Tuesday, September 7, 2010

We've Got a Puker!

AWWWW My middle child. Oops I guess he's not my middle child anymore since the birth of Lillian almost 2 yrs ago..haha..I still call him my middle child!

Ok so #2 child...probably since the time he was 3 yrs old he started puking. Every night before bed he would puke. Then he moved from not only bedtime, but when we were out at restaurants. I called it a nervous stomach. I think it started when we moved him from his favorite bed (his crib)to a big boy bed...that's when the nighttime puking started. He no longer wanted to sleep alone. He would sleep in the hallway or I'd find him on my bedroom floor. This went on for a few years when I finally begged his older brother to share a room w/#2 for a few years...then it finally stopped!

When we went out to eat..(not sure why b/c eating out is fun)...I guess he got nervous. He probably puked outside in at every restaurant in our old town. Don't get me started about the carpet in the old house. He would stand at the top of the landing and vomit....not pretty. I should have purchased a steam cleaner instead of renting one from the store. I spent tons there!

I used to get so frustrated with this...I mean really? Especially when he started getting a lot older and could explain his feelings...His response was pretty much the same..... "I don't know why I do it!"

Thankfully nights...days went by and it went away...except when in a stressful situation ...BOOM...HURL HURL HURL.

A few years ago we a tornado blow through town...I don't think we thought it would make it near us so we all went to dinner. My parents were in town and all went in one car. We're sitting in the restaurant and the emergency sirens went off outside. (if you live in hurricane/tornado towns you know these siren sounds) We looked at the bar tv screens and noticed it was heading towards us. I thought it best to stay put...hubs wanted to make it home.....so off we go. Only to find ourselves in the middle of the worst hailstorm ever...I swear that the tornado was right on us. The hail was huge and nailing the windows on all sides of the car. Hubs and I did a great job not panicking. He was trying to find an overpass to pull under that wasn't full and so we told the kids all was ok but to put their heads in their laps. (I was freaking out inside thinking the hail would smash the windows and cut us all) Well my dear dear mother...well she's a vocal chick. She doesn't hide emotions when she should...SHE STARTS FREAKING OUT AND LETTING THE WHOLE CAR KNOW. You know the kind...'OMG I think we should pull over...OMG I think the windows might break. OMG OMG OMG."

I'm looking at her to quit and hush...she's freaking the kids out. All of the sudden...HURL HURL HURL! Yep #2 is puking all over himself. And he's not stopping...it goes on and on. Of course I'm ticked off and she's now in charge of cleaning him up b/c she started it.

Fast forward said child is 11 (12 in nov) and Middle School has just started. We've had a few 'I think I can't go ...I might puke days' ummm I don't think so! He has been a nervous wreck all summer thinking about 6th grade. I tried my best to play it up...how much fun it is...how exciting the classes will be....how fun lockers are...and he gets to pick a fun class to take etc. It works sometimes! Each day gets a little better than before.

This morning everything is great.....we are just about to walk about the door for school when HURL HURL HURL. No idea. He was talking about his homework and it hit. I can't help but laugh...so hopefully it will make him laugh too! I MEAN COME ON MAN!!!!!!!!!!!! He said "wow that came out of no where...." that's my boy!

I tell hubs....what is the child gonna do on his wedding day? Puke on his bride's dress? How do you explain a weak stomach to the guests? haha! Gosh I love him!!!

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Aly @ Analyze This said...

Aww!! Poor J! :( I'm sure you've already done this, but have you taken him to the doctor too see if in fact it IS nerves? Maybe they can do something...

Now, my old dog use to get sick when we took her in the car ... all the friggin' time. We were suggested to try ginger snap cookies. It calms the stomach/nerves/anxiety...and it worked! Heck, I even eat them when I fly and it works! Maybe he should incorporate ginger snaps into his morning routine!?!

New Mommy!!! said...

I agree. I'm sure you have already done this, but maybe a Doc woudl have some advise, or a specialist.

I don't know what or if my mom did anything specifically, but my older brother, who was the middle child, used to throw-up every night/during the night too. I think it was just at night/during the night, I would have to check with my mom.

I don't know whether it was a weak stomach, nerves, or maybe an allergy to some kind of food/drink that we didn't know about. But he did later develop allergies/hayfever so maybe that had something to do with it. He literally slept with a bowl by his bed every night. His room always had a yucky smell. Don't know if that could be the issue, but you would know better. I think it was during junior high that this happened. But I will check with my mom for the exact times.

Good luck, poor J!

jen said...

Now that's a possible deal-breaker. You may want to avoid telling his fiance these stories.
Just sayin'.

Shannon said...

Oh my! You must never have a boring moment in your house! I can't imagine. Funny anecdote about the wedding day...Lord forbid, right?!

Tiffany said...

You are cracking me up! Hopefully the puking will eventually stop. :) Bless his heart!

Mandy said...

Aw poor lil' guy! My little brother was a puker, too! I think he finally grew out of it.

So excited about the newest addition to your sweet family!

Together We Save said...

Oh I feel bad for him!! It has tobe just awful.... but I agree with the others, try a doctor.

Stef said...

Oh, the poor guy. Funny as all get out...but that just has to be annoying. And someone should have slapped your mother....wait, no I didn't just say that.
Good luck to your child #2. Jr High makes me want to hurl....

Annie said...

Oh no...thats terrible!! Poor kid...and poor mama...I dont realy enjoy dealing with puke much. I guess its easier when its your own kid..but still!!

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