Wednesday, May 19, 2010

It's Not Funny Mom!

Yet again I fail at Best Mother award.

But I can't do puke. I mean I know I have to because it's in the job requirement, but I can't do it w/a closed mouth.

I'm one of those ones that will sympathetic gag. I smell it and I'm gone. I usually just start gagging...that's about it. Over the past 14 years I have cleaned up some doozy messes!

My kids probably hate me when they are sick. Which thank you Lord is not often.

Here's a scenario

Kids "Mommy I don't feel good"

Me "Does your tummy hurt? Do you need to go poo poo?"

Kids "No, I think I'm gonna puke"

Me "No you don't...don't think about it...think positive thoughts"

Kids "No really......" (get weird look on face)


Kids (retching sound)


Kids (retching) "Mom I can't help it (retching)

Me "OH gosh Honey..I know...Mommy doesn't OH MAN THAT SMELLS...OHHHH I mean Mommy knows it sweety. I'm sorry...ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww"

Kids (retching) "Mom"

Me "I'm sorry's not your's just gross"

(now this is the worst part...I start total all out idea why...maybe nervous...maybe part b/c it's a funny thing the body..puking....i mean you can't stop just comes out ..which is kind of funny)

Kids (done puking) "Mom, I'm done now you can't quit laughing"

I know how horrible it is for me to giggle..I really try to stop. I guess it's my mommy defense ...and how I psych myself up to clean the bathroom.

Then I run around like a mad woman w/the can of Lysol spraying everything in sight. I keep the poor sick kid quarantined from the rest of the house. I just can't stomach (haha)the thought of having it pass to all the other kids.

Why the puke topic? Got a call from the school a few minutes ago that child #2 puked! Ugh! He looked pretty happy when I came. Said..."hey mom I made it to the trash can and no one from school saw but the nurse" haha good boy!

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Genesis said...

yeah, i agree, puke is pretty gross. the smell is what gets me...jeez, just think of it im gonna puke...

Aly @ Analyze This said...

Aww!! Poor kid!

I gag at it too...especially when I am puking! Ick!

blueviolet said...

I hope it doesn't last long!! I'm sorry!

Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

hahaha I can see him being his happy go lucky self saying that all proud of himself!

Stef said...

Hahaha... I hate puke too. Mostly I hate it when my oldest gets sick because he is 10 and he FREAKS out before it comes up. We are talking runing in place, yelling "No mom! No Mom! I don't want to...I don't want to!!" I feel like screaming "Pull yourself together, boy! It's coming whether you like it or not!!"
My husband is the one with a weak stomach. He is always gagging. It cracks me up.
Hope you all start feeling better soon.

Hannah said...

I hate puke too. Makes me want to upchuck. I start gagging at the smell. That scenario is too funny though. It made me laugh. :-)

Have a great, Puke-free day!

Kelly Marie said...

hahahha. This is one thing I'm definitely not looking forward to =/

Annie said...

ha..I am the same way...I cant really handle bad for me, neither can hubs :( I guess it's mama'a job!
Oh the joys of being a mama (it's so worth it though....EVEN the pukey days!)

Melissa said...

Oh wow too funny! Luckily Shiloh has only had a few puking spells.

Thanks for the follow :-)
I am following you as well.

PS I love you blog so cute!

Jenn @ WestSacHoney said...

Your hilarious I totally did something like this to my BF when he was sick.. He didn't find it amusing..

Neely said...

I hate puke too!

jen said...

Puke is the one thing that always makes me even more grateful for a washer and dryer.
Here's to electricity. You're gonna need it, I think.

Together We Save said...

I hate puking but I do handle it pretty well.... and I am a Lysol freak!!

K said...

Puke is gross. I hate it when one of my students does it. My body wants to be sympathetic with them. Darn my gag reflex.

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

thank goodness he left the puke (hopefully) at school and not your house!!! i don't blame you... it is sick nasty. i haven't had to deal with kid puke yet (knock on wood) but i'm sure not looking forward to it.

Angie S said...

Puke is very hard for me too. I wish I could giggle...I'm a non stop gagger! I can't stop! Ughhh!

Much More Than Mommy said...

Poor things! (You included!) We had a touch of that here! My usually sensitive stomach turns to steel when my girls are sick, though -- I don't know if I'm thankful for that though, because The Husband doesn't have to take care of them if they're puking!

Anonymous said...

eeww the worst is after they have had milk to drink. Oh my does that smell awful. I can handle puke pretty well, example, was taking my daughter to daycare right before I headed off to work and she spewed all over me. Yuck, but I handled it. I cleaned her up and we headed back home. When its milk it is sooo not handled well.

Kristin said...

My Mom was the same way! I can totally do puke...Poop is where I gag!

Hello! I'm Kate. said...

I'm glad he's feeling better (read that in today's post)..stomach flus are no fun!!! We had that over here about a month ago!

So, I ordered bday invites for my little one from Becca! She's awesome! So glad I found her through you!!!

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