...for each entry leave a separate comment.

1. Become a follower of my blog (1 entry)

2. Tell me how you would make these your add a little bling to the frames, add polka dots, or tell me another creative way (1 entry)

3. Head over to RSVP International Inc and tell me which product is your favorite. (1 entry)

4. Post my giveaway on your blog and post the link (2 entries)

I'll pick a winner Friday night (2/19)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Top Two Tuesday and Valentine Recap

Ok ladies it's that time again...Top Two Tuesday...head over to my BFF's Blog and post your

Top 2 Dream Vacations

I've already been to one of mine (twice)....and I'm dying to go's a matter of when...
A handful of years ago I found out my ancestors came from Ireland and a few of them landed in New Jersey in the 1860's! Thankfully when my grandfather was a young lad he ran for Texas to make me and mine Southern People! ha ha
Samuel and his son Michael came on that boat back in the 1800's. Michael brought his girlfriend (at the time) named Hannah...and they married in the states! Can you imagine that boat ride? I'd been dead for sure! Bless dear Hannah who left her family and made the trek! (I think she was like 16) I'm glad she did! The rest is history! I was so fascinated I just knew I had to go there one day!
(sorry for picture overload, but I took tons and wanted to add a few to show off this awesome country!)

ok my 2nd to die for dream vacation destination is.....

I can imagine hubs and I at this spot with no kids....can you see it? awww pure quiet relaxation! I'll have a book or 3 ....hubby will have the back of his eyelids
I can wear the skimpiest of bikinis and let my stretch marks show ....and I won't have a care in the world! I want my biggest brim hat and sunglasses so I can look the hot momma glamorous part! Ha Ha!

Ohhh and to recap my Valentine's Day weekend.... We went to the gun show with said BFF and our kids (and OUR MEN of course duh)

Here I envisioned it a perfect day...BUT NOOOOOOOOO LILS WAS A HOLY TERROR THE MINUTE WE GOT THERE...HEAD THROWING BACK SCREAMING HER LUNGS OFF. You think that with the noise level of the place you wouldn't be able to hear her, but NOOOO! Then she kept signing "Booby" ummmm no! I don't think so girly! We just got here and you don't get a booby at 10am! Needless to say the guns were overpriced so we sent our men out later that night to the gun store. We all jumped in our cars and headed for some grub. That didn't work out either....can you believe at 2pm there was a hour wait? Pregnant Momma here was dying for a Cheddar's burger! So we all went our separate ways. NO pics...stupid gun show wouldn't let us! Don't they know this was our Valentine Date Blog photo session?! I was too nervous to sneak one in...I mean these ppl have guns you know!

SO for my Valentine gift...dear sweet hubs bought me a

Remington 870 20 gauge 4+1 pump action shotgun and a Walther P22.

We are heading to the gun range next weekend for a little practice shooting...come summer we are getting our CHL (concealed handgun license)
It's Texas for pete's sake!!!!!

Love Swap Goodies

I participated in Katie @ Loves of Life Love Swap for Valentine's Day. It sounded like so much fun. Basically you filled out a few questions about what you liked...colors...candy etc....and the she paired you up w/a partner. Then you waited for a special treat in the mailbox from your Love Swap friend! Yippee!

My swap partner was Heather ...check her blog out!!

I knew we were supposed to try and send out our packages by wed the 3rd , but I was 2 days late on mine. If you had read any of my previous posts you would know I hate being late! I had ordered her something and when it came in the mail it was the wrong one...(panic) and had to wait for the correct one!
So when MY packaged arrived in the mail I was jumping for joy ...but all I could think of was "OHHH NOOO HEATHER WILL WONDER WHY I'M SUCH A LOSER AND HERS IS LATE" ha ha

So I grabbed the box and ran dear husband laughed at me b/c he said I looked like a 6 yr old on her Birthday ripping open the box. I'm not sure I would have remember my camera until he said "Aren't you supposed to blog about it too" Aww thanks Hubby for remembering!

Here is Miss Lils helping Mommy open her pressie!

Thanks Heather! I loved all my yummy treats...did I mention the bag of M&M's didn't last a day? I think when things are pink, red, and white they taste better! Ha ha

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Rubber Ducky You're The One....1st Birthday....

Pink Rubber Ducky
Lily's 1st Birthday

(the cake)

To all the family members who live out of town that keep asking for the blog on Lily's 1st Birthday....well I am soooo sorry! Maybe if you came you wouldn't need a post on it. Ha Ha. Kidding....

Lillian Brenna was born on September 26th 1:11pm weighing 8lbs 11oz ....for her birth story here's the link

Her Birthday fell on a Saturday which was perfect party day!
Her theme? Pink Rubber Ducky.....
The party favors were sand pails w/their initials on them....inside were pink ducky cookies...rubber duckies...ducky wash cloths and bubbles.

Drink Station (yes pink)

(Me and hubs w/Birthday Girl)

(party table and more)

(and lastly the grandparents who made us who we are today!)
Inlaws and My parents

My Snow Angels

I woke up this morning to the kids shouting..."SCHOOLS CANCELED SCHOOLS CANCELED!"

I really like it when they're home, but I'm never coat/mitten/hat/shoe ready for this day. It's not like we get snow all the time here in our area, so I normally don't have a supply of waterproof stuff for them! I let them out this morning at 8:30....they stayed out for about a hour....and now all the stuff is in the dryer. They are waiting on pins and needles to go out again since the snow won't quit falling and snow is growing by the minute! I swear these chunks (snow flakes) are huge! My neighbor Tara (go check her out on her blog...she's a newbie so share the love) and I were standing out there laughing at the looks fake like someone is pouring it from the sky! ha ha

Here are some photos of the kids and view from the house...

(from the balcony)

(Lils ready for the snow)

(The kids w/the snowman)

Mini Me and Lils

(Big kids w/larger snowman!)

And just wanted to let everyone know ....when it was dinner/dessert time I was feeling grand! I had a slice of the chocolate cake (maybe 2)

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