Tuesday, October 12, 2010

He Got a Little Edward On Me.....

Yesterday the kids were on holiday for Columbus Day, so I took advantage of having older kids around and used them as babysitters!!!

Got wild child down for a nap and ran to the front of the neighborhood for my $16 haircut by my guy who's been cutting my hair for 3 yrs now. Yep I said $16 and normally does a great job. But yesterday something happened.

I walked in as normal....he waves...I got my seat and told him (as I always do) "My hair is getting a bit stringy...I need to get the ends trimmed...you know how I like to keep my length and keep it long"
It's been a while since my last trim and my hair is getting really long and hubs and I really like it.

SO he gets to work and I'm glancing around the place...(it's a nail salon too) and I'm people watching through the mirror....I finally look at my hair and realize....WOW WAIT A MINUTE...THAT'S NOT A TRIM...THAT'S LIKE 3-4 INCHES. He was moving his hands so fast cutting...all I could think about was the scenes in Edward Scissorhands where he's moving so fast all you see is ice, hair, bushes, or whatever flying high. My guy was already so far into the cut there was no way I could shout stop....

I think he got a little Edward's on me. I really wanted to cry. I'm pregnant for Pete's sake and gaining weight. Shorter hair and my body don't mix. Deep sigh...whatever will hubby say.

I come home and try to fix my hair....deep sigh again.

By the time I call hubs to tell him the news of what I have done it's nearly 4. I decide to take a peek over the lid of the crock pot to see my sirloin tip that has been cooking since 7am.

I scream in horror! The temp light if flashing NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

You see I cook it on high for 1 hr and then drop it to low for 9hrs. I usually set the timer on the stove to remind myself. I programmed it for 1 hr at high and forgot to set the kitchen timer to remind me. I got so sidetracked w/having kids at home and getting them out the door for errands yesterday!

SO yep it went to warm....and I'm sure warm doesn't work for tons of hours. I cranked it to high real quick and went totally crazy upset with myself.

First, I'm a punk rock Edward Scissorhand freak....and now I've ruined dinner. I've got no backup either. You see most of the recipes take prep and time...or we are having company this week and I can't make that dish now.

Call hubs in tears. He tells me not to worry...(except hair...he asked me why I did it?....b/c I needed a trim and Lily was sleeping and big kids were home...perfect time to get a trim)

Well dinner wasn't ready by 7pm either so I headed to Panda Express! The kids were soooooooooooo excited I messed up dinner...they have been wanting Panda for ages now!!

By 10:30 last night dinner was finally ready. So I shredded the beef and I think I'm gonna freeze it now for next weeks meal! Deep sigh again and again!

Hoping today shows signs of good luck!

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Aly @ Analyze This said...

WTG Laura! WTG!

I'm sure your hair looks cute!! It always looks good :) But trust me, I am a FREAK about hair, too!!!

LeAnna said...

Haha, I saw Edward Scissorhands for the first time last week. NOT COOL that it happened to you. Especially being pregnant. I put henna in my hair for the first time a week or two ago and thought I was going to hate it. Thankfully it faded to where I really like it. Now, if only my hair would grow a few inches really fast, it barely fits in a pony tail! I'm sure you look super cute, regardless!

Zookeeper Jess said...

Ahhh! How short did he go? I got 14 inches cut off my hair last summer and donated to locks of love and at first the short hair was fun but now I'm kicking myself. I REALLY miss my hair. Thankfully it's growing out again but not going short again. I'm sure your hair looks cute though, but man I'd be mad about him cutting more than just a trim!

Stephanie Hartman said...

Omg you poor thing.. Here's a *HUG* I hate days like that I always delay on getting my hair done because I have never had a perfect cut so I don't go in there thinking I'm going to get what I want that way when it gets messed up I can say well I figured it would anyway lol. bad I know.

I hope your day gets better.

melifaif said...

Okay. You JUST HAVE to post a pic. I doubt it is as bad as you are thinking. Let us be the judge...LOL!

Stef said...

Oh no. Maybe he was related to the girl who thought long layers meant short layers. It was not pretty. But yours, I bet, looks great.
Sorry you had a tough day. I hate those. Really!!

Shannon said...

Oh my girl, yesterday certainly doesn't sound like it went your way, but good news, at least today doesn't have far to go to be better!

At least you have dinner for the future and the kids got what they wanted, a little Chinese!

Can't believe you didn't post your hair cut. Love how you phrased, Edward Scissorhands, what a trip! Girl, you funny! ;) But just remember it'll grow and with your prenatal vitamins, it'll grow fast!

Carey said...

Just to cheer u up a little story...Saturday morning I get up and sear a roast on the outside then throw it in the crockpot with a ton of veggies for supper. Well some friends end up inviting us over for dinner so I think great we'll just eat roast for Sunday dinner.
I set the roast out to cool before putting it in the fridge...I remember it Sunday morning! :(((( I cried I was so mad at myself! I hate to waste food, hate it!
Hope your week gets better and your hair will be long again before u know it!

Angie said...

Oh no...Edward scissor hands..ha! It is funny, but not. And gosh to ruin dinner too. pooo! So sorry girl. I have had a crazy week being sick. I am so sick of being sick, it just makes me sicker..ha!

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