Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Birthin Babies...Hypno Style

Mind over matter...that's what I always tell my kids...

"Mom I think I'm gonna be sick"

"well then quit thinking about it and you won't be"

sometimes this really works...I even do it to myself....(it doesn't work really well when your tired and falling asleep on your feet and you tell yourself you're not)

Enter Hypnobabies

I do natural drug free births w/my babes and with Lily I really wanted to try a different form. I watched videos on these chicks using the hypnobabies method and thought..."HEY I believe in the whole mind over matter thing too...why not for labor?"

I didn't really have the time for the classes...(closest one at the time was like 1 hr away...etc..) so I bought the cd's and course material and thought I would do the home study myself.

Welllllllllllllllllll I did listen to the cd's, but felt totally ridiculous! I did all the cd's but still never mastered the techniques. Probably b/c I wasn't really getting into it. I couldn't really ever find my quiet spot to go to. Some women had the beach (too hot) some ppl had a scene walking with a loved one...etc. But I couldn't ever come up with a specific thing to concentrate on. Basically I never used that method with Lily.

The other day I read an acquaintance's blog and read she used the hypnobabies method and her labor seemed pretty much at ease...another chick in a mommy online group I belong to did the same thing and you wouldn't even know she was in labor.

OK ...so I've got my cd's out and I'm prepared to give it another go and this time really put myself to work and relax and learn!

Lily's labor was unlike the others...granted she was quick and I want (would kill) for that again. But I didn't feel in control! Water broke at 4am...contractions really nothing...every 11 mins....so I got the kids ready for school ...we hung around the house until about 9am...went to see midwife...I was only 1 cm dilated..(figures) and went home to eat breakfast w/hubs. Went back to BC at 11:30..I was only a 3. By 12:30 I was a 4...and next it all happened so quick...I had her by 1:11pm. I was home a little after the kids got home from school.

The problem was...I remember how hard it was from 12:30 to whenever I started pushing. I don't want that again...I want more control...

SO off to dust my tapes out of storage and try this hypnobabies again!!!

Have you experience a Hypnobirth yourself? Or want to watch a video on one...?

Yep I've had babies on the brain! I just like to have all my ducks in a row before the big day!!! I always have the best of intentions and then the day comes and I end up winging things!

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B said...

I envy women like you! Really, I wish I could go the natural route, but it seems SO PAINFUL and i'm such a wuss. :) Tell me all your secrets!

Meant to be a mom said...

Wow, I would probably die if I tried to go without the drugs :). Ok maybe I'm being a little bit sarcastic in there. But seriously, I think that your doing it without meds is amazing and admirable. Good for you. And this hypnobirth sounds crazy but if it works than that is awesome.

Shannon said...

Girl, you are super woman! Can't wait to read how all of this goes...my jaw is still on the ground from the "no drugs" part!

Mrs. B said...

Wow, I can't even imagine not getting any drugs during birth...let alone having a 17 hour labor/delivery and not feeling a single thing!! That's absolutely amazing. I give you SO much credit for having 4 babies with no drugs, and I really hope the hypno-birthing works out for you. :)

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