Thursday, July 29, 2010

Poor Baby...But Let's Go Fly a Kite

Poor Miss Lily didn't get a nap yesterday. I couldn't get her down early for a nap b4 I needed to run out the door to take oldest child to the dr for his ears. He has horrible wax build up and needs it out ever so often....he was having some ear pain and I was hoping it was just impacted wax....ANYWAYS...OFF THE GROSS STUFF...

Lily didn't get her nap and when I got home I tried to get her down, but I think I missed her window...ugh

I knew what we were in for the rest of the afternoon....and boy was I right. Poor baby...she was a mess of 6pm I could see she needed to pass out ...but knew better...then she'd never sleep at night.

Yesterday my mom bought ME the kids some kites. We live in a wind vortex and I knew they would be fun to fly....

We took the kids and Lily outside to fly and get her mind off her worked for a hour!

Even Fat Pregnant Momma had to give it a try! I love the expression my mom caught on my face as my Barbie, I mean Kate's Barbie kite bit the dust!!

Then Lily's friend Ollie (Tara's 4th...the mom/neighbor I keep talking about pregnant w/her 5th just days behind me) Ollie came to swing and cheer Lily up! What are friends for???!!!

Btw ...sweet baby went down by 9pm and slept 11 hrs! Record for us! Here's hoping to a better day! Got the cousins and In Laws coming tonight for swimming and dinner...and I'm making 3 batches of the Baked Pasta

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

LOVING BEING A GIRL! Our American Girl Bistro Day


We had a fabulous time at the American Girl store. Yes Yes...we've been there before for shopping, but never to eat too!

I'm so glad I had my smart brain on the night before....I remembered people saying how long the wait was and you needed reservations. I looked online and sure enough you could do it online. I booked us for 11:30 and it asked how many doll chairs were needed. HAHA...the dolls can sit in highchairs at the table too!

Mini Me brought her 'look alike' doll and Lily was getting a bitty baby! One of the cousin's coming was getting her 'look alike' doll the girls were armed w/fun! (and the gma's were armed w/money)

I heard a few boys commenting on the way in that they didn't want to go in the store w/their mom and sisters. Of how stupid it was to spend so much money on dolls and clothes. I had to speak up...for I have heard this out of the mouth of my boys too!

I compared it to the boys video games. Just the other day my oldest bought himself a game that cost $60. I mean hello? I could get 3 doll outfits for that price. But yet the boys see nothing wrong w/buying $$$ games, but yet buying a doll is stupid. The mom had to nod her head and agree and the boys still looked like they wanted to die! haha

We walked in to doll heaven and Mini Me and my mom went off looking...Lily and I went straight for Bitty Babies. She got one w/light green eyes (hers are darker green/brown...but this is the closest we could find)

Then off for the upstairs were the bistro and doll hair salon.

Lily needed to ride the escalator up and down up and down screaming 'WEEEEEEEEEEEE WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE' She hasn't learned her indoor voice yet, but was getting cute stares from people. This up and down action came in handy during our lunch when Lily had had enough sitting and needed to get up and move around.

We headed to the doll salon and Kate picked a half pony tail w/ribbons for her doll....

Then off to lunch....
Lily was loving having her baby sitting next to her during the meal...she was trying to feed her baby carrots w/ranchy! (that's what we call ranch in our house)
At one point in the meal they brought out a tray of tea cup and saucer to feed the doll. Lily knew exactly what to do!!!
I'd say the food was fair. (for that price is should be knock your socks off terrific)
I had a spinach artichoke dip for my starter and Chicken Pesto sandwich for my meal. The little girls had a fruit platter for a starter and bitty lunch picnic for their meal. (consisted of bitty hamburger w/fries) I forget what the Gma's had...:o)
Here are the fortunes in the napkin rings
Here is the doll outfit I got for Kate....She needs the matching big girl outfit...but they will have to wait for another day
How cute would it be for school?

What a wonderful day to be a girl! Can't wait to go again!!! I'm off to play the lottery now to support the habit! (grins)

On another note...13 weeks today.
I'm dying to try one of those Gender Prediction things they have at the stores that you pee in the cup and it tells you pink or blue. How fun would it be to know at 13 weeks?

Still taking guesses....I'm always wrong on my guesses......

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

American Girl we come!

I'm soooo stinkin excited today! Well #1....My mother is visiting for the week! But
Today my Mil, 2 little nieces (ok they aren't little...they are 12 and 10) me, my mom, kate, and Lily are all heading to the American Girl Store for shopping and lunch. I had to make reservations of all things...haha...
Kate is bringing her doll to have her hair done. Can you believe you can even get the doll's ears pierced. For a whopping $14 that is!
My mil said "I can pierce the dolls ears for free" Ha Ha I pictured her armed w/a drill!
Hubs wants Mil to buy Lily an Itty Bitty baby while we're there. I think he has never seen the price tags on these dolls...they collect your first born for the fee! Kate has one from years back...the thing has been through the ringer. She isn't ready to part w/her yet, but I have saved the Big Girl matching clothes for Lily to wear w/her doll too!

If I could buy a "looks like me" doll I would...but for now I'll live through my daughter's and play dress up with them!

I'm armed w/my camera...I'll post tomorrow! The boys said they would rather drop dead then go...I sort of figured that boys!!!

On to sweets. Tonight on the menu Healthy Carbonara. I don't know how healthy I'm gonna make mine since I bought Full Half n Half instead of fat free! (grins)

but for dessert we're making Apple Pockets.
I got the recipes for the week in a little booklet that came in my Parents magazine. I truly am not a fan of this mag...I got it free...I think it's too liberal in it's thinking for me. I think they are extremely one sided in their views, but I love the craft ideas and food suggestions. And of course all the cute kids and babies don't hurt either!

This week I scored w/that little recipe book! YeeHaw!
How quick and easy and delish do those sound?

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Monday, July 26, 2010

Early Wake Up Call...and Menu Monday

Hubs always kisses me before he leaves in the morning...(usually between 6-6:30) This morning I motioned towards the fan and did my hand movement for ..."TURN THE FAN ON I'M HOT" I guess he thought I was wanting a 'high five' b/c that's just what he did....So I whispered "No, turn the fan on...please" I didn't want to wake Lily ...she's a light sleeper. So he flips the switch...only it's the LIGHT switch....

It felt like that moment from Christmas Vacation w/Chevy Chase when he finally gets the lights lit on outside of his house and the neighbors next door get blinded by the brightness. light goes on fan. would think after 3 yrs of living in this house he would remember which one is the light and fan. thing I know...Little Lily is awake...and I can't get her back to sleep to save my life. Pity, b/c the child takes forever to settle at night and really needs to sleep until after 8 to get a good night's rest in. (she usually can't fall asleep until 10-11pm....I know ugh huh?)

Needless to say I'm hoping this mean an early nap and early bedtime!!

Our menu is looking pretty swell this week if I do say so myself! I'm off to clean mom is coming to stay for the week! ROCK ON

Here are a few recipes case you were going to ask (wink wink)

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Saturday, July 24, 2010

More of Our Life with Lily

You'd think we'd learn...

Whenever we feed the dog or give him water we have to first check where Lily is. But of course we forget sometimes.

We either hear

"MMMMMM Watey...Spoon"

translated...."OHHH the water is down..let me get all 500 spoons from the drawer and play in the water"

And she does...she will get every spoon we own out of the drawers and play and drink the dog water.

Or her latest not so fun thing for us....
She will pour all the dog food into the water bowl.

Yesterday I decided to capture a picture....but forgot to pour the food and water out...I guess the dog didn't mind b/c a few minutes later when I remembered he was eating it! EWWWW but then again he is a dog!

I love me some Lily!!!

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Friday, July 23, 2010

Summertime......Feeling Fine and Bump Picture

I woke up this morning to the dog barking...stare at the clock and it's 7:45...roll out of bed...Lily at my find child #3 peeking in the back windows knocking to be let in. He went to spend the night at a friends the night before and was home early. Usually when he's spending the night w/his buddy they sleep late...not today...why you ask? BECAUSE THEY NEVER WENT TO BED.

Ok the child's 11 and totally needs to sleep at night....I can't believe his mom didn't tell them to get to bed. Now I'm gonna have a grumpy child on my hands...ugh...but hopefully early bed...he's napping now! haha
Joys of summer

What's for lunch mom? I hear this daily...
Same thing as before....go look
Joys of summer

What's for dessert....
I usually hear this BEFORE dinner...
Ummm we don't do dessert every night
Joys of summer

Can you tell anything is growing?
Ok some of you were wanting an updated baby bump...I usually only do even weeks (I like even numbers haha)

Dinner tonight?
Been craving grilled cheese dipped in tomato soup! ROOOAR!

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wanna Hear Something Beautiful?

My neighbor Tara next door (the one pregnant w/her 5th too) ordered one of those dopplers and let me borrow it today. Now unless the doppler was lying...that's the baby's heartbeat you hear. It was beating in the 164-170 range (I was really excited) and I don't think that is my heartbeat, but hubs says I don't know what I'm doing! :o)

here is the heartbeat at 12w 1 day (it's more for the sound...not image)

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Let's Take A Poll...Pink or Blue

Ok Ladies....

Let's do a poll...I'm in the 'AWWWW I CAN'T WAIT TO FIND OUT WHAT WE'RE HAVING' stage.

Part of me thinks girl...I think b/c that's what I had the last time and I've got girl parts on the brain. Besides that Lily and baby will be sharing a room and I'm in the "what matching bedding or fairy garden theme can we do?". I am also having the exact same symptoms that I had w/Lily ...which is strange b/c with the last 3 I had totally different w/each.

But then part of me thinks boy..I've saved some decorations (wall pictures...wooden blocks etc) from when the boys had their room decorated in classic cowboy theme. So if I'm having a girl why did I find those things recently?

Like hubs says..."It's one or the other honey" (hee hee)

and yep...already have names picked...will share after we narrow the sex!

So...let's do a if you think boy or girl. U/S date set for September 13th ...55 days away (but who's counting the days right?)

Any cravings? Well food....but that is a given....Drinks? Pure Fitness Crystal Light flavor in Grape! Ohhhhh boy is it tangy and sweet. I got 3 different flavors free in the mail from Crystal Light and loved grape....My wonderful hubby keeps refilling my water bottle for me so I can always have more to drink. I'm forgetful and leave it empty on the counter...and viola I'll go look for it and find it in the fridge full of cold water! (thanks lovey)

I'll leave you today w/a photo of Lily! She had the most precious grin yesterday after stealing a bag of Cheetos from the pantry! I can't help but love those curls...that grin...that face!

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Monday, July 19, 2010

Where Ya Been?

Ok things have been crazy busy. I barely have time to log on and check email. Hubby says that's not like me...I said...try raising 4 kids in the summer while pregnant w/the fifth!

But here I am and all is well! Hitting 12 weeks and feeling fine! Tired...moody...heartburny, but fine!!! I've gained 3 or 4 lbs...which is nothing new..I gain like a whale when I'm pregnant. I went to a friend's baby shower this weekend...HER 5TH TOO. ....and she hasn't gained an ounce. All that is big is her belly! I h*te ppl like that! I get big in my boobs...arms (to support the Dolly's I say)...thighs...butt...face....feet...legs...list keeps growing w/my belly!! BUT I LOVE HAVING BABIES GROWING INSIDE ME. Maybe one day we'll stop! :o)

Menu pretty bland...oldest and Mini me are getting braces put on this week (well the appliance end of it so far) on wed. I have a feeling their mouths will be really sore so I've planned Chicken Noodle Soup and Tomato Soup w/grilled cheese for thurs and fri

Pizza Quesadillas you ask? Well my famous chef (well he should be famous) husband grabbed what food we had in the house on saturday and made the kids Pizza Quesadillas...(leftover tortillas...leftover pepperoni) and boom...a favorite w/the kids was born! Leftover pizza sauce for dipping and now they are begging for it again this week!!!

I've made 3 batches of Morning Glory muffins....Thanks to Leanna over at Thoughts and Whatnots for emailing a recipe. It was soooo similar to mine...all that was different was her's had 1/2 cup more coconut and mine had more cinnamon! So here is the recipe...Knock yourself out and bake!

1/2 cup chopped pecans

2 cups grated raw carrot (about 2-3 peeled carrots)

1 large apple, peeled and grated

2 cups all-purpose flour

1 1/4 cups granulated white sugar

3/4 teaspoon baking soda

1 1/2 teaspoons baking powder

1/2 teaspoon (3.5 grams) salt

2 teaspoons ground cinnamon

1 cup coconut (sweetened or unsweetened)

3 large eggs

3/4 cup oil

1 1/2 teaspoons pure vanilla


Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (180 degrees C) and place rack in center of oven. Place paper liners in 18 muffin cups.

Toast the pecans

or walnuts for about 8 minutes or until lightly browned and fragrant. Let cool and then chop coarsely. Peel and finely grate the carrots and apple. Set aside. In a large bowl whisk together the flour, sugar, baking soda, baking powder, salt, and ground cinnamon. Stir in the nuts and coconut. Set aside. In a separate bowl whisk together the eggs, oil, and vanilla extract
. Fold the wet ingredients, along with the grated carrot and apple, into the flour mixture, stirring just until moistened. Evenly divide the batter between the prepared muffin cups and bake for 20 - 25 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean. Remove from oven and let cool on a wire rack. After about 10 minutes remove the muffins from the pans and cool completely on a wire rack before frosting. Makes 18 standard-sized muffins.

Here is more of our previous week

the girls on the slip n slide

This is how I found the kids one day during made my heart smile...and snapped a pic b4 anyone was any the wiser!

This would be the mood of Lily idea what is up w/her...she's been in a demanding mood and doesn't like to hear NO
I love the spit hanging! Priceless..
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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Morning Glory...make My Labor Sweet!

Partial Menu as I am letting Mini Me decide on Thursday and Friday...I think she wants Homemade Fettuccine Alfredo and Little Smokies...I told her I'd talk to the Chef first! :o)

Monday we made use of some meat we cooked on Saturday.....So we came up w/Pot Roast Quesadillas and boy did they rock last night...even Little Demon ate all of hers!

Tonight...request from the pizza

Wed...that's my choice...I've been craving red beans and rice w/sausage. Hubs is irritated because I won't do them cajun style...sorry babe, I'm looking for simple flavors...(esp so they don't burn when I'm hitting the hay at night...whew...Tums are my friend again)

I've made 4 batches of Morning Glory soon as I find the perfect recipe I'll post. I'm combining 2 recipes today to see how it turns of the batches I tried a few days ago was too sweet...thought I'd use applesauce instead of I've done this before, but all I had was Granny Smith flavor applesauce....HMMMM I think that is why it was too sweet...w/the brown sugar and honey in them....

Today's should be applesauce....

Reason I'm desperate for Morning Glory Muffins?

When I was in labor w/Little Demon back in Sept 08 my water broke at 4am....having contractions every 9-12 mins or so...I got showered....and got the kids off to school (TMI, but Depends work great when you're leaking amniotic fluid and still running around taking care of kids) I called my midwife by 7:ish and headed in to be checked by 9am (told her I had to get kids off and so would it be ok to push the time later...haha)
I was only a 1 shocker there...I'm never she said to head some breakfast...pack my bags and come back by 11 or 11:30 ish....

Hubs and I headed to this local bakery on the way home....I'd been dying to stop there and try some stuff...he went in and I stayed in the car. He took forever and my contractions were speeding up...I could no longer sit still and was quite the time he came out I was in no mood to eat.
For the record...women in labor can eat and drink....just remember that what you eat might come up so choose wisely! haha

We got home w/a boxful of pastries....some of which were the Morning Glory Muffins...or their version. I had a little bite.....but realized we shouldn't stay at home too long...I was unable to chat w/hubs comfortably. Made it back to the birthing center by 11:30...and Popped Miss Lily out by 1:11 haha....I guess that was like drive thru birthing! We were home just in time to see the kids when they came home from school! I couldn't have planned that any better...(yes when birthing at birthing centers you can be home within 2 hrs baring no complications)

Those muffins are all I think about and my mom got me a dozen the week after having Lily...I froze them and enjoyed 1 a day for 2 weeks....sadly I noticed that place is out of business and my heart broke!

So I'm determined to find a recipe to match it and make Texas Sized ones for when I'm in labor w/Angel Baby. If you have a recipe for Morning Glory that are out of this world please share!!

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Friday, July 9, 2010

Can You Say MOOOO for Free FOOOOOOd?

(Oldest child isn't too thrilled, but he loved the free food)

My dear fellow blogger Denise at Together We Save has awesome postings of great stuff daily....she alerted us to the Cow Appreciation Day at our favorite Chick-Fil-A today. Dress up like a cow head to toe and get a free meal. Not a free sandwich...a free meal! So I loaded up what kids I could find around the house and off we went!

Yes we looked like dorks, but when my family just saved $30 and the ppl behind us paid full price...who's Moooing now? HA!

Let's just say we rock and had fun to boot!

Happy head off to Chick-Fil-A's website and print off the cow pattern and head there for dinner! Free Friday dinner for the family!

ON ANOTHER GREAT NOTE...when we got home from eating the UPS man was at the house...can you say HELLO CANON CAMERA? It came today! WOOHOO
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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sigh of Relief

Since the miscarriage I've been a nervous wreck waiting for this 10 week midwife appt. The last time I went for the 10 week...I got the dreaded news.

Even though we had the ultrasound this time at 8 weeks and saw and heard the heartbeat mind wasn't convinced!

Today we had our 10 week check up and you don't know the joy I felt upon hearing that sweet sweet baby's heart beating away! (beating in the 160's) Praise God!!

So Now

I can finally let myself relish in this wonderful gift of being pregnant and start to cheer and jump up and down.

I totally miss my fact I keep checking daily on the Canon site...they say the work has been completed for days, but status still says...NOT SHIPPED.
Well why not Canon?

So I'll have to satisfy myself with a stupid mobile phone picture of my growing belly!
I'm off to take the big kids to see Toy Story 3 in 3D ...woohoo

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Monday, July 5, 2010

Birthday Boy and 4th of July Celebration

Dear Hubs is 39 today...for the past 3 years he's told people he's 40...I don't know if he truly forgets or just wants to look younger! HAHA...

Not much going on today...He's still in bed asleep and Lily and I baked some Blueberry Muffins to start the birthday morning!

Dinner? We'll have his traditional Steak and Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Baskin Robbins Ice Cream Cake!!!

Gifts? Totally bummed...Lily and I planned on making his gift this know one of those stepping stones...(got the idea from Melissa...Hanging w/Mr Cooper's blog) but ours didn't turn out at soon as I was finished spreading the stuff it harden before I could even get her hands in it. I nearly sobbed! I tried putting some water on it and mashing her little hand as hard as I could w/o hurting her...nothing! How can the stuff harden in 2 secs flat? So Melissa...if you are reading this...where did you get your kit b/c mine was a bust!!! I have nothing to give him for his birthday! I have my love! haha! Maybe a trip to the gun range will be the answer...I better hurry and make a coupon for that huh?

Last night we headed next door to the pregnant chick...(haha...the neighbor I told you who is preg w/her 5th too) Her hubs set up a launching pad for all our fireworks. The little kids were half scared half cheering.....I think we will make this a tradition next year, but have a better know...maybe a fire pit for roasting smores and music to go w/the cool stuff the men bought!

My camera? Ohhhh how I miss you....I did hear from Canon last Wednesday and they said they received my camera and are making the necessary repairs at no charge? huh? and would have my camera back to me in 7 business days from date of email! does that mean I could get her back this week? It seems like years in camera time!

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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Just the 14 of Us

14...that's the total number of people that will be living in my house and the house next door.

I'll never forget watching their house being built...wondering who are they? Do they have kids etc...does she stay home...will she think I'm totally spastic and not want to be my friend?...

Well lookie lookie at my surprise when it was a SAHM w/3 kids (all boys) came to look at the house being built! Being the nosey neighbor that I am I rushed over to chat it up! I had 3 kids at the time too and was super excited to get a friend. Whether she wanted to be my friend or not she was going to be. HA HA

When they finally moved in she said "Hey guess what? I'm 10 weeks pregnant"

I motioned for her to come over....and whispered "I'm 8 weeks pregnant but haven't told the kids yet"

How exciting to find that not only did she have 3 kids she was pregnant w/a 4th just weeks ahead of me!

Thankfully she has days just like's nice when you have a friendship w/your neighbor where you can give a look over the fence and she knows exactly what you mean...'it's one of those days ...where you want to pull your hair out b/c the noise level is high and summer has no end in sight!' She gets it!

Well she ended up having a 4th boy and we had girl....just 3 weeks apart! Here is a picture from my baby shower back then...

Little Ollie and Lily have become friends from the womb!

(Tara w/Ollie Me w/Lillian)

During the week while the big kids were in school my dear friend would bring over a huge container of salsa and chips (from a fantastic Mexican food place in town) ...we'd let the little babes scoot over the floor while we chatted over salsa...Dubbing those days "Salsa Days"
Now we'll txt saying..."When's the next SD?" It's great having someone so close that can come over and hang out for a hour or so (that's about how long the babies last b4 demanding our attention) chatting about mommyhood!

Then a few shorts months ago we got pregnant w/#5 and so did Tara....sadly we miscarried and shocking enough a few weeks later so did Tara. We were shocked ...esp b/c there were 3 of us in the neighborhood who miscarried within days and weeks of each other. I started to panic thinking there was something in the water...but it's all in God's plan!

Now get a load of this....Tara and I are expecting baby #5 again...this time instead of weeks...we are days apart! Stay tuned to see if Tara has a house full of boys or a little girl is in the works. Follow her blog here.

So in total that is 14 of us...not including 1 dog a piece to our households....things get a little crazy here...but we wouldn't have it any other way!!!

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