Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My Boys.....(hubs not included in this one)

I love being a mommy....esp to my boys and my girls. Girls come easy I guess...I mean I am one after all (points down at growing belly to prove). I can easily play dress up and tea parties and twirl till I want to puke.

Boys are more of a challenge. Getting dirty isn't something I seek out to do. Playing cars and warriors I have a harder time being (I'm more the damsel in distress haha) But one thing I will tell you is that boys love their mommy's! I will never forget how easy babies my boys were. How sweet and loving and easy to please they were. How they would bring me those ISpy books and we'd sit on the floor for hours finding stuff in pictures. As they got older things changed and mommy wasn't the go to girl as much. I'm ok w/that. I have since realized the cycle is coming back. I love how my boys want to sit and visit w/me. Esp if it has to do with food! haha

Enter in child #1. 14 yrs old...5'10 and no end in sight. All leg and stomach and about 140lbs. He can eat like there is no tomorrow! Our food bill is mainly to keep him fed.

Typical conversation about food.

"Mom can I have a pumpkin muffin?"
"Can I have 2?"
"Can I have 4"
"Noooo silly...eat 2 and you can have more later"

Now you see why I triple batches of stuff. I normally freeze them and this is the first place the boy looks

"Mom did you know that my 2nd fav fruit, green apples being #1, are plums"
"well that's good b/c walmart had them on sale $.20 a lb and I bought a bunch"
"(cheers).....ohhhh man why didn't you buy like 4 bags full"
"I was afraid they would go to waste"
"well I'm about to eat like 6 of them...can you get more tomorrow"

Ohhhh to be able to have his appetite and stay as thin as a rail as him!

2nd Child

He's my sweet always looking for hugs little boy. Ok he's not little, but for a few more months he's my youngest boy until Reid comes...

My 6th grader who cracks me up.

Last night I'm checking homework and he had English and Math.

"what are you writing for English?"
"A how to story...I'm doing mine on How to Make Macaroni and Cheese"
"but you don't know how to make mac n cheese"
"yes I do...the kind you buy us in the small individual microwave servings"
(holds back giggles)"ok then can I see what you have written so far"

(hands me his paper)
I seriously can't help not laughing...
When I got to the part of tools needed to make the mac n cheese...he had a sink.
Basically he said something along the lines of "You will need a sink. I don't know what brand you need, but just make sure it works and water comes out."

That's my boy! I only hope his teacher thinks it was as funny as I did!

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Aly @ Analyze This said...

LMAO!!! Your boys are so silly!! Bless J's heart!

Caroline said...

Too funny! Great stories!

Angie said...

Awww...cute stories.

Boys are so fun. Do your boys drink fast? Hayden drinks so fast and so much. If I'd let him he would have 4 glasses of milk in the morning...he loves it. He is only 2. Sheesh!

You'd think I didn't feed him or something. ha!

ModernMom said...

I continue to be amazed by how much boys can eat. My girlfriend has a teenage son and she can't keep milk in the house. He drinks gallons of it!

Kristen said...

That is too funny! Wish I could eat like #1 too!

Annie said...

Cute!! I am looking forward to having one of each....best of both worlds!!

Shannon said...

My neighbor and good friend has FOUR boys and they're all really close in age. Honestly I don't know how she does it! I am laughing out loud at the man n' cheese story! You mean that's not the only way to make it? Out of a box?...just kidding!

Southern Cinderella said...

Too funny! Love the Mac N Chesse story!

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

hahaha! you are such a fun mom raising such funny kiddos! so cute!

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