Monday, December 13, 2010

Gift Ideas.....Pom Pom Necklace How To

Want a fun gift to give w/o the $$$ tag?

Well look no further! My dear bloggy friend Brandy made some of these and kindly passed on the info! (original shout out for this goes to Little Miss Momma....she was the creative one behind this)

Here is how my first one turned out...I went w/a gray and black combo.....(I like my second one best)

I was lacking black felt for my first one...but you def need to coordinate the felt w/ur colors!

Since I did this one pictured above...I did another necklace today and also a headband. I'm getting better w/practice!

Cotton fabric (I bought half yd for each color...could prob make 2-3 necklaces w/that..$2 total)
Fabric scissors
Necklace chain (on sale for $1.50)
Hot Glue gun
(for everything I think this cost me around $2.50 to make one)

First, cut out 5 small 1-1.5 inch felt circles
I made a template from a cardboard box....

Now cut out bunches and bunches of fabric circles {same size as the felt circles}. To save time, stack fabric and cut out about 8 circles at a time.

Take one of the fabric circles and scrunch it from the center

Apply a drop of hot glue to the bottom of the scrunched fabric circle and place in the middle of the felt.
Continue this process until you have covered the entire felt circle with scrunched fabric circles. *I think I used 9 per felt circle*
Then repeat that process on the remaining felt circles until you have 5 mini pom poms.

Place pom pom's on top of the remaining felt in the arrangement you want your necklace.

Glue down each pom pom {except the top two}

Glue the ends of the chain onto the last two pom poms {glued the chain about an inch down the pom so that it's extra sturdy}

Then glue down your last two poms onto the felt.

Trim the felt around the pom poms until you're left with only the necklace.


Same concept w/the headband.
Glue to whatever you have on hand...
Then add an extra piece of felt for stability

Here's Mini Me in the headband....(lovin her pink rubber bands on her braces)


Sarah Ann said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have been wanting to know how to make these! Love them! And the headband is so great! :)

Ashley said...

So cute! I love Little Miss Momma! I've made several headbands I found on her site, and I'm dying to make the necklace!

Kristen said...

So cute! I espically love the headband!

Aly @ Analyze This said...

These are so cute!! I just love them!! :)

Jumping Jack said...

I'm lovin' the black and grey combo! I think I'm going to make a cream/red one tonight!

I remember the days of colored rubberbands on braces! I was always so excited to get new colors!

Semi-Slacker Mom said...

I know some little girls that would love those headbands!

Mama K said...

Those are great!! Thanks for the tutorial!

Shannon said...

So presh! Love're so crafty, L! Mini me's headband is adorable! I need to try this!

LeAnna said...

Now that is just the cutest thing, ever!

Jen said...

These are ADORABLE and so perfect! I LOVE them.
Thanks for sharing.
I am following you :)

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