Tuesday, June 29, 2010

First Timers Make Me Smile!

My skirts tight...I know you didn't ask, but I'm telling you. So are my shirts...I always carry high and they are starting to get tight in all areas. Seems early really...but not that I'm surprised. It's baby #5 and all. I showed earlier and earlier w/each one...I guess this one is no different. 9 weeks and I don't look it. Makes me realize how big I'm gonna get before too long and the comments will start

"OHHH how far along?"

"___ # weeks"

" OHHH you're huge...are you sure there's 1 in there"

"well this is #5 so I showed sooner"

You see this scenerio happened w/baby #4...I wanted to start and lie about when I was due so I didn't get those reactions!

This is where I get tickled at 1st time Mom's. It was 14 yrs ago for me so I don't remember how I acted...but I do know the maternity clothes were hideous back then and I wasn't in a hurry to wear them!

I'll read blogs of girls having their first and they are taking pics of their bellies at 5 weeks on....I hate to tell them but nothing will happen for a long while. That reminds me of my neighbor who ran down to show me her belly at 6 weeks pregnant w/her first. I just smiled thinking to myself...ummm that was there before you got pregnant. But I kept my mouth shut like a good girl.

Why on earth are they wanting to show so early? Do they realize you are pregnant for 40 weeks? That's a long time really and trust me you will start to show and then some! By the end you will wish you were able to see your feet let alone walk w/o waddling! Sit back...enjoy your slow growing belly and relax.

To my neighbor who is 20 weeks and the same size as me ...settle....No reason to be jealous! Ha ha. I've got so many weeks ahead of me it's not funny!

On a foodie note...
I lost my favorite recipe for my Bacon Broccoli Quiche. It made 2 pies and was the best thing I've ever eaten. it's been years since I've made it and sadly my memory has so many recipes floating in it I can't pull it from my memory bank! I'd been reading every recipe online, but none sound like mine. I found one that looks good...it calls for whipping cream instead of milk...? I've never made one like that.
I can see the recipe card in my head...it has a tiny picture of the quiche I cut from the magazine on it. WHERE ARE YOU RECIPE??? I'M CRAVIN YA

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Britt said...

Maybe I've been bad at reading blogs lately or just skipped over your post about you being pregnant (SHAME ON ME!!!) but CONGRATS!!! This is such exciting news!!!!!!!!!

Mrs. Love Bug ♥ said...

It's a catch 22 but for someone who "looks big" Helloooo "are you sure it's not twins, wow, you can go into labor any minute now right?"comments I know what you mean.

I think 1st time moms get so excited about showing and telling the world they're pregnant they don't realize that at first its bloat and nothing else. I think as a first time mom you do forget how long 40 weeks is. I'm at 31 and it's been an eternity and I'm over it.

1st time moms also freak out if they're not "big enoough" or look "pregnant enough" its not their fault. Society creates bump envy with all of people's stupid comments. If only people knew how to keep a filter for thier mouth I doubt this problem would exist. No one would be told they are too small and or too big so problem solved.

blueviolet said...

With the first one, you definitely want to pop out right away. I guess it's not as important after that...because we know how hard it is to go back again!

I'm sure you're adorable!

Sam said...

left you a little something at my blog!


Angie S said...

Yum...you and your great ideas...now I think I should make a quiche too.

And shame on me too...I missed the menu you posted on the 21st.

Best wishes


Southern Belle Mama said...

6 weeks...both times...I began to show! I know what you're thinking ;) but I carry low and as soon as my body gets the memo my hips immediately spread (lucky me!). So I was in maternity clothes early; despite how fun it sounds I can't wait to do it again!!

Shannon said...

I didn't start showing until well into my fifth month...then it was like I swallowed a watermelon! I was huge! I also didn't take the first belly shot until I was actually showing! Of course that was my first. Who knows what is in store for me if baby #2 every comes along.

I'm sure you look great, Laura. Though I don't know you in "real" life, I have a feeling that you're the type that always looks good. Which of course, makes me uber jealous!

About the recipe...I'm sending you something that I hope helps!

Christi said...

Congratulations!! I'm just now catching up on my blog reading since our vacation. Your just a month behind me!

Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

good thing Im not the neighbor your talking about but I would have been if Id known you then haha! I was showing off my tiny bump at 5 weeks because I was so excited!

Kelly Marie said...

I cannot wait to start my family & I have a feeling I will be one of those people but luckily we're 4 hours away haha!! :) I hope you find the recipe and we get to see it because it sounds yummy

Miss Jody said...

your going to be a beautiful-radiant MommY :)

Caitrin said...

this post had me laughing!! I am embarrassed to say that I will probably be one of those girls if/when I get pregnant for the first time :)

mmmm.....bacon broccoli quiche sounds delicious- I hope you find the recipe soon- then you can post it for us!!

ConantheCimmerian said...

You had better be barefoot, too.

jen said...

When you think of a clever retort, let us know. I actually had a woman insist that I was having twins with my seventh pregnancy. No matter what I told her she wouldn't believe me. And there was another lady in our congregation pregnant with triplets at the same time. I was like, "Can't you see the difference? Hello?" It's like when you're pregnant people lose their ability to censor their thoughts!

Trish said...

You are so funny Laura! I am giggling over your comment about your neighbor, teehee! I am sure you are one of those adorable pregnant ladies who is all belly. Your quiche sounds delicious, I hope you can find your recipe card!! :)

Come on over, I have an award for you here!! xoxox

Kristin said...

I heard the twin comments from VERY early on and it was my first. I bet I'll be hearing it before I even know I'm pregnant with the second one. HA!

Risley said...

too funny and true!! lol!
I totally took a 7 week photo, then a 12 week photo and then I started to take photos at 22 weeks! that needs to be in a book.. you dont show with your first for a long time... lol!

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