Thursday, October 7, 2010

You're Naughty!

We all wonder about how others see us as Mommies. Will my kids behave when they are with me....will my kids behave when away from me???

How do others see my kids when we are out and about?

Now granted, a few of my kids are older....I've got 2 boys, a newly 14 yr old, and another is almost 12. Mini me is 9 and Wild Child...well we won't go there on behavior with her. She's 2 and all energy.

But my older kids are really good in public. Even when they were younger. I remember taking the 3 of them all kinds of places and getting compliments. As they got older they were even more manageable. They knew what was expected of them in public and how not to act. They only needed to be told once to stop and they did.

Which brings me to my story!

Took Mini Me to the orthodontist this morning for her braces. While we were waiting for her name to be called there were 2 boys (ohhhhh probably around 4th grade or 5th) and were waiting w/their dad. The dad was talking to the lady at the desk and had his back to the boys.

One of the boys (we'll call him #1) was sitting in a chair used to fill out info on a computer for new patients. The chair is a shivel chair and he was going is circles. Finally his dad saw and turned and told him to quit. As soon as his dad looked away....he started it again!

#2 had those wheelie shoes on (both boys did) and was wheeling up and down the waiting area. His dad called his name and told him to sit down. He kept wheeling for a bit longer and then sat.

#1 then started spinning in the chair again laughing at his ipod touch. He was getting loud and #2 decided to see what he was laughing at and joined his brother. They started fighting.....#1 punched #2 and started spinning the chair. The father turned around and called #1 name to stop. Keep in mind he was 3 ft from his child. #1 ignored him.

Now by this point I am wanting to take these boys aside and give them a talk. (I never never would mind you)
I mean how disrespectful and rude can they be in a public place. They were incredibly too old to be acting like this. Finally dad calls #1's name 4 times each time getting louder and the boy looks up a w/a "you are bothering me" look and stops spinning the chair.....gets up from the chair and starts to chase his brother on his wheelie's. They are being really loud and rude yet again. Dad tells them to sit ....and they don't. They keep rolling around on their shoes. The dad says quit or I'll take the wheels out. They sit down and start playing a game on their ipod touches. Ok why on earth did they give these kids these $$$ toys when they don't deserve them. They are rude boys....and I was embarrassed for them.

Mini Me kept looking at me with this horrified look on her face each time they ignored their dad!

I kept thinking...if these boys act like this at this much worse will their behavior get as time goes on. They couldn't care less about parental authority!

Wild child Lil....well she's a new chapter in the family...and baby boy due in feb.

Haha I may just as well hold my tongue on this matter until she's older....because right now she gives those boys a run for their money!

(for the record...she was an angel while waiting for Mini Me's name to be called...I was wondering who's child she was at that moment!)

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Mrs. Love Bug ♥ said...

lol. i love that little spitfire.

Annie said...

grrrrr....I hate that! Sound like those boys were WAY to old to be acting like that and disrespecting their father. I think that someone needs a little discipline!!

Cheyenne said...

Ay yi yi! This would make me wild just sitting there. When I was pregnant I was in the Dr's office a few times a week in the city in the high risk unit-everyone and their dog brought little kids with them and it always seemed like the majority would act CRAZY...I was so scared to have my baby! :)

Angie said...

Oh gosh...I understand everyone has a bad day every once in a while, but not listening makes me crazy. When my kids don't listen I go nutzo. I hope they don't act like that in public. But Hayden is only 2 also...he might give me a run for my money!

Shannon said...

My neighbor's daughter is the same way with her mother...doesn't listen to a word she says. I swear, it's almost embarrassing for me to witness as my very own 14 month old follows directions better than her 4 year old! But like you, I bite my tongue, not wanting my "thank goodness my child isn't like that" to come back and turn on me one day! Haha!

Francis said...

So embarrasing! I mean for that dad!! I was at my sons baseball practice (6-8 year old boys) and one of the kids threw a tantrum and yelled at his dad in front of everyone(about three times!) the whole time the father proceeded to tell him to stop.. Im not really judgemental when it comes to others parenting bur serisouly if my kid ever yelled at me in front of everyone like that boy did, I would just take him out of the game and take him home for some serious "TALK" but of course I bit my tongue and just hoped that my kids dont get that way!

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