Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Fur is A Flying

Poor Moses. MoMo has been in desperate need of a trip to the groomer. I hate spending $$$$ on it...I mean heck fire...the dog's haircut is 3 times more than mine most of the time! Not only that...it's time for shots and before we know it the bill is running over $150. He's an inside dog...I guess I wonder why they need so many shots in the first place. I don't inject my kids w/toxins why should I to my dog? Ok...off my grooming rant! :o) In case you were wondering...Moses is named after my hubby's first dorm at A&M Moses Hall! Seems fitting huh?!!!

Moses has a beautiful coat for a Sheltie. Every time we are outside people comment on how beautiful his fur and colors are......

This weekend we decided to bathe and trim him ourselves. UMMMMM BIG MISTAKE.

I think he went into shock and now the fur keeps falling off. Hubs said he's just shedding...but he wasn't shedding before we got the clippers out.

You can't tell from the photos what a bad job (or maybe you can) Poor thing looks like a wounded poodle. We only had human clippers ...haha...so needless to say it doesn't work well on dogs.

The next morning we woke up to fur balls everywhere. I compared them to tumbleweed. Literally every time you walk one blow past you. So the next day I made the kids brush him outside 3 times a day.

Here is the fur-fest in our yard. UMMM I'm hoping when hubs mows it will disappear

Here are some before photos of MoMo

After and the fur flying

I have no idea what to do now...other than pay a groomer to fix the mistake.

Things have been crazy crazy around here w/school starting. I drove all over the place looking for composition notebooks. I'm already stressing about getting 3 kids to 3 different schools and packing lunches. How lame is that of me?

But I am looking forward to routine again! Mini Me is sooooooooo excited and so is oldest son (he's starting HS) but 2nd child...nope...hates school....thinks it's stupid and doesn't want to go. He is starting middle school and is freaked out about changing clothes for gym. I've talked to his friend's moms and know I'm not alone in this...b/c his friends are too! He's gonna have a great year...he just doesn't know it yet!!!

As for Lily....wooooooweeeeeeeeeeee that girl sure gives us a run for our money. We are now in the 'I'm gonna test you and see how long you can take my yelling before you give in' I do great at this. I think mom's were born w/a mute button in our ears when babies whine. Dads? Not so much. Hubs gives in. So Lil is learning who the sucker softy is.

16 week photo coming tomorrow...can you believe we've made it this far? Don't be super excited...the bump doesn't look that much different than last week. I'm pretty excited. I've lost weight....now now before you freak out...(I started out heavy) but I cut out my dear daily Dr Pepper. (I'm miss you and love you) I gave up my daily dose of ice cream or yummy treat every night and I gave up fast food. Ok I didn't totally give up the fast food...but now I'm limiting myself to twice a month Wendy's run for Spicy Chicken Sandwich lettuce only instead of 3 times a week.

Doing all of that for over 2 weeks...I lost 3 lbs. Impressive that giving up your favorite stuff can keep weight off.

Don't worry...Menu Monday is coming back next week....this week is boring...since we're busy organizing the house for school time and getting the kids back on normal night time schedules we are having dull food....ie hot dogs....spaghetti....and soup and sandwiches! My creative foodie side is on vacation for a few more days!

Also party planning...Oldest turns 14 in a few weeks and littlest demon turns 2 in September! Full Steam ahead!

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Aly @ Analyze This said...

WTH did B do to Moses?!?! Good lord! Pay a groomer next time chica!

LeAnna said...

I had a sheltie before I got married, and there is one thing I've learned. Never groom them yourselves unless you're properly trained, lol! We would completely shave her twice a year (in the late spring, and mid summer) and then she'd grow out in time for winter. They have such a dense felt like undercoat that you have to shave them twice a year, or it will grow back too thick each year. She was an outdoor dog, reason why we shaved her. It was so funny, she'd act so embarrassed for the first few days, then get over it once she realized how much cooler she was! :P They are great dogs, though! Ours was named Annabelle, and we had to put her down a few years ago because she had congestive heart failure. Sadness!

Stephanie Hartman said...

Awww poor Moses.. lol. Thats funny.

I bet the hair is going into the neighbors yard to huh? Thats so funny.

New Mommy!!! said...

Ha, ha! I am dyign laughing at this. He is too cute, look at all that hair on him. I woudl lay him on the ground and shake it all around, and probably lay on him like a pillow, it looks so soft!

Poor thing. We just shaved Diez a month ago. I was so sick of all the little hairs all over. The hubs wouldn;t let me shave him before, but when they fly all around, it's so grosse. You have to vacuum every day, ugh!

I'm sure he's okay. It;s summer, he needs to be cool, ha!

School time, so exciting!!
Yes, Nik does kind of the same thing. I have tried to ignore her, but most of the time, I prob give into much. The hubs can;t stand to hear her cry, whine, although sometimes, I just let it go bc I know what she's trying to do, and it's like a game, and I won;t let her win, ha! That's horrible. Most of the time, I try to give her a hug to settle her down, otherwise, I get all crazy!

Genesis said...

animal cruelty...lol. poor moses. he's probably so ashamed. but hey its hair, it all grows back right!

looking forward to the pregg picture!

Sam said...

Oh no! Poor Moses, haha. I love the picture of you holding him down. It's funny in an "aww" sort of way, hehe! My dog is a total spazz, she would sooner die than let us near her to trim her fur, lol!

I was the same way about Jr. High, I vaguely remember not wanting to have to change for gym class either.

Meant to be a mom said...

That after picture of the dog made me laugh :) I'm so sorry for him, poor thing. He lost so much hair!
I would say off to the groomer you go buddy.

How exciting that all the kids are off to school. And wow your 16 weeks. Its passing so fast for me, I can't believe your already so far along. I'm excited to see the ultrasound pics. :)

Heather said...

Oh goodness, I'm sitting dying laughing at all that FUR flying around!!!

Annie said...

You are super mama!!! Good luck getting veryone where they need to go!! Sounds like a logistical nightmare....but I am sure that YOU can pull it off!!

POOR MoMo!!! What a furry mess he turned into :)...haha....it'll grow back!!

Angie S said...

Our dogs have been shedding all freakin' summer. I don't know when it will stop! It isn't quite as bad as your fur issue, but geez...I brush Harley every day and get 4 brushes full of 'cat like' hair.

I wanted to shave our dogs, but I won't now. ha!

Stef said...

Oh my goodness. That is a bunch of hair. Awe, let it fly and people will think it has snowed at your house.
My daughter hates school. And I have met her teacher and this woman is not going to be ANY help. We went in to meet her and I am not kidding she just sat at the desk and looked at us. Didn't welcome us, didn't ask my daughter's name. Nothing. Oh no. We are all going to hate school...sigh.

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