Thursday, December 30, 2010

Things That DON'T Go Together

What do we always tell our children? Be very careful when using knives...they are sharp. I know this...I mean I've cut myself a time or two w/those suckers.

My mother in law gave me a gift I was totally thrilled about for Christmas...Ceramic Knives (do you see where this is going?)

The last thing she said was watch out ...those are sharp.....

Hubs and I were making Taco Soup...which by the way on recipe...we've made it 3 times now over the holidays....I volunteered to cut the onions...hey any chance to use my new knives. ummmm hello blood and skin...took 4 hrs to get the sucker to quit bleeding. Stitches are not an option considering the fact that ppl won't do lidocaine for pregnant chicks...(I don't understand why you can get a local when getting ur epi, but not for other stuff...I guess they see malpractice if the lidocaine messes w/the baby)

Point is...It really badly. I did this Tuesday night and I never took my thumb for granted before...but even more so now. I really need it for taking care of kids! Deep sigh Anyone got ideas for dressing it w/o ripping off new skin/scab and making it bleed all over again???

On 2 bright spots came back good...well except for the one on my's pre cancer...but I'm leaving it for now since it is in the 'could turn into cancer and may not'. Since it's on my face it's easier to monitor! Praise God!!!

AND...MISS LILY'S CAST CAME OFF...then we headed to the next stop to have a really $$ ugly annoying splint made. She hates it...I don't blame's hard and rubs her. She doesn't have to wear it eating...bathing...or sleeping...but we only take it off at bath time until morning. It's nearly impossible to get on w/one person...and since she hates it ...the less we hold her down the's made of this really hard plastic they molded to her arm in a 90' angle. Just to protect her from failing for the next couple of weeks...You can see by the picture in the after ...she never quits moving!

They didn't have red velcro straps like her favorite color or Doll we settled for bright pink!

I was 35 weeks yesterday....I'm hoping that in the next few weeks it is quiet in the emergency area in our home...I can't take much more stress! As for my low carb low sugar diet I'm supposed to be on...I'm a huge LOSER. I'm sorry I'm weak! If he comes out over 10 lbs...remind me what a Loser I am ok?! In the meantime...the Chick-Fil-A I had yesterday and the bowl of cookies and cream ice cream last night after Taco Soup...really hit the spot! (I'm soooo gonna pay)

(and yes..I photoshopped the one needs to see that...grins)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

It's Coming Off Tomorrow...WOOHOO

The cast that is...

check this nasty thing out....

Needless to say I'm not a cast kind of person when it comes to little ppl. I've been utterly grossed out from the beginning. I mean germs people. 3 times a day I try to clean those precious little fingers.

She has done terrific with it....Still leaping and jumping off of anything and everything. This child will be the death of me. She crawls on the ground after the dog ...freaks me out!

Wish us well tomorrow...I'm not sure how the saw sound is going to fly w/Wild Thang....(or how on earth they don't cut skin...shesh! again...freaking out!)

Wild Thang Lily is growing in leaps and bounds...just like last week (it seems) she went from speaking a few word sentences to blowing us away w/her language. Branden and I will look at each other in awe and say "Did she just say what I think she said?" haha

Her manners are incredible. She had been using the Thanks and Please perfectly...and a few days ago the "Yo Welcome" came the appropriate time. WOW. Good girl. The other day I asked if she was ready for bed....I got "No tank (thank) you Momma" haha Gotta hug her for good manners again!

She loves to say "come here momma...get a go seepy night night on me" haha...

Or when she chases the dog saying "COM BAC HERE SO I CAN GET YOU"

She will count....4, 3, 2, 1 ....Bast (blast) off when running around.

Everything she sees is Beautiful! My favorite is when it's time to get dressed...we will walk in her closet to pick out clothes....she'll say "Ohhhh's beeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-uti-ful" haha

She's been watching a little too much Ni Hao Kai Lan over break...she said hello in Chinese the other day to her animals and I caught her counting in Chinese in her closet while looking at her clothes. Hubs wants us to buy a French tape and have her speaking French. That will come in handy when we travel to Europe *as if we will ever get to go*. I tell you they are little sponges at this age!

She sings makes my heart swell!

Her understanding of commands is impeccable too! This child can do hard tasks w/multiple commands....I'm impressed. (If only I can get the big kids to follow suit)

The other day we caught her lining her rubber ducks in a row...biggest to smallest. (gets that from her dad)

As for me and baby Reid...he's cooking right a bit of a scare last night...I had contractions from about 7ish to 10pm....I think it was stress...had my midwife appt yesterday and she told me the baby feels huge. UMMMM hello...huge and birthing don't mix well with me. So now I'm def on a low carb low sugar diet. I failed yesterday and failed this morning (typed while drinking my coffee w/peppermint mocha creamer)...I suck at low carb/low sugar. I'm a pregnant chick for pete's sake. Lunch I'll do awesome...I've got some grilled chicken and salad....and dinner we're making a soup! Midwife also thinks I won't make it to my due date. Little does everyone know I need to. I've got 4 other kids...1 of which *Mini Me* has a bday on the 26th of Jan.....

I got hooked up to the machine at my appt to monitor his heart rate and movements (standard) and it was awesome to watch it. His heart rate would increase when he heard me talking to lily...made me smile! Can't wait to see the little guy!

Add to the mix that I'm in a panic of my skin cancer yet again. Back in 2005 I had a stage 2 on my leg...nice 4" scar to remind me. I pretty much stay out of the sun..take the kids to the pool after 7pm...slather in $$ 30 spf lotion on a daily basis....summer of 09 I got another spot ...this time stage 1 on my other leg. It doesn't run in the family and I don't fall under the norm of it either...(not a tanning bed chick and don't bake every chance I get) I don't have a job outdoors etc...soooooo

Well a few weeks ago I had a spot on my arm itch and scab over...HELLOOOOOOOOOOO THAT'S NOT SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN. I went into panic mode and ran to my awesome dermatologist....had 4 places removed that were questionable. I'm waiting by the phone for the results. I'm sick to my stomach with worry....what sucks even more? I didn't get lidocaine to numb before removing (pregnant)...1 had to have stitches....Granted I do natural childbirth but...... *deep breath*

to add insult to the injury...I'm allergic to neosporin type products...I forgot to remind her...she put it on before the band-aid...guess who blistered? Yep me...this was last wed...look at my cheek and leg (stitches look like little flies haha) I've been itching and hurting since wed....My fault...I just wasn't thinking.....the one on my chest broke out in tiny blisters and then popped....lovely that it is right were your bra strap sits....GOOD TIMES....funny enough the one I'm sooo worried about on my arm has done beautifully. I tell myself figures the one that is bad heals the best....

(you never realize how many freckles you have until you take a close up w/no make up on)

I look like I have ring worm on my cheek!

Hopefully all the worry in my gut is nothing...I'm still looking forward to a phone call either way.

As for our Christmas time....we had a terrific visit w/all the family over Christmas.....I can't believe it's over.....(and guess who didn't take a single picture...yep me...overwhelmed I guess)

I made 22 of these bad little boys though. The kids and adults ate him up! He was super duper easy to make (only time consuming was rolling all the balls...esp if you are making 22 of them)

Recipe here!

Can't wait to catch up on all my bloggy friends today!!!!!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

She Made Me Sweat....

I usually make a fuss in my head when I get irked!.....


You picked the wrong watch all the other lines of people come and go. You count seeing 10 new ppl in the other lines and they disappear. Just when you think you should move 3 new people jump in that line. You tell yourself if you move to that line...yours will move and then the new line you are in will stand still. Sooooo you stay put. Only to fume inside b/c you are ticked off. Then when they open a new lane ...all the people closest to the new one run there and you are stuck again in your line counting another 5 mins ticking by for a total of 15. You try hard not to scream "can you open a new lane...I mean don't you ppl see me standing here? How rude are you?" but you keep to yourself....

I must have been standing behind this woman w/a massive return. (I'm in Old Navy) I've had to pee since like the first store I hit...But I'm patiently holding it. You see hubs is watching little demon at home for me for 4 hours so I can complete my shopping. He made fun of me b/c I was mapping out which stores I would pee in.

Give me a break....5th pregnancy...due in 7 weeks and the baby is really pressing on the bladder. need a bathroom plan when shopping. haha


I'm fuming in my head....then my line gets longer. There is a pregnant woman who comes up behind me too. She starts a conversation and (forgive me dear lady if you in a small world read this blog)

She is due in May w/a girl and was telling me how she was mauled by a DOG last weekend at a funeral. It knocked her down and was biting her back. His teeth were sunk into her and they pulled it off. I was shocked...what a horrible story. I couldn't for the life of me think of a reason why someone would bring a dog to a funeral. Esp a huge one that you can't control.

SO now she's irritated that this person in front of me is holding things up. She yells...



haha I hid my face....I'm sure I was blushing badly

Then she shouts to the lady "Hey do you have more stuff? We've been waiting here and there are 2 pregnant woman behind you"

Now this is when I start sweating...I hate confrontation. I mean granted these are all the things I'm thinking too...but I would add that I had to pee really really really badly.


I grabbed a flier and hid my face. I couldn't do much as I wanted to I couldn't scream that.

Now I'm sweating ....fanning myself....trying hard not to giggle and thus lose my bladder on myself.

Finally a manager came up to me and asked me to move to a new lane...I hobbled there...pregnant chick followed. I wonder if ppl thought she was with me?

She proceeds to tell the manager about how long we'd been waiting and how this chick had a ton. She said returns shouldn't be allowed...the manager agreed. UMM HELLO? RETURNS ARE FOR A a tear in the shirt...or the wrong size on the hanger...or it just didn't look good on you at home b/c you couldn't try it on there b/c of time issues or you had 5 kids w/you.

I barely made it to the car I was laughing so hard. Hubs said I should wear depends from now on. Thanks hun...but I think I'll just keep waddling to the potty in the nick of time!

Top it off...I bought the wrong sizes and need to return them at some point. I'm scared haha

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Decorative Cookies...How To (plus extras)

I got a ton of emails and comments (here and on FB) asking about how to make the decorative cookies I've been making....

I'd love to share...goodness knows I would have loved a place to start when I tried making these back for the teacher gifts in May (that turned out great if I do say so myself)

Check out the Christmas Tree cookies I just finished for Mini Me's party tomorrow.....

Here are the basic cookie recipes and icing that not only taste out of this world but hold up when you are taking them on the go. I wouldn't recommend substituting any of the ingredients. You can find most Wilton products (like the Meringue Powder and gel dyes) at Walmart at a great price.

After trying about 5 sugar cookie recipes this is by far my favorite esp for making these type cookies

Basic Rolled Sugar Cookies
This is my favorite all-around cookie recipe and the one I use most often.
  • 1 cup butter, softened
  • 1 cup superfine sugar, or granulated sugar, processed in blender or food processor for 30 seconds
  • ½ tsp. Salt
  • 1 large egg
  • 1 large egg yolk
  • 2 tsp. Vanilla extract
  • ½ tsp. Almond extract or emulsion, optional
  • 2 ½ cups all-purpose flour.
Cream butter, sugar and salt until light and fluffy, about 3 minutes with mixer set at medium speed (see Dough Preparation and Baking tutorial for more information on creaming times). Add yolk, beat well. Add whole egg, vanilla and optional almond extract and beat until well-incorporated. Add flour; beat at low speed just until flour is mixed in; do not overmix. Divide dough in halves or thirds and wrap in plastic wrap. Refrigerate until firm, at least one hour and up to 2 days.

Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Dust work surface and rolling pin with flour. Roll dough to 1/4" thick, sprinkling with additional flour as needed to prevent sticking. Cut into desired shapes and place on parchment or silicone-lined pans. Bake in preheated oven until cookies appear dry on the surface and are light golden brown on the edges, about 10 minutes (very large cookies may take up to 12 or 13 minutes). Remove from cookie sheets to cooling racks and cool completely before decorating.

This is by far my favorite icing recipe. This works great for glazing and decorating to travel. Lasts a few weeks (thanks to the crisco hee hee)

Meringue Powder Buttercream
  • 1/3 cup water
  • 3 T. meringue powder
  • ½ cup shortening
  • 4 ½ cups powdered sugar (1 lb. 3 oz. If you have a scale)
  • 1 tsp. vanilla extract (use clear vanilla if you want a pure white icing)
  • ¼ tsp. almond extract
Place half of the powdered sugar and the meringue powder in the bowl of an electric mixer. Whisk together well. Turn on mixer (use whip attachment) and, while motor is running, slowly stream in the water. Mix until everything is incorporated. Turn mixer to high speed and whip until stiff peaks form. Add flavorings and mix well. Change to paddle attachment (for stand mixer) or dough hook (for Bosch). If using a hand mixer, use the same beaters you were using before. Add remaining powdered sugar and shortening and whip for 2-3 minutes more.

Note: Don't skimp on the whipping time after adding the shortening. You really need to whip it well to prevent separation later.

Now that you have the basic's what I do. My steps take me 3 can rush it if you want but I feel 2 days for decorating give it great time to set so they won't smush!

I can get about 16 cookies per cookie batch w/the big 3-4" cutters. Less if you are making cookie bouquets (I roll those even thicker...1/2" in thickness) These are just under that.

Bake and then I immediately take a flat spatula and press down to flatten cookie...(No rounded edges) Cool on racks.

Prepare icing. I usually make 2 batches esp if I am doing many colors. I found the Wilton Gels work best for vibrant colors. For browns and red I usually use a whole jar! I love color!!! (again Walmart)

You want your icing spreadable...if you find you are having a difficult time w/your decorative tips add a few drips (yes drips) of water and stir until it's perfect. You don't want to have to press too terribly hard when decorating (1. could pop your bag...2. hurts your hand hee hee)

Let's get started glazing and icing!

For glazing techniques...

First outline your cookie in the color of the glaze you want. (I like to let this sit a few hours to set before glazing)

To make the glaze take some of your icing in a bowl and add drips of water ...a few at a time and stir.
You are looking for glue consistency colors look more tree green than the images...I think the time of day and location make them look like the Incredible Hulk or slime.. (grins)

Then start to add a few spoonfuls of the glaze on your cookies and spread around gently to the edges of your outline.

Let this set overnight (or at least a handful of hours)

Get your icing in bags and start decorating! Again I like these to set overnight when finished before packing!

I wish I was an artist because I can see how this could be a gorgeous blank canvas to work on. I'm the basic stick figure kind of girl, but I have fun nonetheless!!!

Feel free to email if you have great tips to pass along or more questions....

On to more of my busy projects.....Here are some more of my pom pom crafts I've been doing for the girls (mini me and cousins) for gifts this Christmas. I'm on a roll!!!! i did tank tops and flip flips...gonna add a matching headband too!

Hey guess who's getting bigger than Santa? OHHHH that would be me. I wonder if there are any openings at the mall? I'm 33 weeks ladies!

I am definitely feeling this little boy in all areas of my body! My back and feet need a break by 11pm...whew! The joys of motherhood! SO far so good. Reid is still head down and I got to feel where his back and butt were at my appt on Monday. I was rubbing my baby's bum! Lovin it! :o)

Monday, December 13, 2010

Gift Ideas.....Pom Pom Necklace How To

Want a fun gift to give w/o the $$$ tag?

Well look no further! My dear bloggy friend Brandy made some of these and kindly passed on the info! (original shout out for this goes to Little Miss Momma....she was the creative one behind this)

Here is how my first one turned out...I went w/a gray and black combo.....(I like my second one best)

I was lacking black felt for my first one...but you def need to coordinate the felt w/ur colors!

Since I did this one pictured above...I did another necklace today and also a headband. I'm getting better w/practice!

Cotton fabric (I bought half yd for each color...could prob make 2-3 necklaces w/that..$2 total)
Fabric scissors
Necklace chain (on sale for $1.50)
Hot Glue gun
(for everything I think this cost me around $2.50 to make one)

First, cut out 5 small 1-1.5 inch felt circles
I made a template from a cardboard box....

Now cut out bunches and bunches of fabric circles {same size as the felt circles}. To save time, stack fabric and cut out about 8 circles at a time.

Take one of the fabric circles and scrunch it from the center

Apply a drop of hot glue to the bottom of the scrunched fabric circle and place in the middle of the felt.
Continue this process until you have covered the entire felt circle with scrunched fabric circles. *I think I used 9 per felt circle*
Then repeat that process on the remaining felt circles until you have 5 mini pom poms.

Place pom pom's on top of the remaining felt in the arrangement you want your necklace.

Glue down each pom pom {except the top two}

Glue the ends of the chain onto the last two pom poms {glued the chain about an inch down the pom so that it's extra sturdy}

Then glue down your last two poms onto the felt.

Trim the felt around the pom poms until you're left with only the necklace.


Same concept w/the headband.
Glue to whatever you have on hand...
Then add an extra piece of felt for stability

Here's Mini Me in the headband....(lovin her pink rubber bands on her braces)

Friday, December 10, 2010

Shout Out To My Bloggy Friends......(and Reid has a middle name)

My sweet friend Shannon and her precious Sweet Bean GG over at Webbisodes sent Lillian this precious Ribbon Tree Shirt (go over there and ask for her a DIY blog on the shirt...wink wink S) GG has a matching one and I think we need to photoshop the 2 girls in a picture. Friends from a far! Thanks again Shannon and Gillian. (Sorry about cutting the sleeve, but we sooo wanted to wear it)

How super sweet are our bloggy friends? Getting little cards in the mail (Aly) to brighten your day.....or cute handmade shirts? Just when you think your day is looking gloomy something like this happens and a simple surprise package in the mail turns the gloom to bloom!

Thanks dear friends!!

Lily and her friend Ollie exchanged Christmas presents...haha...Ollie was sooo excited that he came running to Lil w/her package. Ollie and Lily are 3 weeks apart..his mommy Tara is one of the sweet girls who threw my baby shower. She is a few days behind me w/#5 also. I say she gives birth first! Let me know how 5 kids is..haha (too late to turn back now)

(I love this one of Lily peeking inside)

(he got her favorite cinderella!)

(say cheese.....yes barefoot like her momma)

One last thing friends....

(copied you word for word Brandy, grins)

Just like all of yall, I LOVE receiving comments and I love being able to respond via email! I have made some really good bloggy friends through commenting and email response. An email notification comes to my inbox everytime you comment, so it makes it extremely quick and easy to respond to you, execpt when the email address comes up as "noreply-comment(at)"! This makes me sad, because so often I want to reply to whatever you've said, but can't unless I go to your blog and leave a comment.

Here's what you need to do to fix it...

Step 1 - Go to your Dashboard
Step 2 - Click on Edit Profile (left side, next to your picture)
Step 3 - Under Privacy Section check the box that says "show my email address" (if you don't want to show your real email address, create an email address for your blog)
Step 4 - Under Identity Section enter the email address where you would like comment email to go.
See....look how easy and now ppl can respond to ur sweet comments or the questions you ask!
Happy Friday Y'all....

8 weeks and counting over here for baby Reid. We finally finally have a middle name...

I was still pulling for Reid Sawyer! Hubs...nix'd it....he's set for Duncan...So Reid Duncan it is!!!

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