Thursday, August 19, 2010


Only a few know of my obsession w/huge clocks. Or my hunt for them that is.

Years ago I was reading an article in (I think) BHG and the story was on a designer. She was showing off her home and all the cool finds she has found over the years. I am sooo envious of ppl like her who get the inside scoop on cool stuff either being torn down or thrown away. Her house was full of really neat stuff that I would kill to score. One of the things that caught my eye was this massive clock she had in her entry. Some old building was being torn down and she wanted the clock on the outside of the building. I think they told her if she could have it moved it was hers...and she did just that. It was moved to her entry and whenever friends would come over they would shout "WHAT TIME IS IT?"

There started my love and collection of clocks. To this day I have been in search of said clock or one similar. If it's odd...I love it...if it's big I love it...I think we have 20 clocks in our house. I can't get enough of them.

A few days ago I was at Target and spotted a wall clock decal. I did a double take and've got to have that. At a price of $25 bucks..I'm going for it.
Hubs being the anal man he is... I thought would freak at what I was doing...but he said "just make it straight"

I have never done decals on walls and was scared poopless at getting the bubbles out.

I had every tape measure and leveler and pencil known to man to make this thing straight. It had a lot of little pieces and over all I think I rocked it.

I put the clock on the landing on our that coming up or down you'll see it! I am in total love.

While it's not the 'WHAT TIME IS IT CLOCK" ...I'm still in search!

If any of you find an old building being torn down call me! haha

Speaking of decals...I found this lady selling chalkboard decals. She was all out, but I have to have it. It was really adorable. It was a scroll design and for only $10. Her booth was in one of those stores that ppl rent spaces and set up their stuff. If she had cards I'd take one and beg her for more! What an adorable concept!

Now off to the ortho...oldest child is getting his top braces today. He mentioned how I blogged about the dog the other day and the girls, but never my I told him he would be honored with his own story coming up! (besides what does he do all day, but sit around playing video games and tormenting his sibs?) haha

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Andrea said...

Your clock looks great girl! I have been thinking about putting one on my wall but I am afraid it would be crooked! Good luck at the ortho! Have a great day! ~Andrea @ Life in Dawleywood

B said...

I love the clock :) I like big clocks, too. They're so fun!

Shannon said...

You and my mom would get along just great! She has a clock obsession as well and while she likes just about anything that ticks, gigantic clocks are her fav! Hope all was well at the ortho!

Genesis said...

great job on making it straight. it looks fabulous too. looks like hubbs is letting go of some stuff...first he lets you paint, now decals on the wall...girl youd better think of more stuff before the wind changes direction in your house ;)

Aly @ Analyze This said...

It looks really good! Love decals - if you get tired of it, you can always remove it! :)

I want an 'all boys' week of blogging from you! A day in the life of my boys .... that would put me to sleep .... I mean, entertain me! LOL

Sam said...

Ahh! LOVE the decal! Now is it an actual working clock? That's soo cool

Southern Belle Mama said...

Oh I really like that wall clock! Very pretty!

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