Thursday, June 17, 2010

DQ...My Mum

DQ= Drama Queen = My Mum

She's one of those ones that when you're driving in the car and she sees a car a million miles braking...she'll scream "look out that car is stopping" She gives drivers heart attacks everywhere.

She will hear a loud noise and scream..which startles anyone else around her too.

2nd child used to have a weak stomach...or something...he could just puke when the wind changed....or when he got nervous. Which brings me to my next Momma DQ story.
About 4 yrs ago a tornado was coming into town....we had no parents came in for the weekend and we all went to dinner....During dinner we hear the Weather Sirens going off outside to alert us something heading our way....we looked at the televisions in the bar and noticed a tornado was near....I thought it best to just keep eating and stay put, but hubs thought we should hit the road. Little did we know we were driving into it....the hail was huge and nailing our car...we could barely see and couldn't find an underpass to get under. As a parent you don't panic or your children will...All I'm thinking of is that the hail is going to smash the windows and we'll get cut.

(family in back of suburban strapped in..hubs and i in front) I look at him w/that..."WOW this looks bad" look. My mom starts doing her DQ act..."OHHHH WOW this is horrible...omg...where do you think it is...omg. omg ..omg maybe we should pull over." I turn around to shush her.
She keeps at it....All of the sudden you hear


Yep 2nd child is puking his guts out! Thanks DQ...she had to clean it up when we got home b/c she was the one freaking out.

So my dear mum is in town for the week to visit!

We went to Wally World for some things and upon walking out a car (5 rows away) decided to peel out. My mom screams! She wants to call the cops b/c the truck was driving reckless in the parking lot. When we got home the kids were telling hubs how Mee Mee freaked out and screamed b/c of the car. She tells the story and her version is the truck was next to us and we were all gonna die!

A few nights ago we took Lily on a walk down to the pond to see the ducks...We're looking down at the water and I notice a snake...totally cool...the kids see them all the time in the water but I have yet to ....So I'm like..."heyyyyyyyyyyy let's follow him to the other side of the bridge."

We run across the street to wait for him to swim under and that's when my mom and I notice a few more lurking in the bushes below waiting for it's prey (fishes or turtles) DQ is totally freaking out. Keep in mind this is under a bridge by the creek...almost impossible to try and get down to w/o getting no sane person would try....notice I said sane!

DQ-"Don't you ever ever let the kids swim in this" (ok why would I let them swim in the nasty lake in the first place)

DQ-"those could bite the kids...don't let them get one" (Ok why would I let the kids catch one of these snakes to play with?)

DQ-"ohhh I'm freaking out let's go before they move"

So we continue w/our walk to another lake to see the ducks and I can't resist


DQ (jumps and screams)

Me "haha ...sorry ...there isn't one...I couldn't help it"

so of course the rest of the way home I'm shouting "SNAKE" to get a rise out of my mom! She's so easy to fool!

I love this woman!!!

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Aly @ Analyze This said...

Your Mom sounds like a hoot!!! Too fun!

blueviolet said...

You're so mean to holler out "SNAKE" to her! But hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Ummmm I'm pretty those are water moccasins:
Scroll down a little ways until you see Venomous Water Snakes... I think there's a littttttle bit of reason to be concerned... Might do some more research on it though, since I don't know what area you all are in. Just thought I would bring that to your attention :)

Taylor-Made Wife said...

Thats hilarious. My sis and I always hide and jump out and scare my mom, which we get a kick out of, but she's not really all that jumpy so it takes extra effort.

You should do a vlog of scaring your mom. Itd be really funny :)

Laura@Cowboy Boots said...

side note...

all serious...yes we know they are water moccasins...we don't let our kids in the creek or lakes to swim....i grew up w/water moccasins/cottonmouth snakes...we know all too well the dangers! :o)

I Do Declare said...

We could be sisters b/c your DQ mom sounds just like mine!!!!!!!

Annie said...

EW!! i would be your mom in that situation, haha!! i hate snakes!!!!

Southern Belle Mama said...

I am the last one to be dramatic, but I would have probably been right there screaming and having a little panic attack with your DQ Mama if I saw those slithery snakes around me! :)

melifaif said...

Ohmygoodness. You are hilarious. Your momma sounds a lot like my momma, minus the screaming! But, the drama is allllllll there. Love it!

Sam said...

LOL! I think I like your mom, hehe! Maybe I'll get to meet her when I come down to eat some of your delicious looking meals :p

Much More Than Mommy said...

Glad she can provide some entertainment! :-D

Kristin said...

My sis and I have been known to run up to my mama with a toy snake. We're evil. HA!

Angie S said...

I was laughing the whole time I was reading this funny.

Christi said...

I am completely with your Mom!!! Those are water moccasins!! Poisonous!! Yah, I would of ran...FAST! lol!

Meant to be a mom said...

This is too funny! Hahaaa!!
Cracks me up. Your mom sounds like quite the character. :)

Stef said...

HAhaha. My mohter-in-law is that way only it is about germs or microwaves, or whatever the newest study shows will make my kids turn out all wonky. She makes me laugh. So does yours! HA!

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