Friday, June 11, 2010

A View Inside My Windows

Having 4 kids you witness a lot of little different things...Some good...some not so good....In any given day multiple things happen that I have a hard time keeping up with. Here take a look inside....

2nd boy "Hey mom...thanks for the new tastes like Zucchini" (I didn't even know he liked zucchini)

Mini Me (sobbing sobbing)
Me "Did the boys hurt you again?"
Mini Me (Shakes head w/tears streaming)
Me "Are you hurt?"
Mini Me (shakes head w/tears still streaming)
Me "Well I can't help you if you don't tell me what's wrong"
Mini Me (sobs while trying to talk) "I'm still sooo sad about my Justin poster that's missing"
Me (Man, really? shesh....little girls)
Me "But honey...we went to the store and bought you a new magazine to have new posters"
Mini Me "you don't understand mom"
Me (She's right I don't!)

Littlest child gathers all her babies....goes under the kitchen table to proceeds to feed them "mommy milk" I hope this doesn't make her OctoMom in the making!

Mini Me "Mom will you buy me Colgate toothpaste?"
Me "I just bought you new toothpaste"
Mini Me "I know, but next time I'm out...Justin uses Cologate toothpaste
Me (here we go again)

Me (talking to oldest child) "You need to clean your room"
OC "It is clean"
Me "Since when?"
OC "Since today...."
Me "Show me"
Oc and myself walk into his room
Me "This isn't even close to clean...your room is about 20% clean
OC "Well your 20% is more like my 80%"
Me "Clean!!!!!"

OC "What's up with your hair?"
Me (touches hand to head)
OC "well?
Me deep sigh we went to the pool last night and my hair frizzed from the water. I didn't straighten it before bed...this is the result! Scary monster!

Oh hubs started his own I noticed I wasn't on his side bar.
Me "hey come you don't have me on your side bar of favorite blogs you follow"
hubs "b/c I don't want chick mommy blogs on my side bar...this isn't that kind of blog"
Me " but I'm your wife...who cares if it's a 'chick mommy blog. I should be first on the list"
hubs (no comment)
ugh....I'll post his blog later as he posts more. Don't judge on what he writes! I even asked if I could help w/his header...he said for me not to touch it and make
it girly! UGH what? I'm not adding flowers and such puuuulease!

Here is littlest child singing to little bear!

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zookeeperjess said...

That is SO hilarious!! I foresee plenty of conversations like that in this house in a few years too.

"Justin uses Colgate" hahahaah!!!

Trish said...

Hi Laura! That video of baby girl is so sweet, I just love that little laugh, it must melt your heart every day! Love the fun conversations, "You don't understand mom," oh I think I said that a million and a half times as a kid! :) Happy weekend to you!! xox

Britt said...

I love this!!! Your kids have to keep you entertained... thats for sure!!

Aly @ Analyze This said...

OMG!! I burst out laughing at Mini Me's comment about Justin Bieber using Colgate! She is OBSESSED! I love it!

And the video of Lil is adorable!! Love her!

Anonymous said...

I don't think I was ever obsessed like that... Probably should ask my mom though LOL!

Stef said...

Hahah! Love it! Blogs are awesome because they can capture the moment. How cool that your hubby has his own blog. You should just sneak in and put flowers on their anyway...just for fun!

Angie S said...

She is so sweet!! I love that she falls down dancing...and that laugh is making me giggle!

Love those convos too. Oh the things us mommies hear and talk about :)

Kristen said...

Mini Me has a crush in a BIG way!

Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

hahah branden has a blog??? whats it about? guns? haha Lils :) R loves it and wants to know when she gets to see her bestie????

Sam said...

Oh Justin Beaver. He put a spell on alllllllll the girls. It's crazy!

That is the sweetest video! Little kid laughter is the best, hehee

Kristin said...

Little Bear is verrrrrry funny. Ah ah ha. So cute. That lil' Bieber fella is takin' over the world!

Meant to be a mom said...

The Justin comments are cracking me up. Its amazing how much a little girl can think they are attached to some famous kid. I remember being that way with Johnathan Taylor Thomas, Devon Sawa, and Zach from Saved by the Bell :)

So cute.
That video is adorable.

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