Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Birthday Invitation....Lillian's 2nd Birthday!!!

Hey guess what? I'm 21 weeks today! Grow baby Reid grow!
My 22 week check up is next week....we finally get to start measuring...oooh ahhhh haha! Just another stage that you're getting closer! girl turns 2 this Sunday! I can't believe how much time has flown by! 2....she's going to be 2! wowowowow! Here is a picture from her last birthday when my baby was 1! Sniff Sniff (we did the pink ducky theme)
So we are keeping it simple and small again and just invited a few of her neighborhood playmate friends! We thought a different kind of invitation was in the works for her
"CUPCAKE" theme party!

I'm basing the colors of the party on the outfit we ordered off of Etsy. Ok my MIL the great momma that she is paid for it. We ordered it back in August. August 18th to be exact. Guess what? I've yet to receive it and I'm freaking out. Her feedback looked terrific...said out of 400+ she was 99%. I guess I should have looked at why it wasn't 100. I contacted her on Sept 9th asking how the order was coming. She didn't get back to me until the 14th and said it was shipping that week. Well today is the 22nd and still nothing. I contacted her on Monday and said I was getting a little worried since her party is on Saturday and I really wanted to do pictures before. She got back to me later that night and said not to worry (again). Well I'm a bit miffed. I mean I ordered it back in Aug hoping it would be here way before now. UGH! So here is what the outfit is supposed to be. Surely it doesn't take that long...for pete's sake it could possibly only take a few hours???
Please arrive soon!!!
CAN YOU SAY PRETTY TICKED? (don't deal with her... I realized now I'm not alone w/the forever to send the order out issue) I hate to say bad things about Etsy b/c I adore the idea of other Mom's sewing one of a kind creations...I've never ever had issues before now.

soooo here are the invites I based the outfit off of....

I took a white box and filled it with tissue and different 'cupcakes' with the information on them. Sort of like an assortment of goodies, but yet info of the party! They were fun, quick, and easy to create and loved seeing the friend's faces at getting a hand delivered box of 'faux' goodies!

I've been busy making decorations .....I'm also baking about 3 different kinds of cupcakes to eat. I figure I'll freeze the rest for 'special after school snacks' for the big kids. Goodness knows we can't eat 72 cupcakes this weekend! :o) Stay tuned for more.....

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Annie said...

How frustrating that you havent gotten the outfit yet!! I must admit that it is cute outfit....but does you no good if you dont get it on time :(

The invites are adorable though!!

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!!

New Mommy!!! said...

Eeeeeeek!! Can't wait to see little Lils int hat outfit. I'm sure that it will arrive today or tomorrow, at least by Friday. Contact her today again just to be sure. She could at least air mail it today, express mail whatever to insure you have it. I LOVE IT!! I LOVE the cupcake theme and the Personalized Boxes/Invitations. Too Cute!! So sweet! I'm sure they LOVED receiving them. I would so drop them on the doorstep, then go hide in teh Bushes, Ha! Just to see their face/surprise!

You've been busy, but all looks great, and sure everythign will be fab! Can't wait for picks! I Loved 1st year Bday!

I almost bought an outfit on Etsy for Nik's 1st Birthday that was similiar, I LOVE it! Love Etsy too. I ordered Nik a couple outfits for a photo shoot that was on a Sat Morning, and one didn;t arrive till Friday afternoon, phew! But they were from a vendor, not Etsy. Talk about cutting it close though, Ha! I feel ya. Don;t worry it will all work out, but conatct her today, and tell her you blogged it, and to get her *utt moving on it, and give it to you for free!

BTW way, who is MIL??

Kristen said...

Boo to not getting your outfit yet :( I worked with one vendor on Etsy that was like is a bummer and totally frustrating!

Cute invites and theme! Can't wait to see pics!

Drew's Mom said...

I love the invitations. How creative =)
Sorry to hear about the outfit. It really is adorable... sure hope it gets there in time!

Sam said...

Hmm.. that's weird, I haven't received my invite yet... hehe, I kid. I know you can't hand deliver something to New England... hehee jk jk. The invites ae SO cute though, and very creative!

grr, how frustrating about the outfit, especially considering you ordered it so far in advance! I hope it arrives on time. She better watch out or her feedback is going to keep dropping!

melifaif said...

Okay, Missy. Let's breathe. And believe. I ordered from Buggy Boo too. Ha! For my little ones b-day...and THE SAME thing happened to me. Except, you know what? I was freaking too. But, she kept her promise and it arrived on time. With like one day to spare. And the tutu and headband were super duper cute! And well made. For the price - great deal. I don't know why she waits us momma's CRA-ZAY! I love it...I know everything will be perfect. She is such a cutie...

L said...

That's annoying!! I'd be pissed too!!!!! I'd have her refund your money for your troubles! It's an appliqued shirt for pete's sake.

Can't wait to see pictures. We'll both be partying this weekend. :) Happy birthday lily!

ModernMom said...

The invites are precious and I can see why you need that outfit to arrive! Adorable:) I will keep my fingers crossed for you!

Jumping Jack said...

I love the invites!!

I ordered an outfit for Jack's first birthday at least 6 weeks in advance, and it never arrived. I hope you don't have the same luck!!

Being a mom and Etsy seller myself, I cannot imagine not sending a buyer an item, especially something as special as a birthday outfit. It kills me that I cannot ship orders the next day!

New Mommy!!! said...

Nik usually NEVER lets me put things on her head. She usually rips them off. If she does, she'll wear it for a sec, make a wierd face, then rip it off. I LOVE hats. I buy her these beautiful hats, and she refuses to wear them. I wish she would wear big headbands with flowers/bows, but she refuses. I see all these other babes with these adorable bows/headbands/hats, and when Nik is older, I will just explain to her that it's her own fault, bc she refused to wear them, ha! It's not for lack of my trying, ha ha! I only recently got her to wear the bows on the side of her head, but she takes them out after awhile, so I have to keep putting them back in, over and over.

It's a nightmare for me bc I LOVE bows and hats. That is the whole reason I wanted a girl, ha, was to dress her up, but she does nto like to be fussed with at ALL!

Lils doesn't need bows/hats. She's beautiful w/out them. Nik looks like a boy w/out one. So, I cringe taking photos without one, though I do have lots w/out.

Shannon said...

Um, I didn't get my invite! Teehehe, just teasing, but they are precious! You really outdid yourself, friend! I love that picture of Lilly! Fingers crossed that that adorable outfit makes it!

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