Saturday, June 26, 2010

Slow Mooooo Noooooooooo

Do you have those moments where you see your child reaching for something and your insides are screaming....and everything goes in slow motion. But you know if you scream out loud it will scare the child and could make the situation you just have to watch in terror?

Well that happened to me on Thursday while I was making the Bacon Ranch Mac n Cheese dish

Let me set the stage... kitchen stove cooking bacon...I've got my back to Lily, but being a mom w/eyes in the back of her head I know Lily is playing far from the grease on the other side of the island playing w/her bucket o babies watching Little Bear. Lily's latest "look how bad and talented I can be trick" to scoot the bar stools and climb on top to use the computer...(or get whatever is up on the island counter)

I hear a stool scrape back on the floor and turn to say " need to get down please" ..she gets down...back to cooking....
I hear stool again....I keep my back and tell her that she needs to listen to mommy. I hear I turn around I see her grab my camera strap and yank backwards.

That's when the SLOOOOOW MOOOOTION NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO comes into play. I'm thinking please don't let go...just as she lets go. camera hits the ground. eeeeeeek my fault my fault my fault.
I usually leave my camera by my computer...easy for downloading fast and quick to grab when I need it. Well big mistake. I turn camera on...all is working...flash pops up...LCD screen lights up...I see the menu...lens looks good...nothing looks broken....I take a picture...lcd screen shows black image. OHHHH NOOO so I try different settings....(yes the lens cap is off) and then try downloading the images to see if maybe they are

Now who's going to tell hubs? UGH...needless to say he wasn't happy...and I had to remind him I didn't point out he shouldn't have been speeding a few weeks ago when he got the ticket...that I didn't need to be reminded not to leave my camera on the island top.

Yesterday I mailed my camera to Canon...NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
1. I'm w/o a camera...that's like being w/o a child haha...
2. No telling the cost of this ....warranty didn't cover drops and I couldn't here I am paying the price. Hubs had to rub salt in the womb by saying that he was going to give me an accessory budget to buy stuff for my camera...but now that budget is used for my repairs..and then some! You're mean...can't you see I'm beaten down already?

I've got to find Mini Me's camera (it's not fancy and uses batteries which are sucked dry in 5 mins of taking pics) and use that for photos for the next few weeks or months...sniff sniff...HURRY CANON AND DON'T BREAK MY BANK

On to recipe reviews

Bacon Ranch Chicken Mac n Cheese....

Skip the chicken ...add tons of bacon...and serve as a side dish. This was really fantastic, but we felt better as a side w/o the chicken in it

I made the Strawberry Shortcake by The Pioneer Woman for Father's Day. It called for an 8" round...I used a heart shaped pan!

The cake w/the strawberries and juices running inside the cake were fantastic....but I along w/everyone else that ate the cake thought the icing was a bit rich and not as tasty as we thought. I even picked the icing off to eat the cake! I am sooooo making this cake again but using whipped topping instead of icing! I can't wait for that yummy treat!

Today our neighborhood is having Independence Day celebrations. Yep...a whole weekend before. They do this every year and I can't stand it. I like celebrating on the day of! But we're venturing out...sans camera sniff sniff. Fireworks start at 10pm.....little miffed at the time..but what can ya do? Not like Lily will be asleep anyways! haha Watch my luck she'll pass out at 9:30 tonight only to woken by the fireworks....that's my luck lately!

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Caitrin said...

ok, so I am a little behind.......I just caught up on your blog and saw your exciting news about baby #5!!! Congratulations! That is so exciting!!

On a side note- that bacon chicken mac and cheese looks delicious- Im hoping it was good because I think I may try making it soon!

melifaif said...

The title of this post should have been, Breaking and eating my Heart!!!" Woe. Hope the camera is okay. And goos thing Lily is! 8-) Always a bright side, right momma?

Michelle said...

Once, when we washed the carpets I was walking from the dampish carpet onto the wood floor... you can see where this is going. I slammed the camera (and myself) into the floor and cracked the lense. Canon was fabulous and had it back to us quickly. I hope yours isn't too pricy to fix and that they have it back to you soon.

Secret Mommy said...

I'm looking into buying a Canon, so am interested to hear follow-ups on the timing/pricing/satisfaction of this repair. :) So sorry about your misfortune, though! And thanks for the tip on the mac and cheese...definitely going to try it now as a side dish!

Shannon said...

So with you...when your kid is about to get into something they shouldn't, Flash Gordon couldn't even get there fast enough! Just the other day GG pulled the cord from my laptop loosening its fit into the recharger hole at the same time! Yikes, now the computer won't charge without my holding the plug, yikes! Loved your comment about me having to have 5 kids to get to the number 7...Laura, let's just say, I'll leave the five kids thing to you, my friend! You're a better woman than me, for sure! Oh and and saying prayers nightly for you and the newest boot scootin' bootie wearer to be (and the rest of your fam of course!).

Stef said...

Oh dang! I hate that when the kids break stuff but it is TOTALLY my fault and then hubs needs to make sure that I know it was my fault. Grrrrrrrr. You poor thing!
I know I told you before, but I am so excited about you having baby #5. Obviously I think it is a great number. Whooot! A baby!!

Semi-Slacker Mom said...

I hate that about your camera! You totally need to buy a cheap back-up! And that cake looks yum-o!!

Becca said...

Oh NO! That is absolutely terrible. I totally feel you about being without a camera is like being without a child! lol! I do not go anywhere without mine! I hope that they are able to fix it quickly and CHEAPLY!

Oh and that cake looks SUPER delish!

the weldons said...

i've been a follower for a little while now, but finally took the time to, i love your writing style! love that you have the time/ability to make such amazing menu's for your week (maybe i need a chalk board :) and i'm so thrilled to hear about your pregnancy! hats off to're my hero :)

Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

we LOVE that we celebrate everything a week early here!!!! Its so much better since we are always out of town!

This Mom said...

Congrats on the pregnancy! Just found your blog and I'm yor newest follower!

Hope you get your camera back quickly, but look on the bright least it's not your computer!!

Kate @ This Mom Loves

M.O.T.B said...

I am sorry! I did the same thing last summer and I told Canon the truth and they covered the repairs!

Miss Jody said...

oh girl.
no camera.
....i don't want to think about it.
I feel for you. I HAVE TO HAVE MY CAMERA!
Your cake looks de-lish!!!!

Kelly Marie said...

oh :( I'm so sorry about your camera!! I just came back from a mini hiatus & CONGRATS girl :) I'm so happy for you and your hubby! Hope you had a fabulous weekend!!

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