Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Happy Fall Y'all....and Hey I'm 22 Weeks!

Happy Fall Y'all! (grins) Fall Autumn ...whatever you prefer to call it is my favorite season! Hubs knows this and just gives in! Yes, I already started decorating for Fall. The inside of the house is underway w/spiders and cats and pumpkins. I am heading to Market Street today for my white pumpkin to stencil our initial on! I then buy orange ones and stencil (w/help from my cricut) other cool shapes! Yes I'm excited! I also saw a tutorial for those tp pumpkins....(thanks Natalie over at The Busy Budgeting Mama)

I started decorating outside and was putting together our little pumpkin boy. He actually stands inside the front door greeting guests, but I wanted to see if Lily remembered him from last year. (yeah right) At first she wouldn't go near him....

Then they were buds!

Check what I did over the shower in the guest bathroom. This is the only bathroom downstairs and is used often by the kids....haha. Mini Me won't use it right now....she doesn't like Pirate Peg watching her!

Yesterday LilyPie was in the yard making funny sounds when she heard airmains (airplanes) going by..I snapped a few shots of her face...she cracks me up!

She then proceeded to suffocate her babies in the grass....I think she thought they were sniffing it...but ..

Now I'm on the hunt to find costumes for Mini Me and Little Demon.......hmmmmmmmm

Hey on another note....I'm 22 weeks today....have my midwife appt tomorrow and the weight gain is finally upon us....
I've gained a whopping 17lbs....shesh! I blame it on .....well food!

I feel little boy just a moving and a shaking. Hubs has felt him too....The kids are still giggling and can't sit still long enough to wait for a kick here or there!

My back aches are setting know were you can feel your lower sacrum starting to slip when you've sat in the wrong position too long? Ugh...I don't remember it starting this early w/the others....

I've got that acid reflux issue too...where it feels like you want to brush your tongue a million times a day b/c that sweet blech taste is sitting on the back of your tongue ruining all meals!

No swelling as of yet...I'm hoping it will stay away since it usually happens after 30 weeks and this time I'm heading into fall/winter during those weeks!

Another freaky ring finger on my left hand is breaking my wedding band has never ever given me issues and it's white gold so not sure...I switched to a small james avery silver band....same looks like a ring has been burned on my finger and feels like it needless to say I'm ringless! sniff sniff! I guess my hormones are acting screwy!

Other than that...doing terrific! I'm still coming up with ideas for decorating! I did score on the bedding.....thanks to Facebook and asking if anyone knew were to find cowprint material...a friend said she had some Western Themed bedding she'd sell to was away in storage ....a blanket....crib skirt....bumpers....crib sheet and 2 valances! She sent a picture and I nearly died! All that for $100! I was floored and thrilled and soooo excited! She's mailing it to me this week...I'll have the room ready in no time...(stay tuned for photos)

As soon as I get the bedding in I'll be able to recover the lampshade (right now it's pink and white gingham) same w/the glider cushions!

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lily's Stubborn Side and Her Party.....

If most of you were following the blog you knew that I ordered this August 18th
for her 2nd birthday (ok again...My MIL paid for it...I ordered it)
The party was going to be an Assorted Cupcake theme using those colors from her outfit for the party. And if you were following you knew how late the outfit was and the constant emails to the lady asking what was up. She ended up getting it to me on Friday ....

Day of party...Saturday....GUESS WHO REFUSED TO WEAR THE SKIRT? Yep that would be my daughter. After all that...she wouldn't go near it. She ended up wearing a dress from last year w/a cupcake on it. Lovely!!!! haha...serves me right!

Sunday was her actual birthday and she let me put a pink tutu on her...GO FIGURE.

the BAD NEWS...the lady put 3 candles instead of 2 on the cupcake on the shirt ....THE GOOD NEWS. Now she will have the outfit for next year for her 3rd birthday HAHA

Here are some pics of the party....

the food....

Opening gifts

attitude while opening gifts

screaming cheese while eating pizza

friends at party

playing with new Market Shop
Basically kept things simple...Tissues balls hanging everywhere matching the colors (10 total) sign I made w/the cricut (love mine)

...Birthday banner I won from a giveaway from Shannon at Webbisodes

Party Favors

I made 3 different kinds of cupcakes.....cupcake marshmallows on a lemonade....and PIZZAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

Basically great day w/friends and family!!! I still can't believe my baby has turned 2! Thanks for all the well wishes for her Big Day!!

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Sunday, September 26, 2010


Happy Birthday Lillian Brenna! 2 years ago today you entered our lives (w/much pain haha) at 1:11pm weighing 8lbs 11oz and 21" long.
Today you weigh a whopping 28lbs and are 35" tall! We've watched you grow from this precious little baby into this crazy wild spunky toddler! Love you baby girl!!!

(1 week old)

(1 years old)

(2 years old)
(no...for the record this isn't her outfit that I ordered...more on that later)
Be Continued.....

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Friday, September 24, 2010

Laughed So Hard I Cried.....(and party favor how to's)

Why is it a story is only funny when it happened? Or to you? and no one laughs along? well anyways

Yesterday child #2 came home from Middle School....and the usual convo happened..

How was school?
Anything interesting?
Any homework?
Of course...

so he gets his homework out and sits at table.....

Then he says...

"Hey mom, thanks for the lunch"

Now I thought this odd since I pack a lunch everyday.

again he says..

"Thanks I really liked it..."

(hmmmm scratches head...)

Me "Ok what did you like about it?"
#2 "I liked how it was different the cheese square"
me "Ok I didn't put a cheese square in it"
#2 "yes you did and the 2 juice boxes"
me " I packed a water was the same lunch everyday...I packed cheetos...water...turkey sandwich...cookies..etc. etc..etc.."

#2 "no you packed peanut butter and jelly on WHITE BREAD...2 juice boxes...doritos....cheese square and a dessert"

Ok at this point I am dying laughing.....I can't even breathe...b/c obviously he didn't eat the lunch I packed.

Lily is scared by my laughing/crying and pulling at my skirt to be held...jake is staring at me like I'm nuts and Mini Me runs in to see if I'm ok

#2 then tells me it was in a brown sack like always....then he has a shocked look on his face. He tells me he put his lunch down and went to the bathroom and came back and there was his lunch so he ate it.

HAHA....poor sap that got his lunch...he got turkey on wheat and a water bottle juice! haha

I then had to remind him he is in Middle School and he was lucky he found a lunch when he came back (lessons learned from when oldest did this in middle are mean)

I got a terrific laugh yesterday...I think poor baby Reid thought I was crazy at that moment! Laughter is good for the baby bump!

Now on to Miss Lily's 2nd birthday! Nope still no outfit. Contacted her yesterday and she said it would be here on Friday...then 20 mins later contacts me back to say she hasn't shipped it and she was overnighting it for delivery for today!
I got the tracking number and according to that it says it's in transit to the house! Soooooo fingers crossed ladies and woohoo FINALLY!

On to the party favors....

the kids came home from school and thought they were real and wanted to eat them! haha! Good April Fool's gag too! Must keep that in mind!

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

She Came Bearing Gifts....

In Laws come over every Wednesday...Last night made the easiest Chicken n Dumplins ever! (Sandra Lee)
Did I also mention inexpensive to make? Walmart had their Rotisserie chicken on sale for $3.98 I bought tons extra and shredded and froze the meat for later meals! Thanks Wallyworld!

I add frozen peas to it....I'm craving them something fierce lately! I also skip the Thyme...smell bothers me right now!
I also triple the batch ..we like lots of dumplings (besides I'm feeding 6)

Yesterday I went to visit my friend who had her baby boy back in August...I brought some Sour Cream Coffee Cake muffins...(eating one as I type w/my coffee) Baby Miles was sooo super precious ...made me get all excited thinking that in a few short months I'll be holding little Reid!

Back to the MIL came bearin gifts! WOOHOO ...not for me, but for baby Reid...

I found this on the counter while I was busy getting dishes ready...

and inside....
Cowboy Bootie Socks (just like she got Lily but Lily's had ballet shoes on the booties)

A precious blue outfit w/matching blanket and hat (so soft it feels like silk)

and another one piece footie outfit with cars on it!

I'm in ♥.....

As for today! I finished making Lily's birthday sign...I'll finish w/the tissue balls and start baking tomorrow! I finished her party them tomorrow!

Yes I'm still stressing about the outfit. The mail comes about 11am here so of course I'm going to be staring out the window waiting for his truck. I've got my letter all ready to send to her asking when she mailed it (granted I have 3 times now)'s almost Saturday! I feel silly that I based the whole theme and colors off of an outfit I don't have! Fingers crossed ladies!

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Birthday Invitation....Lillian's 2nd Birthday!!!

Hey guess what? I'm 21 weeks today! Grow baby Reid grow!
My 22 week check up is next week....we finally get to start measuring...oooh ahhhh haha! Just another stage that you're getting closer! girl turns 2 this Sunday! I can't believe how much time has flown by! 2....she's going to be 2! wowowowow! Here is a picture from her last birthday when my baby was 1! Sniff Sniff (we did the pink ducky theme)
So we are keeping it simple and small again and just invited a few of her neighborhood playmate friends! We thought a different kind of invitation was in the works for her
"CUPCAKE" theme party!

I'm basing the colors of the party on the outfit we ordered off of Etsy. Ok my MIL the great momma that she is paid for it. We ordered it back in August. August 18th to be exact. Guess what? I've yet to receive it and I'm freaking out. Her feedback looked terrific...said out of 400+ she was 99%. I guess I should have looked at why it wasn't 100. I contacted her on Sept 9th asking how the order was coming. She didn't get back to me until the 14th and said it was shipping that week. Well today is the 22nd and still nothing. I contacted her on Monday and said I was getting a little worried since her party is on Saturday and I really wanted to do pictures before. She got back to me later that night and said not to worry (again). Well I'm a bit miffed. I mean I ordered it back in Aug hoping it would be here way before now. UGH! So here is what the outfit is supposed to be. Surely it doesn't take that long...for pete's sake it could possibly only take a few hours???
Please arrive soon!!!
CAN YOU SAY PRETTY TICKED? (don't deal with her... I realized now I'm not alone w/the forever to send the order out issue) I hate to say bad things about Etsy b/c I adore the idea of other Mom's sewing one of a kind creations...I've never ever had issues before now.

soooo here are the invites I based the outfit off of....

I took a white box and filled it with tissue and different 'cupcakes' with the information on them. Sort of like an assortment of goodies, but yet info of the party! They were fun, quick, and easy to create and loved seeing the friend's faces at getting a hand delivered box of 'faux' goodies!

I've been busy making decorations .....I'm also baking about 3 different kinds of cupcakes to eat. I figure I'll freeze the rest for 'special after school snacks' for the big kids. Goodness knows we can't eat 72 cupcakes this weekend! :o) Stay tuned for more.....

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