Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The Good- Pregnant Belly

The Bad- Widening of the hips, and expanding of the rib cage


Why is it that designers of the world get together to humiliate the pregnant momma? I'm talking affordable fashion....like Old Navy or Gap (insert other store of your choice)
I'm not talking about $50-100 shirt or skirts ....Affordable meaning $30 and under.
I mean we only wear the stuff for a few months and what are the odds that if you get pregnant again it's in the same season and can wear your stuff again? (Ok pretty good since it's the same season for my #4 and #5 haha)
Half the choices I had when pregnant with Lils had some of the strangest prints. I mean why do I want to wear swirls of odd colors together I didn't before I was pregnant.

Just because we are carrying a child in our womb doesn't mean we lost all sense of fashion. My brain cells are still the same. Why don't clothing manufactures design a shirt and then take that same concept and create maternity wear? When did we go from wearing cute trendy clothes to Peter Pan collars (sorry for those of you that love them) and vertical stripes or little ribbons all over our shirts?
When did we go from wearing cute summer skirts or dresses to wearing sacks over heads?

I so wish back in the day I had taken Home Economics instead of Child Development. For some reason the idea of carrying an egg or sack of flour around sounded more interesting than sewing a shirt. Now I'd kill for that skill. I'd come up with the most incredible Maternity line at affordable prices so mom's could keep their style and feel good about showing off their bump.

Sorry ...was having a pregnant rant kind of moment...it was one of those morning where I was standing in my closet wondering what on earth I'm gonna wear this summer. (wishing for warmer weather) I got online and just kept shaking my head at all the maternity clothes I don't want ...which in turn made me wish I could sew!


Sam said...

Lol! I took Child Development because ever since I was little and watched 7th Heaven, my idea of high school was carrying around the electronic baby for a few days. I was so excited for that. Guess what? Never happened. Not even a sack of flour. Not even an EGG. :p

Maybe they figured the expecting mothers would be nauseous anyway, so it wouldn't matter what obnoxious colors they threw together. :p

Sam said...

I had the best luck finding a few tops in the lady's plus area of some department store. They were not enormous, and they had tasteful current style without the whole prego, peter pan thing going on. In fact, I still have a pull over that remains my favorite comfy shirt. When you get something plus size, it's not longer in the front which I always liked. Oh well, every now and then you hit it lucky and then the rest of the days kick in!

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

let me just tell you that you've completely read my mind. i'm almost 27 weeks and still making myself fit in my regular clothes because i can't bear to wear maternity. they seriously make you look wayyy bigger than you are. i so wish there was affordable prego wear somewhere out there. i mean, target is cheap and all, but the way their liz lange fits is lame. i can't stand it. and motherhood? yucky. we're in the same beautiful boat! : )

Pippy said...

You are so so right! It's awful!
It's ugly, & they charge a fortune for it.
It's craziness.

Jennifer said...

So true!

BTW, saw your comment at Thoughts & Whatnots....my hubby's bd is 10/7 :)

LeAnna said...

Ugh, I hear you! I'm so with you on the peterpan collar (ugh!) and the tie back waists (double ugh) and the flutter sleeves. WHY flutter sleeves? And the bold crazy prints do NOT help. I was big pregnant in the winter months last time, summer months this time...so guess who is getting a new wardrobe? Kohls occasionally has some cute things, but I hate tie back/ribboned shirts, they scream pregnant. Oh well. I've had good luck finding nice namebrand jeans and shorts at the thrift store, but shirts are a whole other matter. Boo. Thanks for letting me cry with you, ha. Glad I have a pregnant blogger buddy to commiserate with. ;)

Selma said...

I haven't officially been there but this fashion shock/style while pregant *or whatever you want to call those clothes* scares me already. ;) My friend while pregant with her twins said the same thing...and yes, I do have to admit it...I wonder who came up with creepy-looking clothes like these.

Hope you found something to wear though! :)

Angie S said...

I wish I could sew too. It would be so nice, but when would I have time? HA!

Good luck finding cute maternity stuff. I always wore dresses. I had both kids in July, so I lived spring and summer in dresses like crazy. Luckily I didn't really show until then too.

Together We Save said...

Hey no I still can't see your blog but only on my work computer. I can see it at home. My work computer is weird though some kind of apex problem. It works for "work stuff" just not for blogging very well so ummmmm I gues I should not complain. LOL

Kelly Marie said...

Left you a little something at my blog (:

Semi-Slacker Mom said...

What? My maternity wardrobe with my last two was even cuter than my regular clothes! My BFF got married during the time & I found lots of cute dresses to wear to the parties.

sanjeet said...

I think that will be my least favorite part too! Just get lots of dresses and leggings. Or try Target for maternity basics. Maybe they'll have good, simple and cheap stuff?

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