Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Three G's

Gratitude, Giveaway, and Going On

First I want give a massive THANK YOU to Mrs Muffins for rocking my new blog design out. Not only did she come up with this awesome layout, but she did it all while sitting on pins and needles awaiting the arrival of her hubby soldier who's been gone for 9 months! You are a true friend! Glad it kept your mind off the clock while you're counting down the hours. So head over to her blog and make a new friend!!!

We've got a WINNER!!!
Mini Me wanted to draw the winning name!
Amber over at Fabulous Young and Newlywed
is the winner of the Onion Goggles
Congrats Amber!

Speaking of other Giveaways!
Misty at Southern Belle Mama
is having a giveaway of her top 5 things.
Luckily they are 5 of my favorite things too.
So head on over and become a follower and tell her your 5 favorites for a chance to win!

Going On
Today is our BFF's (Jimmy Choos & a Baby Too) little girl's 1st Birthday Party. I love little 1st birthdays...there is something sweet and angelic about them. You can look back at the year of how much our little ones have changed and grown. Her theme is a Pink Parisian Theme and I can't wait to see what she has come up with for decorations! I saved some old clothes of Mini Me's stuff (yes I hung on to them for 7 yrs because I knew one day I would have more babies)
Lo and behold one of the outfits was a pink poodle Paris skirt set! How cute is that gonna be?
Check out Taylor's blog to catch a glimpse of her cute party later! I'm sure it will be adorable...knowing her!!!

Tomorrow hubby and I are getting the In Laws to babysit (2nd time we've had a date in 16m since having Lils) Can't wait to 'bond' with my hubby! Hopefully he'll take me for some lunch after.


Sam said...

Congratulations to Amber!

And I love the new blog layout!!

Southern Belle Mama said...

Lovin' your bloggy makeover! Congrats to Amber and thanks for giving my Giveaway a shout out! :)

Clementsville: Population of 4! said...

Love the new blog layout! Have fun at R's 1st bday party!!


Ashley said...

LOVE the new design! :)))

Jennifer said...

Love the new look!!!

Semi-Slacker Mom said...

Love the new look!

Julie (brown eyed belle) said...

Oh, I love your new blog look!!

Stephanie Hartman said...

Congrats Amber...I Love the new look..

Kelly Marie said...

Sounds like a great date!! Your little girls look adorable in that picture (: Cute new look, too!

Annie said...

loving your blog!!
newest follower :)

you have the cutest family!!
hope you are having a great weekend :)

LeAnna said...

Very cute new look, and congrats to the winner! I love those "bonding" dates. I enjoy shooting guns with my hubby!

ModernMom said...

Oh I love love love your blog makeover! Have a fabuolus time with Hubby on your date night!

Laura said...


Amber said...

This is my first giveaway to win. You have NO idea how excited I am about it!!!! Thanks so much!! Your girls were precious choosing the winner.

Love the new layout!

PS - I left you a little something in return over at my blog.

Wacie's Way said...

Thanks for visiting my little blog and welcome to Southern Mommas!! Can't wait to read all about you!

Life Laugh Latte said...

It looks great. I want to scratch and sniff the wood to see if it feels like I'm in the forest. Yeah...I'm weird like that. Holly

Anonymous said...

Loving the new blog , adorable!

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