Friday, November 19, 2010

Joys of Raising A Lily

Napoleon: Well, what is there to eat?
Grandma: Knock it off, Napoleon! Make yourself a dang quesadilla!

Napoleon: Fine!
Although if you remember correctly Grandma doesn't say Quesadilla right! haha I always get a kick out of that movie!

Last night I made another Sandra Lee recipe. Her's are always hit or miss....but I had to give this one a go! My oldest hates quesadillas! (not sure why he LOVES food no matter what it is) When it saw it on the menu board he groaned.....then he saw that it wasn't your normal Quesadilla!

This was definitely a must in our house again! Took seconds to make (esp if you buy the rotisserie chicken from walmart and shred it for your meals at the beginning of the week)

I'm sure I overstuffed mine (not pictured) because I never follow when it comes to cheese and chicken...I always add extra!

My sweet friends are throwing baby Reid a baby shower on Sunday! I was thinking that I am so thankful he isn't here yet....I'm totally not ready! (grins) I still have yet to sew those curtains and Lily's bedtime issues still haven't been resolved! Add to that the fact that she feels the need to throw tantrums the minute we step out of the car...I'm screwed! haha

A few days ago we headed to Target....Getting out of the car was an issue...she wanted to take a million little bath toys w/her. I could either win this battle and she's gonna scream her head off or I let her win. Well I won...and she screamed her head off.

So I distracted her by looking at the birds playing in the "waddy" (water) Well that had the opposite effect. Usually she giggles and laughs and pretends to be the birds. This time she started screaming


I'm talking full on fight and tears. I was humiliated walking her in. (thankfully I got a buggy from the returned ones so not to carry a kicking child in) Umm hello? It was birds playing in the water. I figured this trip was going to suck, but I had no choice...I had to pick up some gifts!

Thank you Target for the dollar section right there in the front of the store. There I spied a package of Smartie's ....I ripped it opened and gave her some! Whew....yes I gave in and gave her candy, but guess what? I got to shop for 1 hr so bite me!

The way home was brutal...she tried to escape 4 times on the way home...I had to pull over and fix her....she looked super uncomfortable! I should have snapped a few photos to share....but I was trying to keep my cool and not snap!

Baby Reid if you are listening.....this is how not to act.....I'll tell you stories of the older 3 siblings....act like that please! Help mommy out! :o) And Lily bless your dear soul for being you, but whenever anyone tells you you are acting just like your mommy...know they are lying!


Caroline said...

Those quesadillas do look delicious! Funny story, but poor Mommy!!!

Shannon said...

Haha, does the smartie and Target story sound familiar to me? :)

Love love quesadillas, in fact we had them last night! I could seriously eat Mexican EVERY night, okay maybe not every night, but at least several times a week!

Can't wait to see your shower pics and be sure to get some in your new dress! Have fun, L!

Aly @ Analyze This said...

Those quesadillas look great!

Jumping Jack said...

Those quesadillas sound awesome!!

I can completely relate to your Target story, except mine usually happens at Joanns! Kicking, screaming, etc - so embarrassing. I'll try candy next time!

JDub said...

Thank you for sharing Lily stories!!! I'm sure mine is going to be exactly like her - we seriously can't take him anywhere with us!

Stef said...

Oh, those look so yummy. Guess what's on my list for next week!!
And I don't think it is wrong to bribe all. When a mom has to do what a mom has to do and the kid is just no cooperating...break out the Ho-Ho's Smarties whatever will distract them.
You done good.
Did you get a nap????

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