Wednesday, August 4, 2010

14 Week Update, Gender Prediction...and Little Lily

14 weeks today! WOOHOO

The books say the baby is the size of a Lemon and can suck it's thumbs and wiggle it's toes and MAKE URINE. awwww sweet baby!

I had my midwife appt...and gained a whopping 10 no not since my last visit, but over all. Not good for me...I know my body....haha downhill from here! :o) Oh well I just gave up all sodas (I was enjoying 1 a day) and all cookies and dessert whenever it's around. We'll see if that helps. I also walk everyday w/Tara next door (preggers mom w/5) so I'm hoping that will keep the swelling down and keep my legs strong.

Baby's heartbeat sounded lovely and all was well. I go back in 4 weeks!

Here are some belly pics...doesn't look like much has changed! It looks better when I don't hold my shirt back.
I am starting to finally let myself get silly happy now about this baby...for weeks I was still holding my breath praying the baby holds strong!

Ok now don't laugh....BUT

I bought 2 different Gender Prediction kits. Both say best to wait until after 10 weeks. I waited until 13 and 14 weeks. Both had rules....about what to do and not to do for testing. I followed them to the T......
Last weeks was the Intelligender Test....I emailed the picture of the results and the company said GIRL.

Today I took the Best Baby Gender test and it said GIRL. What are the odds they are right?

I swear the one today said boy....hubs said it was army green in color...and the test box says yellow or green is or red is boy. But I can't tell. It looks the same to me! haha So I still say we are at 50/50. HAHA

Poor Little Lily fell out of the bed again. Last time she fell out past the guard rail at the bottom of I move it down a little so she wouldn't slide down the bed and off the edge again.

Well at 2am I hear panic cry...I shoot out of bed first thing I think of is she's falling off again....I reach over and miss grabbing her poor little foot as she goes off the FRONT SIDE of the bed....right where the guard rail on the top used to be....ugh. When I picked her up it was dark and I swear I thought I had her wasn't...It was her legs...I was holding her upside down. What a great mommy! She was still was half asleep so I put her on my pillow and I slept on her side of the bed. I'm off today to buy another rail and hopefully this will do the trick!

Here's pretty girl eating cream cheese and Doritos!
I love her in this outfit...can you believe it used to be Kate's? I saved a few girl items from back then!

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melifaif said...

Aww, poor baby. Glad mom was there to "catch her!" Hahahaha. That is pretty funny. I am still saying a GIRL. And I bet that outfit is Gymboree, huh?

Neely said...

Poor Lilly! I predict girl just FYI!

New Mommy!!! said...

Awww, sweet thing! I love that pic, and I also LOVE the outfit too!! She looks too cute!! Good save!

You can't win! Ha! I can picture the visual of all this happening, it's too funny, but not funny at the same time!

You are a beautiful mommy to be!! You look perfect and glowing, and I am so excited to meet this new person, and so happy for you!

I never took the gender protection tests, but I did think about it. We stuck to quizzes and old wives tales. I think they were right, predicted girl I think most of teh time.

I predict girl! We'll see!

New Mommy!!! said...

umm, cream cheese and doritos??? Ha, ha! There must be a story behind that! My new 50 mm lens comes tomorrow (the one I ordered after the other one was broken, I am so happy I will have it once again! picked up a cleaning brush/solution/and lens hood too)! Now I have no momey till next payday. Reminder: Keep this one out of reach of little hands, ha!

Shannon said...

Yay, I'm thinking girl too! And I agree, cream cheese and doritos?

You're lookin' good Momma!

Aly @ Analyze This said...

Cute photo of your belly!

But I must say ... I feel bad for your older kids ... you rarely talk about them on the blog! Always Lilly! Give them some credit, too!!! Ha!

I'm nominating you for MOM OF THE YEAR .... Dangling child by feet! Haha! Love it!

Jenn @ WestSacHoney said...

Aww too funny about her falling off the bed. At least you had something.

Annie said...

I'm going for girl...if those tests said girl...who am I to argue?!!? Can you find out at your next appt? Will you find out?

Poor Lils...must have been crazy to wake up upside down :)

Lori said...

That is funny that you were holding her upside down! Poor little girl.. she is looking awfully adorable in her hand-me-down! Sassy pants!

You are looking amazing at 14 weeks :)

Ken Leal said...

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