Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Baby Names Baby Names

Baby names...

How much fun did you have as a little girl dreaming of what you would name your babies? I honestly can't remember the names I chose when a little girl, but I do remember the ones I chose in child development in HS. (btw..I should have taken home ec....I already knew about babies...not sewing...ugh)

I love practicing the name around the house...pretending they are in trouble or chasing them through the house. How does it sound w/your last name...or w/all your children together? Spelling it on paper! AWWW I'm in love! This baby you are dreaming of while growing inside you will have a name and you and your hubs choose it! How thrilling!

Anyways...what's got me so upset about baby names? The rude comments people make when asking what names we are thinking for this little growing angel.

You know the routine...

"OHHHH You're pregnant again?"


"Do you know what you are having?"

Nope, not yet...we find out in Sept."

"Ohhh what names are you thinking..."

"_____ for a girl and _____ for a boy"

and their comment? "EWWWWW I don't like those!"

I mean really? Really...you're gonna say that to my face. And this isn't just one person this is pretty much every person we encounter. The fact of the matter is I'm in love w/the names we have chosen. The boy name I had picked out when I was pregnant w/Lily. I loved it then and love it now. The girl name is just as pretty! It's not a common name that you hear lately....(no lily or olivia....or grace etc) but it's no Apple, CoCo, or Rocker for a name. It's an actual name. Just thankfully not in the top 20. After we named Lily 5 friends/neighbors named their daughters Lily and then we didn't feel we had such a unique name. Heck when she goes into school she'll start being Lily S. ugh! I had like 5 Laura's in my class and it was annoying!

Lillian's initials are L B....one for my name and hubs
If this is a girl I picked a B for the first name and L for the second. Reverse of Lily's hee hee

I seriously have had friends name their children ummm different names, but I wouldn't tell that to their face....it's their child and their choice, not mine. Hence why sometimes in life you tell white lies. Or dance around it, just don't say "EWWW I don't like it"

So from now on I don't think I'm telling more ppl. Let them make the rude comments after the baby is born. I'll slug them and say it's leftover hormones.

And to the ones who said it was ugly...I remember who you are...so after the baby is born and you say you like it I'm calling you a liar!

WOW I sound hostile today! :o)

I'm really not! I'm in a fantastic mood! I continued to paint more surfaces yesterday. Hubs was in for a surprise when he came home from work

Here are more...

Art Niche (I hate that niche...I don't have any art and it's wasted space...but sure made for fun painting)

My computer Nook in the kitchen

and lastly...Living Room wall not completed b/c I ran out of glaze! (grins)

stay tuned for tomorrow's recipe! I thought I lost it and found it while cleaning! I'm soooo excited to make and eat it again! yummy yummy

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Neely said...

Well you and I have already talked about this but once more...I love the names :)

Andrea said...

For whatever reason, people think just because you're pregnant you want everyone's opinion.. I don't know why people think that. When I tell people that I'm pregnant... I always get the most odd/personal questions... I need to think of a better way to answer them instead of just telling the truth because I am sick of hearing other's opinions!

californiadreamin said...

How rude! People actually tell you they dont' like YOUR name for YOUR baby!? They can shut it!

Aly @ Analyze This said...

Well at least text me the names ... I will need to know... k, thanks! :)

Tales from the Trails said...

Aww, so sorry to hear how rude people can be. Not surprising though, people just don't think anymore.

I agree with you. You and hubby chose the names and they are special to y'all. Forget about those mean people, HA!!

But now I want to know what the names are : )

And I thought I was the only one with a weird art niche in the living room. After 2 years it is still empty. Ours is actually close to the ceiling so it's a pain to grab a long ladder and "play around" on what to do with it.

I'm Just Sayin' - Kerri said...

Well I hope you plan to at least share the names with us! Your bloggers aren't mean!

I think I love that niche best of all. Even with no art there you could put a creamy colored candle or two on the ledge and voila - done. You are having way to much fun painting, poor hubs of yours!

Jenn @ WestSacHoney said...

Aw I want to know the names! People should keep their mean comments to themselves! :) I'm sure they are beautiful names! I love Lil's initials LB that's a good nickname. I'm all about nicknames what I can shorten it to. I always wanted a fun name but Jennifer (just like Laura) I had to be called Jenny ---, Jennifer F., Jenn F.

Kelly Marie said...

Can't wait to hear the names eventually! I hate when people think they have the right to rudely assert their opinion about your name choices! The names will be beautiful because they are your child's and that's all there is to it!

jen said...

I've played this name game many times, as you can tell. And I agree with you. I never reveal my actual favorite until baby is named. And I too have one of the million Lily's running around. Luckily, mine is ten, so she beat the curve just a bit.
But if you'd like to email me the baby names . . . I'd love to hear! ;)

B said...

That makes me so sad when that happens! My husband says that to some of the names I come up with. Ha! :( But we agree on a lot more, so that is okay.

I love your blog and can't wait to read more :)

Caroline said...

I can't believe someone would say that to you. Rude! Can't wait to hear what you're having!!

New Mommy!!! said...

I want to know that the names are!! Can't wait to knw what you're having!!

Paint looks great, stop painting, girl!!!! Don't make me come down there and rip that paint brush out of your hands!! I will fly down there and paint for you, ha!

Niche looks good. You need to put a beautiful B&W picture of your fam there!

Southern Belle Mama said...

Go ahead and slug them now...you can still blame it on the horomones!

We have this lady that works at the deli at Walmart and we've had the same conversation 3 times. Each time she asks what Bug's name is. I tell her Lilly-Belle and she moans, "Oh girl, she's gonna hate you for that when she gets older. She better be a tough one with a name like that." I sigh emphatically and ask for my turkey. I think I'm going to tell her next time that her name is Moonlight Daisy and see what she has to say.

Can you tell me what your names are, pretty please? :)

Annie said...

annoying!! thats one of the reasons I try to keep it on the down low....I hate hearing peoples opinions!! BUT....who cares what they think...its YOUR baby :)

Lori said...

Oh, i want to know your names now! I LOVE baby names! And I can't believe how rude they were to tell you that they didn't like it! Wow.

Katie said...

Now I want to know the names after this post! haha! I promise I won't make a rude comment. =) BUT I can totally relate. One of the reasons we aren't telling anyone our little girl's name is because we don't want anyone to tell us to our face that they hate it, or give us a reason to hate it. (People can be so mean sometimes. I'd NEVER say I didn't like their baby name. It's so special to that person.) Plus, we think it'll be a fun surprise. I can also remember writing lists and lists and lists of baby names (mostly girls lol) from the time I was five until recently. Every few years they'd change. What's funny is that the name we've picked is not on any of them, nor in the top 1000 (according to the social sec site). But it's not a name like Apple or Diva. It's just unique.

JDub said...

Just wanted to come out of lurking and tell you I love your blog! New follower :)

: said...

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LeAnna said...

Agh, people are so annoying sometimes. LOL! That's precisely why I don't tell people our baby names before hand. I usually tell close family, but that's it. Hubby and I can't agree on a name!!!! We're down to two, he loves his and I love mine. Boo.
Love your faux finishes, they look great!

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

i totally get what you're saying. it makes me laugh when people call a name "interesting." that's pretty much what everyone said about the name "sage." i guess interesting is the nice way of saying they don't like it. at least they tried to be nice! : ) i can't wait to hear what your baby's name will be. it will be just perfect because you love it! your computer nook is adorable... i want one!

Semi-Slacker Mom said...

People can be some rude. I've had friends that didn't announce their chosen name until the child was born for just that reason.

My girls have reverse initials too. AE & EA & we call the youngest by her middle name so sometimes we can get away with using some of her sister's monogrammed things!

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