Thursday, August 5, 2010

Pregnancy Dreams...

I had my 1st pregnancy dream w/this baby....I say pregnancy dream, but what I really mean is "BABY DREAM"....

Ok for starters I wish there was a dream person out there to tell me what it means that I only dream in BLACK AND WHITE and it's always DARK. Either it's nighttime or the lights aren't on. Understand in my dream I never say..."hey why is everything void of color and why aren't the lights on?" Oddly I have no trouble seeing in my dreams so I must have super vision. HAHA I also don't remember when I wake up ever seeing ppl's faces. I usually know who they are, but when I wake up I don't remember seeing their faces!

So in the dream we have the new baby home....(keep in mind when you use a midwife/birthing center you are home hours after birth barring no complications....I love this) So we have the baby home and I have it...yes it b/c I have no idea if it was a boy or girl. We have him/her on the bed and it's wearing a gown sack....Not seeing the colors prevents me from knowing what color it is to know boy or girl. I seem to know in the dream what my baby is though. I go to change the diaper and it's full of pee pee and I make a mention to hubs that the diapers look too small and the baby too big...maybe we should get bigger diapers! I remember picking the baby up and smelling her/his neck and hair and thinking how in love I am.

woke up...

So I was this close...was it a boy or girl? ugh!

How do you dream?

Last night I got my Lobster fix...hubs met me at Red Lobster after work today....yummmmmm yummmmmm! We split the Ultimate Feast so Mommy could get the Lobster tail! Lily was a hoot for once and we enjoyed the meal! She kept screaming "Thank You" each time someone walked by!

After dinner hubs came with us to the baby store...Buy Buy just opened and I was itching to go....(the key is ...he actually came) We walk in and I'm in heaven...we got Lily an extra rail for the bed so she won't fall off again! She also got the monkey on the back harness. AND HUBS let me buy the new baby a gift...granted it's a silly price to pay for a chew toy...but I'd been dying for one and now I have it...he kept saying...'that's what you wanted? that? for THAT price? What is it?"

I saw the cutest Cowboy Bedding if the baby is boy...if it's a girl I've got it covered....the baby moves in Lily's room already decorated! Seems too easy!

I had a few questions yesterday from some of you (yes you Aly)....about why I never talk about the older 3 kids...well I do sometimes, but they usually aren't doing much to write about. But give it time...we've got birthdays coming up and big changes w/school starting. Hello...I've got one starting HIGH SCHOOL. There will def be some stories there!

Also I was asked when we find out if we're having a boy or girl...Sept the date.

The cream cheese and Doritos? Well I've been craving cream cheese w/chips and Lily saw me and had to eat some too. Hey..if the girl will get some dairy in her who am I to say no? haha!

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californiadreamin said...

Sofie!! Okay, so I saw that at Babies R Us and I agree, crazy price for a chew toy, but I am in love with giraffe's so I think I will be picking up one as well

Shannon said...

Okay the cream cheese and doritos thing makes sense now...And I'm all about any way to get dairy!

So fun that you found a new baby store, I'd never heard of that one!

A Sophie for the baby, GG didn't have one and is very jealous! :)

Heather said...

I put Sophia on my registry!!!

Sarah @ 365 Glimpses of John Parker said...

We have Sophie and loved her! And I'm a total believer in the animal backpack! We've got one and as soon as walking turns to running, we'll be using it as well! :)

Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

okay someone else told me about the sophie the giraffe thing and how great it is! and just wait till I show Ben that monkey hahaha!

Lauren said...

Oh my gosh, I can't believe he is in high school...and the one I had is in middle school...yikes!! I'm getting old...haha! I can't wait for you to find out what this one is.

Mrs. Love Bug ♥ said...

lol! Oh pregnancy dreams! In all my dreams fishy was a girl. At one point I felt so guilty I started dreaming she was a boy but it just didn't feel right. Those dreams always felt "off"

I have a sophie too. I can't wait to use it and see if they hype is worth it.

Tatiana said...

That's too funny that you dream in black and white. Before we found out that our baby is a girl, I used to dream that it was a boy all the time (even though I always new she was a girl)!
That giraffe is so cute! I haven't seen them around though...

Southern Belle Mama said...

I remember having the wildest dreams when I was pregnant; I mean CRAZY dreams. Too bad you couldn't "see" if it was a boy or girl. If you figure it out in another dream be sure to share. :)

Glad you got your Red Lobster fix!

style'n said...

Hi. new to your blog. It's super cute. And that sofie the giraffe is amazing!

New Mommy!!! said...

I wanted to get Nik a Sofie the giraffe, but yeah, $20 was a lot for a chew toy, I def wouldn't have been able to tell the hubs that one, ha! But, I saw it was one of the top toys for either 2009or 2010 a while back. And, Nik was kind of past the really bad teething stage by that time.

I could only find it on line, and it did come into a store nears us several months later. I showed it to Nik and she was kind of unimpressed by that time, But, I bet she would've loved it while she was teething. If not, I wanted one for myself, ha!

New Mommy!!! said...

I googled black and white dreams for you. I love dream info. I totally take stock in Freud's beliefs about the dream world/state. I have some info on your balck and white dreams:

Color vs. Black and White Dreams
Some people feel that as a dream manifests into third dimension it moves from black and white to color definition. Other believe that black and white dreams are dreamtime but dreams in color are parallel experiences.

I like this theory best for your experience:"Further, dreams in black and white indicate an event in the far future, then same scene later manifesting as a dream in color meaning it is getting closer to physical reality." I also think the recall factor is prob an indicator for your experience (and others) too.

BLACK & WHITE (patterns) - may represent the forces of unification, an integration of conscious (white) and unconscious (black) from which a greater self emerges; a unity of opposites; an internal change.

Most people do dream in color, but some may not notice or remember colors in their dreams. Because color is such a natural part of our visual experience, we sometimes overlook it in our dreams. Another reason is poor memory recall and how our dreams fade so quickly from our minds that we may only be able to recall the dream in shades of gray. I don't think this is true for you, so just ignore this:"Dreams that are in black and white are an indication of a depressed or saddened mood."

Do We Dream In Color?

Research shows that the majority of our dreams are in color. In the sleep lab, Robert Van de Castle, Ph.D. reports that when awoken from the REM state, distinct color was reported in 70% of the cases and vague color in another 13% [1]. The reason most people perceive dreams as colorless appears to be a matter of recall. Spontaneous non-laboratory dream reports (normal daily dream recall) indicate that only about 25% (Van De Castle) to 29% (Hall) of dreamers recall color (partial or full color). Color recall may have to do with the nature of our consciousness in dreams, as observed by the vivid colors usually associated with Lucid dreams [2]. Another important aspect of color recall may be the emotional intensity of the dream or the colored imagery. People have a tendency to recall the most emotionally impacting or stimulating parts of a dream, and not so much the rest. Perhaps there is emotional significance to the specific dream colors we recall. This may explain why our brain assigns certain color to dream objects particularly when the color can be optional, for example dreaming of a red car versus a blue car.

Info found here:

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