Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Birthin Babies...Hypno Style

Mind over matter...that's what I always tell my kids...

"Mom I think I'm gonna be sick"

"well then quit thinking about it and you won't be"

sometimes this really works...I even do it to myself....(it doesn't work really well when your tired and falling asleep on your feet and you tell yourself you're not)

Enter Hypnobabies

I do natural drug free births w/my babes and with Lily I really wanted to try a different form. I watched videos on these chicks using the hypnobabies method and thought..."HEY I believe in the whole mind over matter thing too...why not for labor?"

I didn't really have the time for the classes...(closest one at the time was like 1 hr away...etc..) so I bought the cd's and course material and thought I would do the home study myself.

Welllllllllllllllllll I did listen to the cd's, but felt totally ridiculous! I did all the cd's but still never mastered the techniques. Probably b/c I wasn't really getting into it. I couldn't really ever find my quiet spot to go to. Some women had the beach (too hot) some ppl had a scene walking with a loved one...etc. But I couldn't ever come up with a specific thing to concentrate on. Basically I never used that method with Lily.

The other day I read an acquaintance's blog and read she used the hypnobabies method and her labor seemed pretty much at ease...another chick in a mommy online group I belong to did the same thing and you wouldn't even know she was in labor.

OK ...so I've got my cd's out and I'm prepared to give it another go and this time really put myself to work and relax and learn!

Lily's labor was unlike the others...granted she was quick and I want (would kill) for that again. But I didn't feel in control! Water broke at 4am...contractions really nothing...every 11 mins....so I got the kids ready for school ...we hung around the house until about 9am...went to see midwife...I was only 1 cm dilated..(figures) and went home to eat breakfast w/hubs. Went back to BC at 11:30..I was only a 3. By 12:30 I was a 4...and next it all happened so quick...I had her by 1:11pm. I was home a little after the kids got home from school.

The problem was...I remember how hard it was from 12:30 to whenever I started pushing. I don't want that again...I want more control...

SO off to dust my tapes out of storage and try this hypnobabies again!!!

Have you experience a Hypnobirth yourself? Or want to watch a video on one...?

Yep I've had babies on the brain! I just like to have all my ducks in a row before the big day!!! I always have the best of intentions and then the day comes and I end up winging things!

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Monday, August 30, 2010

Menu Monday...and Oldest Child

I'm such a horrible mommy! My oldest child celebrated his 14th bday on Friday and did I take a picture of him in honor of the day? Nope...
When we went out to the restaurant of his choice to celebrate did I remember my camera then? Nope....
All weekend when I had plenty of opportunities ...did I remember then? Nope

So here is a photo from last year and a huge...

Hey HONEY I LOVE YOU AND HAPPY 14 YEARS WITH YOU! I'm so glad I'm your mom!!!

He's my child that is a constant prankster and never turns down a challenge..which never worried me until I realized he's getting older and the challenges might change...and not for the better. Sadly after this latest stunt I had the "talk" (no not THAT talk...doing stupid things talk)

He frequents this certain yogurt shop and they have this challenge that the person who eats the most yogurt each month wins a $10 gift card. Now mind you it's to their store...so in MY mind not worth it...and $10 bucks..hello....AGAIN NOT WORTH IT.

Well said child was sick of seeing the same chick's name as the winner on the board and was determined to beat her. You do know what happens when a person eats too much of something too fast right? You see where this is going.

So said child got his brain freeze on and beat the previous winner...

Grayson ate 50oz of frozen yogurt YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT....only to smile for his picture for the store and proceed outside and decorate their sidewalk PURPLE. I think his flavor was razzleberry or something. I wasn't there to stop the child...I mean who wants to see their kid (or any person) eat until sick just to win a challenge! It broke my heart that he hurt the rest of the night....I thought about and and realized that he needed to hurt to learn a lesson.
Did he? Not sure...I know he liked winning and felt horrible later....

NOT GET THIS...someone came in the next week and beat his record so he DIDN'T win the gift card! hahaha...sorry couldn't help laughing!
(thankfully no pictures to go w/this story)

OHHH LA LA...it's been a while since I've done a Menu Board for you...and sorry...don't get excited about the menu...I'm feeling quite lame in the creative menu design department...

I was craving my easy chicken salad on croissants tonight...so yep that's what we're having!

quick and easy....buy gorgeous fluffy croissants...rotisserie chicken...onion....pecans....mayo...celery

shred chicken...add chopped pecans, onion, and celery...mix mayo and s&p and boom...
You've got a fantastic meal!!!

For lunch I'm craving a grilled crunchy peanut butter sandwich. I'd have a glass of milk with it, but I swore I thought I had a gallon in the other fridge...so yesterday when I did my shopping I only bought 1 gallon. (for a total of 2) Guess what? There wasn't any milk in the other fridge....and the jug I did buy rolled out the back of the suburban when I opened the back....bam! It gushed all over my driveway. I was soooo upset....
Oldest child said the old saying..."don't cry over spilled milk!" I said you do when it's organic and the price tag is rolling down the driveway! boohoo!!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tats At A Discount!


(Names have been deleted to protect the innocent...or crazy in this case)

So the other day I'm talking to my friend and her ...well this other person came to pick up her kids (who my friend politely watched b/c said chick was running late from work)

I saw the chick get her kids and noticed a tat on the back of her neck...it was a roman numeral 13. So I'm thinking ...well she doesn't have 13 kids so maybe it's an anniversary tat.

After chick leaves I ask my friend...

"Hey...what's the 13 for?"

She says..."well...............................um.....You see the tat parlor was having a special on Friday the 13th. You could get a Roman Numeral 13 tat for $13."

"You are totally kidding right?"

"Nope....evidently it was a promotion to generate business"

I don't even really know what to say about that!!!

Sorry some days you just need a laugh!!!

the Enchiladas from yesterdays post totally rocked! Kids ate 2nds def a do again in this house! I'm looking forward to lunch....LEFTOVERS BABY!
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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

17 weeks and Cooking with Ree

Ok I wish I could cook w/Ree. If you blog or cook enough you know exactly who I'm talking about...

The Pioneer Woman!

Tonight the In Laws are coming for dinner to celebrate oldest child's bday a little early. His birthday is Friday and my baby boy is turning 14!!! WHEW...I'm too young to have a 14 yr old. I guess that's what staying barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen does to ya!

I figure I will give another one of Ree's recipes a go....only after I was reading Natalie's Blog over at The Busy Budgeting Mama. She prepared the White Chicken Enchiladas and they looked amazing.

I love reading Ree's comments w/her recipes..this girl has humor and I think we would make great friends!!!

For the recipe click here.....White Chicken Enchiladas

I'll let you know tomorrow the verdict!!!!

As for my ever growing (or slowly growing) belly....We are 17 weeks today! WOW
This Saturday I felt the baby thump for the first time! I was laying in bed and felt it....now when I settle down a bit (which w/4 kids it's hard) I notice it thumping more. I love that feeling!

....and in 19 days we find out pink or blue. It seems like everyone around me already knows what they are having. I'm not one for waiting for surprises and I need to know NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I like giving my growing belly a name and getting things ready! Come on 19 days!

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

You Want To Be What When You Grow Up????

Yesterday was the first day of school for the kids. I had 3 kids in 3 different schools. Luckily...1 rides the bus....(to far to drive him too)...1 rides the bike and the other has me take him and then he rides bus home. So really it's just a matter of timing. What's worse is this year they changed the school times so I'm totally confused myself!

When kids came home it was chaos....back packs flying...papers shoved at my face to sign...loud fast talking (that would be mini me)

I tried to settle everyone down with a little monkey munch snack...it worked ...for a bit...then off they were again! My kitchen look like a bomb of notebook paper exploded! Next thing I knew it was time to start dinner and oldest child walked through the door...not 5 mins later hubs came home from work...that's how late the bus comes w/my child...whew!

Dinner was fun hearing about all their first days and who was in their class and how lunch was etc etc.

Later that evening I noticed some note cards 2nd child (the 11 yr old) had for me to sign. Basic info...student name...dob...favorite food...music...
You know the 'getting to know you cards'
It wasn't until I got to "what do you want to be when you grow up" that grabbed my attention. He wrote ..


Ok? ummmm How on earth did he come up with that...no one in our family sells furniture...and I don't think he's ever been shopping with us.

So I did what every good mother would do

Me: "Umm honey...you wrote Mattress Salesman...how did you come up with that?"

2nd child: "Well I like to sleep and thought that what better place to work than around beds and mattresses all day"

Me: (stares trying really hard not to bust out laughing)

That's my boy!!!

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Friday, August 20, 2010

Reasons I Love Being a Mom

This list could go on for years but I'll keep it limited to School Time and Birthdays.

I totally adore being a SAHM. I knew from the time I was a little girl what I wanted to do. You see my mom stayed home and I loved knowing she was there waiting for me at the end of the day. There was comfort in knowing she was home for me. I know how blessed I am to stay home. Here is a short list of things I enjoy about being a MOM!!!

1. First day of school

2. Packing lunches

3. Birthday day

4. After school snacks

We'll start there....

First Day of School...
Well there is the "AWWW MOM DO I REALLY HAVE TO SMILE" picture. And then there is the after school 1st day treat...and special surprise. Ok...my daughter is the only one that benefits from the surprise anymore...(the boys are getting too old for it)

Here is what I put in her lunch for last year....
I took craft sticks, black construction, chalk, and markers and created this little BACK TO SCHOOL mini chalkboard for her! She totally loved it!!!!!

I'm still searching books for this years!

Packing lunches...it's a chore at times...I know I DON'T have to do it, but I do. I feel it's my job as mom to do this small thing. Heck fire I stay home...why the heck shouldn't I? I usually have my system down pat. I pack everything the night before and it's waiting in the fridge. Oldest lunch in kitchen fridge and younger 2's lunches are in the laundry room fridge (no confusions there) Occasionally I like to plan different desserts to put in their lunches and I get giddy thinking about their faces when they go to lunch and find them.

There have been THOSE days when I've been so tired w/new baby or heck just mentally messed up that I have put the wrong sandwiches in kids lunches...ie middle child is the only one that likes mustard and turkey and oldest is ham and cheese and lo and behold some kid stares at his sandwich thinking mom is a freak yet again.

One thing that totally gets me excited is this fun non food treat I put in their sacks/bags....In Cooking Light they have a section each month called "10 Things to Know about...." I will run 2 extra copies off and each day but 1 fact about ....whatever. Some of the facts are stupid and some of the topics are dumb, but the kids still love them nonetheless! I have saved over 70 of them so far for school this year. That's 70 school days of facts haha

Here is an example of one.....
the kids totally adore this and look forward to the facts. A few times I have forgotten and they totally noticed! It's the small things you can do for them that count to brighten their day!


Birthdays during school time are fun. I usually have something decorated waiting for them downstairs. If their birthday falls on a weekend I fail at this..haha....
Last year I printed out over 20 little chicken cartoon heads (oldest is obsessed w/chicken and rooster stuff) and I put then on craft sticks and hid them all over the house ...so when he woke up in the morning he found them at every turn. He loved wondering how many more he would find!


After school snacks...

Ok I try and do this once a week......I'll plan a yummy...whether it's carrots and ranchy...or Monkey Munch! I've got that on my list for the first day this year! I think I always have to double the recipe ...I think I like to eat it while it's cooling! haha

Prep Time:15 min
Start to Finish:15 min
Makes:18 servings (1/2 cup each)

9 cups Chex® cereal (any variety)
1 cup semisweet chocolate chips
1/2 cup peanut butter
1/4 cup butter or margarine
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 1/2 cups powdered sugar

Preparation Directions:
1. Into large bowl, measure cereal; set aside.
2. In 1-quart microwavable bowl, stir together chocolate chips, peanut butter and butter. Microwave uncovered on High 1 minute; stir. Microwave about 30 seconds longer or until mixture can be stirred smooth. Stir in vanilla. Pour mixture over cereal, stirring until evenly coated. Pour into 2-gallon resealable food-storage plastic bag.
3. Add powdered sugar. Seal bag; shake until well coated. Spread on waxed paper to cool. Store in airtight container in refrigerator.

Stove-Top Directions: Into large bowl, measure cereal; set aside. In 1-quart saucepan, heat chocolate chips, peanut butter and butter over low heat, stirring frequently, until melted. Remove from heat; stir in vanilla. Pour mixture over cereal, stirring until evenly coated. Pour into 2-gallon resealable food-storage plastic bag. Add powdered sugar. Seal bag; shake until well coated. Spread on waxed paper to cool. Store in airtight container in refrigerator.

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Thursday, August 19, 2010


Only a few know of my obsession w/huge clocks. Or my hunt for them that is.

Years ago I was reading an article in (I think) BHG and the story was on a designer. She was showing off her home and all the cool finds she has found over the years. I am sooo envious of ppl like her who get the inside scoop on cool stuff either being torn down or thrown away. Her house was full of really neat stuff that I would kill to score. One of the things that caught my eye was this massive clock she had in her entry. Some old building was being torn down and she wanted the clock on the outside of the building. I think they told her if she could have it moved it was hers...and she did just that. It was moved to her entry and whenever friends would come over they would shout "WHAT TIME IS IT?"

There started my love and collection of clocks. To this day I have been in search of said clock or one similar. If it's odd...I love it...if it's big I love it...I think we have 20 clocks in our house. I can't get enough of them.

A few days ago I was at Target and spotted a wall clock decal. I did a double take and thought...wow..I've got to have that. At a price of $25 bucks..I'm going for it.
Hubs being the anal man he is... I thought would freak at what I was doing...but he said "just make it straight"

I have never done decals on walls and was scared poopless at getting the bubbles out.

I had every tape measure and leveler and pencil known to man to make this thing straight. It had a lot of little pieces and over all I think I rocked it.

I put the clock on the landing on our stairs...so that coming up or down you'll see it! I am in total love.

While it's not the 'WHAT TIME IS IT CLOCK" ...I'm still in search!

If any of you find an old building being torn down call me! haha

Speaking of decals...I found this lady selling chalkboard decals. She was all out, but I have to have it. It was really adorable. It was a scroll design and for only $10. Her booth was in one of those stores that ppl rent spaces and set up their stuff. If she had cards I'd take one and beg her for more! What an adorable concept!

Now off to the ortho...oldest child is getting his top braces today. He mentioned how I blogged about the dog the other day and the girls, but never my boys....so I told him he would be honored with his own story coming up! (besides what does he do all day, but sit around playing video games and tormenting his sibs?) haha

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

16 Weeks and Stealing from the Neighbors

I giggle at this photo b/c my shirt is up...I wonder if I walked around like that all day or worse. I haven't the heart to pull the maternity shirts out yet. The kids tell me I'm in that ...."Is she fat or pregnant" stage. Thanks kids! No new news...gain 10lbs...haven't felt angel baby move yet.... FIND OUT THE GENDER COUNTDOWN....26 days woohoo. PINK OR BLUE...

I borrowed those blocks from Tara next door. You can use them for your new baby or toddlers or your growing belly! Mini Me had to grab a shot w/them too! My pretty girl is growing up! She starts 4th grade on Monday and is jumping out of her skin for meet the teacher tomorrow!!

Ok what don't I borrow from Tara next door. She is the oldest of 6 kids and knows the meaning of sharing. She shares so much...God love her!

Her #4 (Ollie) is 3 weeks older than my Lily and our 5ths are days apart in due dates. I told her she needs to go first again to let me know how 5 is! haha (as if there is any turning back)

Lily will stand in the windows looking at Ollie's house screaming his name. Last night we were in the front playing with the sibs and she ran straight there....ollie and his family was running errands but that didn't stop her from trying. On his porch he has one of those plastic cars w/handles and some flags. That is usually the first thing she runs for. She hopped right inside and off we went. I mean we are only borrowing right?! I snapped a picture of Kate pushing her down the sidewalk. I had a scream at Lily's expression.....haha...what is up w/the terror look?
she has the cutest expressions ever! This is her "I hear noise" face. Or her "ohhhhh am I in trouble face" or "ohhhh why are they leaving" face. Precious!

Finally Ollie came home and they ran to eat other and started choking each other...(toddler hugs)

I love this first photo. They just broke out in dance.....there wasn't any music playing, but obviously they heard something and had to shake a leg
Here's some more shots

They've been friends since the womb!

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Fur is A Flying

Poor Moses. MoMo has been in desperate need of a trip to the groomer. I hate spending $$$$ on it...I mean heck fire...the dog's haircut is 3 times more than mine most of the time! Not only that...it's time for shots and before we know it the bill is running over $150. He's an inside dog...I guess I wonder why they need so many shots in the first place. I don't inject my kids w/toxins why should I to my dog? Ok...off my grooming rant! :o) In case you were wondering...Moses is named after my hubby's first dorm at A&M Moses Hall! Seems fitting huh?!!!

Moses has a beautiful coat for a Sheltie. Every time we are outside people comment on how beautiful his fur and colors are......

This weekend we decided to bathe and trim him ourselves. UMMMMM BIG MISTAKE.

I think he went into shock and now the fur keeps falling off. Hubs said he's just shedding...but he wasn't shedding before we got the clippers out.

You can't tell from the photos what a bad job (or maybe you can) Poor thing looks like a wounded poodle. We only had human clippers ...haha...so needless to say it doesn't work well on dogs.

The next morning we woke up to fur balls everywhere. I compared them to tumbleweed. Literally every time you walk one blow past you. So the next day I made the kids brush him outside 3 times a day.

Here is the fur-fest in our yard. UMMM I'm hoping when hubs mows it will disappear

Here are some before photos of MoMo

After and the fur flying

I have no idea what to do now...other than pay a groomer to fix the mistake.

Things have been crazy crazy around here w/school starting. I drove all over the place looking for composition notebooks. I'm already stressing about getting 3 kids to 3 different schools and packing lunches. How lame is that of me?

But I am looking forward to routine again! Mini Me is sooooooooo excited and so is oldest son (he's starting HS) but 2nd child...nope...hates school....thinks it's stupid and doesn't want to go. He is starting middle school and is freaked out about changing clothes for gym. I've talked to his friend's moms and know I'm not alone in this...b/c his friends are too! He's gonna have a great year...he just doesn't know it yet!!!

As for Lily....wooooooweeeeeeeeeeee that girl sure gives us a run for our money. We are now in the 'I'm gonna test you and see how long you can take my yelling before you give in' I do great at this. I think mom's were born w/a mute button in our ears when babies whine. Dads? Not so much. Hubs gives in. So Lil is learning who the sucker softy is.

16 week photo coming tomorrow...can you believe we've made it this far? Don't be super excited...the bump doesn't look that much different than last week. I'm pretty excited. I've lost weight....now now before you freak out...(I started out heavy) but I cut out my dear daily Dr Pepper. (I'm miss you and love you) I gave up my daily dose of ice cream or yummy treat every night and I gave up fast food. Ok I didn't totally give up the fast food...but now I'm limiting myself to twice a month Wendy's run for Spicy Chicken Sandwich lettuce only instead of 3 times a week.

Doing all of that for over 2 weeks...I lost 3 lbs. Impressive that giving up your favorite stuff can keep weight off.

Don't worry...Menu Monday is coming back next week....this week is boring...since we're busy organizing the house for school time and getting the kids back on normal night time schedules we are having dull food....ie hot dogs....spaghetti....and soup and sandwiches! My creative foodie side is on vacation for a few more days!

Also party planning...Oldest turns 14 in a few weeks and littlest demon turns 2 in September! Full Steam ahead!

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Friday, August 13, 2010

Baby Name Guesses and Crazy Lily

Y'all totally crack me up!

The past days I've mentioned the baby names...no one is even trying to guess my BOY name...it's pretty plain and I don't get much slack! Just the girl name

But I gave clues that it started w/a B...I've been getting a ton of stuff that has nothing to do w/a B. haha

I mentioned I was told that I resemble one of the B names...I got someone (I won't mention who Shannon..haha) said Beyonce.

I'm dying laughing. So far no one has come up w/it. AND NO BRITNEY isn't the name either..yes she's crazy, but nope that's not the name! haha (yes you again Shannon)

One of the actresses has blonde hair and the other has brown. Both have kids. Both are in their 30's
Ohhhh the name is Irish!

You should be getting warmer now. But if this is a boy than this is all worthless! RAAAAR

As for the latest Lily Craziness?
She likes to get her dirty clothes out of her room and either throw them down the stairs or her new thing? Put them all on! I have to add she does a great job!

Here she is in her dress....and then a pair of night nights....and 2 more dresses w/her bloomers on her head! That's my girl! No one can say she doesn't love clothes! Now if only I can get her to let me up things in her hair! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

Her 2nd bday is coming up....(sept 26th) and I'm getting planning ideas underway! I think it's a Cupcake Party. My MIL ordered her the most adorable tutu and shirt on ETSY to wear on her big day. I won a giveaway on Shannon's blog for a birthday banner...how convenient!

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

More on Baby Names and a Rocking Dinner

Today we are 15 weeks. I borrowed my neighbors doppler again and heard that precious baby's heart beating....! Nothing more incredible than hearing a life growing inside you. I am really trying to talk about this baby a lot to Little Lily....When we go into her room I'll point to the crib and tell her this is where her baby will sleep. I will point to my tummy and tell her the baby is sleeping in mommy's tummy and when we listen for the heartbeat...she is helping me and I tell her that is the baby's heart beating....
We say "Hi baby" to my belly too!
I know she will make an incredible big sister just like the big kids are to her!

Hubs is convinced it's a GIRL and calls her by name all the time.

I got a lot of you asking the names...Ok I'll tell you the name as soon as we find out what we are having...almost a month to go now and I'm on pins and needles!

I wrote the baby names on the menu board last night to see how they look. Hubs added an E to the end of the girl's name. I have to admit I like it. He told me that was the correct spelling of it and when he pulled up one of my fav actresses w/that name and noticed that's how she spelled it I was hooked! haha

Another one of my fav actresses has that name too...(she spells it diff) and I totally loved her until I saw an interview recently in a magazine w/her. I was shocked at her parenting views. (I still like her name even though she is a nut)
I've been told I even look like her in the past. I think it's her cheekbones and the shape of her eyes!

So any ideas? (wiggles eyebrows?)

Lily has been feeding objects her food lately. The other day she fed her Roni (macaroni) to the Little Bear dvd cover. I mean I guess he had to eat too huh?
Well yesterday I was craving Hummus and gave Little Lily some...I went to get her bowl and noticed it was empty and realized I have a fan of hummus like her big sister. That is until I looked closer. Look at her wooden doll...I guess she was hungry too!

I'm not sure I have posted this before, but it is by far a favorite dish of mine. Quick and easy and soooo dern yummy! For those on WW...8 pts per serving.

Chicken Tamale Casserole


* 1 cup (4 ounces) preshredded 4-cheese Mexican blend cheese, divided
* 1/3 cup fat-free milk
* 1/4 cup egg substitute
* 1 teaspoon ground cumin
* 1/8 teaspoon ground red pepper
* 1 (14 3/4-ounce) can cream-style corn
* 1 (8.5-ounce) box corn muffin mix (such as Martha White)
* 1 (4-ounce) can chopped green chiles, drained
* Cooking spray
* 1 (10-ounce) can red enchilada sauce (such as Old El Paso)
* 2 cups shredded cooked chicken breast
* 1/2 cup fat-free sour cream


1. Preheat oven to 400°.

2. Combine 1/4 cup cheese and next 7 ingredients (through chiles) in a large bowl, stirring just until moist. Pour mixture into a 13 x 9–inch baking dish coated with cooking spray.

3. Bake at 400° for 15 minutes or until set. Pierce entire surface liberally with a fork; pour enchilada sauce over top. Top with chicken; sprinkle with remaining 3/4 cup cheese. Bake at 400° for 15 minutes or until cheese melts. Remove from oven; let stand 5 minutes. Cut into 8 pieces; top each serving with 1 tablespoon sour cream.

The Inlaws are coming for dinner and I can't wait!!!

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Baby Names Baby Names

Baby names...

How much fun did you have as a little girl dreaming of what you would name your babies? I honestly can't remember the names I chose when a little girl, but I do remember the ones I chose in child development in HS. (btw..I should have taken home ec....I already knew about babies...not sewing...ugh)

I love practicing the name around the house...pretending they are in trouble or chasing them through the house. How does it sound w/your last name...or w/all your children together? Spelling it on paper! AWWW I'm in love! This baby you are dreaming of while growing inside you will have a name and you and your hubs choose it! How thrilling!

Anyways...what's got me so upset about baby names? The rude comments people make when asking what names we are thinking for this little growing angel.

You know the routine...

"OHHHH You're pregnant again?"


"Do you know what you are having?"

Nope, not yet...we find out in Sept."

"Ohhh what names are you thinking..."

"_____ for a girl and _____ for a boy"

and their comment? "EWWWWW I don't like those!"

I mean really? Really...you're gonna say that to my face. And this isn't just one person this is pretty much every person we encounter. The fact of the matter is I'm in love w/the names we have chosen. The boy name I had picked out when I was pregnant w/Lily. I loved it then and love it now. The girl name is just as pretty! It's not a common name that you hear lately....(no lily or olivia....or grace etc) but it's no Apple, CoCo, or Rocker for a name. It's an actual name. Just thankfully not in the top 20. After we named Lily 5 friends/neighbors named their daughters Lily and then we didn't feel we had such a unique name. Heck when she goes into school she'll start being Lily S. ugh! I had like 5 Laura's in my class and it was annoying!

Lillian's initials are L B....one for my name and hubs
If this is a girl I picked a B for the first name and L for the second. Reverse of Lily's hee hee

I seriously have had friends name their children ummm different names, but I wouldn't tell that to their face....it's their child and their choice, not mine. Hence why sometimes in life you tell white lies. Or dance around it, just don't say "EWWW I don't like it"

So from now on I don't think I'm telling more ppl. Let them make the rude comments after the baby is born. I'll slug them and say it's leftover hormones.

And to the ones who said it was ugly...I remember who you are...so after the baby is born and you say you like it I'm calling you a liar!

WOW I sound hostile today! :o)

I'm really not! I'm in a fantastic mood! I continued to paint more surfaces yesterday. Hubs was in for a surprise when he came home from work

Here are more...

Art Niche (I hate that niche...I don't have any art and it's wasted space...but sure made for fun painting)

My computer Nook in the kitchen

and lastly...Living Room wall not completed b/c I ran out of glaze! (grins)

stay tuned for tomorrow's recipe! I thought I lost it and found it while cleaning! I'm soooo excited to make and eat it again! yummy yummy

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Monday, August 9, 2010

Hurry Before He Changes His Mind

If you know my hubs you will know how anal he is about things being in order and clean. He is a stickler for organization. You should see his side of the closet or sink! Me? ...I start off that way, but when you are taking care of 4 kids you get a bit behind. I try my best to keep things cleared off...everything in it's place etc. I have to admit it feels great, but sadly things don't stay that way. A few times a week I'll notice the pantry or fridge gets re-organized. For anyone else that might bother them...not me....I love knowing hubby has been there! :o)

It was over a year of living in our home before we hung anything in our new house. Anal boy again doesn't like my hanging style. Ok Ok I admit I sometimes just eyeball where the hole should go, but it works (sometimes) Finally after a year when I did hang something...took me ages b/c I was making sure the hole was just right. And little by little I made my way around to each room hanging stuff!

Hubs has finally relaxed about my hanging stuff and so far so good....
BUT don't get me started on painting walls. I've been wanting to add a touch of color and pizazz to walls in the house...accents really for over 3 years.


I told hubs what I was thinking for about 3 walls and he said sure. I wasn't sure I heard him correctly. (ran over to his tea glass wondering if there was really tea inside...haha) Again I repeated myself and said I was going to paint and glaze. He again said sure.

So Saturday morning I ran to Lowe's before he had a chance to change his mind. I put Lily down for a nap and started taping off....she woke up before the 2nd coat was dry and I thought I'd have to wait until that evening to finished. She surprised me and I painted 2 of the 3 walls I had planned...she didn't pay me any attention!

Here are some before and after photos!

Hubs was actually quite pleased with the outcome and so am I. I had no idea what colors to choose or how it would turn out....heck I was just freaking out he said go for it! I have one wall left today...the Living Room wall! I'm a bit sore from all that work yesterday, but can't wait to finish!

Hubs made me giggle...I was humming and excited the whole time I was painting...he kept saying..."You're pretty happy huh?" UMMMM HELLO....!!

A friend mentioned that I was nesting....nah....But it dawned on me...the last time I painted and glazed the walls I was pregnant w/Kate.... 10 yrs ago (she turns 10 in Jan) In fact....this baby and Kate have the exact same due date! Pretty cool huh?

(walls....2 base coats of corkboard color paint....and sponged glaze in mocha. I took a paper towel and blotted the glaze a bit.....viola!)

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Friday, August 6, 2010

What's a Pregnancy Brain Fart?

Fart is such a funny word...I mean odd b/c we don't want our kids using it but I use it when my brain doesn't work....

Take yesterday for instance..

Read my grocery list

We were heading to Walmart last night b/c we needed to pick up hubs blood pressure med's. I realized we needed a few more things and grabbed pen and paper...after I handed it to hubs and asked if he needed to add anything.

Hubs: Did you read this?

Me: Well I wrote it...why?

Hubs: Because I don't know what something on the list is

Me: Like what?

Hubs: Not sure I know what "Toilet Juice is"

ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww haha neither do I!

So what makes our brain sections turn to mush? Well I chalk it up to the baby taking over all aspects of our body...ie..my skin is no longer gorgeous...I say it's b/c the baby is sucking all my clean skin for itself. My balance...to give the baby grace....list could go on..

So I guess baby's need smart brains and take some from mom!

We go to check out and Lily is acting up a bit. (big surprise) So I ask hubs to walk her a bit while I unload the buggy. I finish unloading and glance around to find them...and what do I see?

Hubs has her playing in one of those huge sock bins. She's having a dandy time and all I can do is cover my eyes and hope no one recognizes the child....

Hubs is now convinced the new baby is a Girl. He had a dream. BOOM that's all it took. He was right on guessing Lily was a girl (I swore we were having a boy) and now his dream is the key!

His preg dream....
He was walking in another city that had a subway. He wanted to make sure all the kids were safe so he asked the boys to hold Lily's hand and he and kate took our other "daughter's" hand. SO there you have it...the man has spoken...we're having a girl! hee hee

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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Pregnancy Dreams...

I had my 1st pregnancy dream w/this baby....I say pregnancy dream, but what I really mean is "BABY DREAM"....

Ok for starters I wish there was a dream person out there to tell me what it means that I only dream in BLACK AND WHITE and it's always DARK. Either it's nighttime or the lights aren't on. Understand in my dream I never say..."hey why is everything void of color and why aren't the lights on?" Oddly I have no trouble seeing in my dreams so I must have super vision. HAHA I also don't remember when I wake up ever seeing ppl's faces. I usually know who they are, but when I wake up I don't remember seeing their faces!

So in the dream we have the new baby home....(keep in mind when you use a midwife/birthing center you are home hours after birth barring no complications....I love this) So we have the baby home and I have it...yes it b/c I have no idea if it was a boy or girl. We have him/her on the bed and it's wearing a gown sack....Not seeing the colors prevents me from knowing what color it is to know boy or girl. I seem to know in the dream what my baby is though. I go to change the diaper and it's full of pee pee and I make a mention to hubs that the diapers look too small and the baby too big...maybe we should get bigger diapers! I remember picking the baby up and smelling her/his neck and hair and thinking how in love I am.

woke up...

So I was this close...was it a boy or girl? ugh!

How do you dream?

Last night I got my Lobster fix...hubs met me at Red Lobster after work today....yummmmmm yummmmmm! We split the Ultimate Feast so Mommy could get the Lobster tail! Lily was a hoot for once and we enjoyed the meal! She kept screaming "Thank You" each time someone walked by!

After dinner hubs came with us to the baby store...Buy Buy Baby...it just opened and I was itching to go....(the key is ...he actually came) We walk in and I'm in heaven...we got Lily an extra rail for the bed so she won't fall off again! She also got the monkey on the back harness. AND HUBS let me buy the new baby a gift...granted it's a silly price to pay for a chew toy...but I'd been dying for one and now I have it...he kept saying...'that's what you wanted? that? for THAT price? What is it?"

I saw the cutest Cowboy Bedding if the baby is boy...if it's a girl I've got it covered....the baby moves in Lily's room already decorated! Seems too easy!

I had a few questions yesterday from some of you (yes you Aly)....about why I never talk about the older 3 kids...well I do sometimes, but they usually aren't doing much to write about. But give it time...we've got birthdays coming up and big changes w/school starting. Hello...I've got one starting HIGH SCHOOL. There will def be some stories there!

Also I was asked when we find out if we're having a boy or girl...Sept 13th...save the date.

The cream cheese and Doritos? Well I've been craving cream cheese w/chips and Lily saw me and had to eat some too. Hey..if the girl will get some dairy in her who am I to say no? haha!

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