Thursday, November 4, 2010

♥It's Our Anniversary ♥

4 years ago today I said I do to an amazing man! I've got a lot to be thankful for ....

Branden thank you for loving me and my children as if they were your own!

You see when I met my guy I was a single mom w/3 small kids. What man wouldn't run from that challenge. He had never been married and no children of his own...why tackle us? I mean I'm bound to come w/more baggage than allowed. But here we are with our story still being written!

I will never forget our first talks, emails, late night talks, first date, first kiss, first I love you's and finally our last I do's forever!

I'm so blessed you saw what a gem our life could be and were up for the challenge of adding more kids to our mix!

Thanks for putting up with my goofy quirks. Thanks for giggling and saying "that's my girl" when I mess up the lyrics to songs.

I love being your girl.

So as the world goes on about their business as if today is just another day...we know better! Today is the day we became inseparable!

A quick story of how November 4, 2006 came to be? We decided in October we would get married...just like that. November 1st we decided to grab a license and find a place to elope to that weekend. Yep, a few days to plan. Found an incredible Rustic B&B a few hours from our house overlooking a lake. And did it true elopement style...WE TOLD NO ONE.

*side note first...hubs told me to get on the internet and find an incredible place to get married...I was thinking keep it some what close ...and found a place in Austin over looking the lake with this gorgeous outside chapel. I was soooo excited that they had an opening that looked very earthy ...rustic...just what we were looking for. I called soon to be hubs and said

"hey I found a place looks the link check it out"

(silent pause) "Ummm honey, did you happen to read any of the info about the spot?"

"Well they do weddings and it's available..."

"Ummm's a Wiccan Wedding location w/a Wiccan spiritual leader performing the ceremony"

(silence now on my end) "Oops, now what?"


So hubs came to the rescue and found a minister and B&B exactly what we pictured. It was actually that and more!

The wonderful couple that owned this B&B had 1 room left. We knew it was meant to be. I headed to the bridal store and found the perfect alternations needed! It was everything I knew my man would love!

The B&B had everything ready for us....I told Kathy my favorite color was pink and she did the rest. I think we shocked a few ppl when we said that we would need some witnesses! I tell ya we met some really neat young couples there. Get this they were celebrating their anniversaries and so this was totally fun for them! We grabbed a couple and asked if they would mind taking some pictures for us...:o) how crazy is that?!!!

What's neat about November 4th is if you reverse the date from 11/4 to 4/11 April 11th...that's my birthday! So it was only fitting that we got married at 5:07pm. Reverse the time and it is Hubs birthday July 5th! Sappy I know!

As we were driving to the town we stopped at a Tack and Feed shop that also sold rustic furniture. There we found our favorite floor lamp. My mom called and asked what we were doing....told her we were shopping and found a great lamp!

We felt like little children sneaking off and being bad by not telling the whole truth! haha

The day was and shopping. After we checked in and dropped our clothes off we walked to the town square for more shopping and just chatting about how great a day it was...just the 2 of us. On our walk back we saw a house and the mailbox had the address and our (my soon to be) last name on it. How perfect and ironic! We snapped a photo of that too! Another sign this was the perfect day!

I remember shaking in my heels waiting for my moment to emerge from my room to meet my groom! The little ceremony was beautiful! We toasted and danced and then headed for a steak dinner in an old barn! That couldn't have been more our style! (Our first date was country dancing)

(I love this photo...I was announced as his wife for the first time)

(more wedding photos)

There was a lot of kissing!

(our boots for later that night)

The next morning hubs surprised me with a hour massage in our room! awww

Then we felt it was time to start making some calls to the parents .....hmmmm his were thrilled and said it was about time. Of course my mother being my mother and best friend was hurt and offended that she wasn't there.

Never you fear family....we had a reception for family and friends in a rustic red barn (a winery) a few months later. Our favorite pastor friend from our church renewed our vows for us in front of everyone! (here are some photos from the reception for family/friends)

(our neighbor made the cakes and bouquet and her daughter made my dress for this reception)

(my parents and the kids w/his parents and his brother and their 4 kids)

(always need a goof ball photo)

We couldn't have planned our wedding day any more perfect than it was!

Here is to the last 4 years as your bride and to many many more wonderful crazy years ahead of us! Love you for always!


Ashley said...

What a sweet story! Happy Anniversary!

Caroline said...

This is a beautiful story! Thank you for sharing! Congratulations!!!

Expat Girl said...

Such a great story, Happy Anniversary!

Slamdunk said...

Happy anniversary to you all.

Britt said...

I'm crying over here and soooo jealous! I just got married almost two weeks ago and my wedding was PERFECT but looking back I would have LOVED to elope first and not tell anyone! How romantic :)

Aly @ Analyze This said...

This is such a a sweet story! I had no idea about some of the details you mentioned in the above post! I love it. Such a well written post - I hope Branden reads it and appreciates it :)

Here's to MANY more years as Mrs (you know what)!!! Love y'all :)

Mama Laughlin said...

What a great story!
Happy Anniversary to you two!!!

Tiffany said...

That is fantastic! It's amazing how everything works out perfectly like that. My husbie and I started dating when our (and I do say our :)) oldest daughter was 2. He completely embraced the dad role ran with it. Which made me love him even more! I'm sure you felt the same way. Happy Anniversary!!

Shannon said...

What a special post, Laura! I feel like I know you even better now! You were a beautiful bride, holy moly! Loved the boots and all the touches...this screams YOU! Happy Anniversary, friend! Enjoy your day with your special Cowboy---and buckeroos!
Let me know about HL if you don't make it!

Stef said...

Ah! What a wonderful story you two have!! Enjoy your day!!

B said...

Love it all! Happy anniversary to you two lovebirds, my dear :) Hope it's extra special!

melifaif said...

Awww....I loved reading that about you! Congrats and Happy Anny and all that good stuff. True love. You can feel it. Even through the computer screen...LOL!

Katie said...

Such a fun story!! Congratulations to you and the hubs!! :o) Here's to many many more!!!!

New Mommy!!! said...

LOVE the new Blog, have been absent lately, sorry!

Happy Anniversary! Loved that you shared your story with us, what a sweet story!

Baby is coming right along. I ams so jealous you have tabs. I want tabs so bad.

Jenn @ West Sac Honey said...

Aw this is so sweet I loved reading every bit of it! Happy Anniversary to you two!

Angie said...

Happy guys are just so cute :)

Together We Save said...

Happy Anniversary!! Such a sweet story!!

jen said...

I love to hear stories like this. As the mother of a recently married daughter, I would KILL her if she'd done this. But from your perspective it's so romantic. Maybe I wouldn't have killed her . . .

Annie said...

Laura!! I love this sweet story! I didnt know that you perfect for you two. Thanks for sharing the pictures :) Happy anniversary!!

Lori said...

Wow-- eloping! How romantic and exciting! You look BEAUTIFUL and happy. :)

Happy anniversary!

Kristen said...

Happy Anniversary! What a sweet post!

Lindsay said...

That is the most romantic store Ive ever heard!! What a perfect story to read on my Friday morning, thank you for sharing it! xo

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

what a good man you have. seriously, to take you and your kiddos is a big deal... it's amazing how the Lord knits hearts together like that! i love the pictures. you were a beautiful bride. hope you had a sweet celebration! happy four years and cheers to many more.

Joanne said...

Happy Anniversary! BTW, I made your Oriental Chicken Salad that you posted the other day for supper tonight. I made breaded chicken for it, but wow, major YUM! I'll be repeating that one for sure!

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