Monday, October 18, 2010

Early Anniversary Date....

Love my In Laws....

Hubs and my anniversary is coming up next month...November 4th! I wanted to get away for the weekend...but hubs said Lily isn't ready. UMMMMMM HELLO I AM! Granted I'm still nursing her...she only gets it at nap and bedtime....I know she could miss it and not even bat an eyelash! But nope. I think it was more he wasn't ready to leave her!!!

Every weekend from now until after the new year was booked w/the this weekend was the only weekend to have some hubby wife alone time. (ok day alone time)

My In Laws were in charge, and hubs and I bolted out the house at 10am...and didn't return until 7pm. I would have slipped in a movie, but....

If I told you how we spent our day you would think that was more a family type stuff...but keep in mind we didn't have any kids with us and could take our sweet time doing what we wanted, when we wanted, and for how long we wanted! We even had 2 meals together...and sat there for as long as we wanted! Ohhhh the little things you take for granted w/little ones!

Started off by heading to Mckinney for Trade Days. We hadn't been since I was pregnant w/Lily and had been dying to go back. Well it was a total bust and were glad we didn't have the was pretty lame this time. crowded! Hubs was missing Lily and had to buy her some toys. (a little mermaid for her bath time...she's really into mermaids right now)

We left and headed to do a little 2nd hand shopping! I didn't score any stuff for me and neither did hubs, but we found a ton of American Eagle and Gap stuff for the boys and spent $8! Totally awesome deals!!!

By evening hubs and I went to Maggiano's for a little Italian dinner....paid for by his parents. How sweet was that? We totally enjoyed our meal and brought some dessert home to share.

Lily had a spiffy day.....she was spoiled rotten by the grandparents. First they took her to the park to play....then off to Toys R Us for a little princess shopping....

Then they were off to the mall for lunch, carousel riding, and shoe shopping. Gotta love a woman who loves shoes...My MIL loves taking the girls to Nordstrom for good shoes. Lily came home w/a pile! Check these out! She's styling yet again!
I'm looking forward to another date night....this time I'm slipping in a movie and dinner! I feel a chick flick in my future!
I know that may not have sounded like an ideal date day to anyone else, but it's more about spending some quality time w/your spouse that really matters in the end!

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Kendra said...

How fun is that.?! I am loving the princess shoes.!! So adorable.!

Aly @ Analyze This said...

She is beyond spoiled!!!

And I'm glad I got the 'text' version of the day!! LOL

Angie said...

I love days with just me and the hubs! They are the best. I love my kids, but the hubs and I are the whole reason for our fam!

ALL those shores are perfect! She is styling for sure!!!!

Shannon said...

Glad y'all had fun! How adorable are those princess shoes? Aren't grandparents great!? Spoil the kids rotten, I tell you what! Love it!

The weekend was fun for us too, totally think we need to do that more often. I think I talked more to Bret than I have since GG was born! It's nice to have that time to reconnect and I definitely think more date nights are in our future!

As for a chick flick---so want to see that new movie with Katherine Heigel and Josh Dummel about the baby and what not. Looks so darn cute!

Hope y'all get away again soon. Maggiano's is so delish! Lucky y'all!

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