Monday, September 20, 2010

Do You Smell Something Burning?

Do you remember the blog where I posted a Coconut Scone recipe? If not here....Recipe

Anyways...that day I got all my ingredients to start and realized I forgot the coconut extract. Odd since I have every other extract flavor out there....txt all my I ran off to the store and of course all flavors are there EXCEPT COCONUT. The shelf was empty! I went to a few more stores NOTHING. Ugh so no scones.

Finally find the extract and yesterday got'a making them.

Preheated the oven to 400' and started making the dough...oven beeped it was ready and in the scones went for 15mins.

I start to smell a burning smell...looked at the timer and notice only 1 min surely it can't be that....I open the door to the oven and heck fire the parchment paper was scorched and so were my scones...HOW COULD THIS BE....IT'S 400 AT 15MINS. I look at the temp gauge in the oven and it's reading past 600'...HOLY COW..

Scone bottoms were burned...the inside was delicious! Looks can be deceiving!

How did this happen you ask?

Well you see I like to put foil in the bottom of the oven to prevent drips and keep my oven ..well as clean as you can when you cook 24/7. I started to have some drips and messes on the foil so I changed it out. ONLY I FORGOT TO PUT THE FOIL IN ON THE BOTTOM RACK AND INSTEAD PUT IT ON THE BOTTOM OF THE OVEN.

Problem you ask? well it is when you have a GAS oven. Basically I covered the vent holes at the bottom and the thing couldn't maintain temp b/c MY FOIL WAS BLOCKING IT. I freaked out b/c I could have burned the house down (ok that not drastic, but still)
(leftover foil that is stuck and now needs a cleanin)

(looks good and the inside is)


(burned my pans too)

I'm sooo upset that I did something so stupid! Don't make this mistake ladies!

Here is my 20 week photo from last week...I got so caught up in BABY BOY stuff that I forgot!
I'm still searching for the perfect baby bedding.....I want bits and pieces from different collections. I found a shop that will recover my pink and white gingham cushions on my glider for a decent fee. If only I took home ec in school and not child development I'd be sewing all the bedding and covers! I've got a ton of ideas for decorations in the room! I'll post those later.

Stay tuned for Lily's birthday invitations. Her 2nd birthday is this weekend...WOW TIME FLIES. Invited a few little friends to have a CUPCAKE PARTY!
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Neely said...

Ive done a very similar oven thing so I feel your pain. And seriously how cute is your baby bump!?!?

Aly @ Analyze This said...

I still haven't received my invite in the mail for Lil's party!!!

Cute bump!!! Love it!

Sam said...

Yikes!! Hey, bright side -- I'll eat those scones. I looove the burnt taste haha.

B said...

We baked three different cakes on Friday for a party and EVERY SINGLE ONE we left in there for longer on accident. Oopsy! It happens to the best of us, right? :) I love most things with a burnt taste, so it doesn't really bother me.

And your bump is the cutest! halfway there YAY!

Mrs. Love Bug ♥ said...

lol.I burn everything!

PS- lookin good momma!

Shannon said...

Don't you hate it when you have your heart set on something and then it doesn't work out?! I have burnt more things than I can count unfortunately! Brownies and I definitely don't get along! Adorable baby boy bump! Can't wait to see Lil's invites!

Annie said...

Looks like MY baking!! Oops!!...It happens to the best of us.

Your bump is perfect!! Cant believe that you are 20 weeks already!!

Stef said...

I hate when you have the perfect recipe and then something stupid happens...ruined. But you save it! Good job! Love the tummy!

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