Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hey Good Looking....Whatcha Got Cooking.....

Had Midwife appt today! All was well! Baby sounded great and ...well ...since there really isn't much to the appt...nothing new to report! Weight gain total 10lbs! I snuck a peek in my chart and funny enough I weigh the exact same thing at 18 weeks as I did with Lily!

Last night's meal was a total disaster!
This whole week I'm using my Gooseberry Patch cookbook. I only have 2 so far, but I'd kill for more of their books! I thought I'd shoot for the Salisbury Steak and fried cauliflower. The cauliflower wasn't the fact they were soooo darn tasty I couldn't stop eating them....and we dipped them in ranch! I wish I had more for today!!! The salisbury steak didn't form into patties and when I went to flip them they fell apart. (That's what I get for not correctly doubling a recipe and using too small of a pan) So needless to say we had Goulash! It tasted pretty good and the kids went in for 2nd's (even Mini Me)!

Tonight on the menu (I've made it before and know it will turn out perfectly)is one of their recipes for French Dip w/au jus. There really isn't much to it and it sits in the slow cooker for 10 hrs. How easy is that?

Dessert is also cooked in a crock pot!
Fudgy Pudding Cake.
I know it sounds weird to bake a cake in a crock pot, but until you try it you'll never know. I've made this once before and it is OUT OF THIS WORLD. Tastes sort of like a molten chocolate cake!

Add just 7 quick ingredients for 4 hrs and Boom my whole day of cooking was made easy!!!

(sorry for the poor quality...I was lazy)

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Genesis said...

fried cauliflower? really? very interesting.

and the crock pot is truly a life saver. i usually only turn mine on during winter.

oh and because youre awesome i gave you an award on le blog.

LeAnna said...

I'm intrigued about the cauliflower! We made a baked/swiss cheese cauliflower dish that is really good, but I've never had it fried.
LOVE crockpot cake, it is soooooo good!

Annie said...

yay for a healthy baby!! i cant believe that you are at 18 weeks already....time is flying (well, for me anyway :))

love crock pot recipies...cant wait for fall to make more!!

Kristin said...

Already 18 week? WOW!!

Shannon said...

Finally I read this BEFORE I went grocery shopping! Pudding cake...yum!

18 weeks yay!

Southern Belle Mama said...

Glad to hear Angel Baby is doing well!! I'm sure he/she enjoyed that dessert last night!

Stacie said...

My sister in law made a similar crock pot cake a while ago and it was delicious, I hope yours was too! Also hope you're feeling great, I was so happy to see the baby's doing well!

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

so glad to hear that your babe and you are doing well!!! i want to try the crockpot for dessert... you've inspired me too! plus, it's my favorite way to cook dinner; it's bound to be my favorite way to cook dessert! : ) can't wait to hear what your little bean is!!!

Mandy said...

Congratulations on your pregnancy! That is so wonderful! I am a few weeks behind you at 13 weeks with my first baby.

I am a new follower!

-Mandy @ She Breathes Deeply

Mama Fee said...

Hi! I have been following your blog for sometime now and instead of being a creepy stalker, I thought I would say hello and share my blog with you! I am currently 4 days overdue with my first baby girl and I am looking to connect with some mama’s! I added your button, add mine (if you want. :))
I look forward to reading more on your lovely blog!

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