Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Home Tour Tuesday: Deck the Halls--

Home Tour Tuesday. Today's theme, Deck the Halls---Show us your Holiday/Christmas Decorations and some holiday recipes! Head over to Webbisodes to link up

Now I'm not much of a decorator. I mean I'd love too...I'd love to have a model home w/stuff everywhere that looks like it belongs....but in my real world w/many kids...(lily counts as 20 of them) I don't have the model home yet.

I did have a lot more stuff down low...the kids are older and don't care as much to tamper with them...but then enter Lily ...she is a different story.

My decorations are few and far between so excuse the lack of style!

(Table w/advent)

(fireplace w/trees and Santa letters)


(my cross wall that gets Santa added to it for a month)

(entry table Willow Tree Nativity)

(3" Santa greeting ppl in entry)

(see anybody?)

(love my old santa rug...hall chair has a merry christmas too)

my tree is bare of ornaments...I'm all about white lights...and that's just what is on it! So maybe in another year or two I'll get to add my decorations back. My tree is usually white lights w/gold and silver decorations w/gold long ribbons mixed in...

Here's some pics from the girls for the past 3 years....look at how much they've grown...





I'm doing my Jello cookies! Love using the Lime Jello and Strawberry for the Red and Green Festive look. Use extra jello powder to sprinkle on before baking!

Click here for recipe!


flip flops and pearls said...

First, thanks for posting badge!! We appreciate that, that way others will know how to get on board!!

Your house looks great. Your children are precious!! Love your banister, I miss having one!! We have upstairs but it's walled, boo! I also love all your crosses!!

Thanks for playig along with Shannon and I. Hope to see you next Tuesday:)

Neely said...

The house looks amazing!!!

Britt said...

Your house is decorated better than mine! So cute!

californiadreamin said...

Oh I love it!! The stair case and fireplace look amazing!

New Mommy!!! said...

Beautiful Decorations! Ahh, I love Christmas!

These pics of your daughters are adorable! I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!! How sweet! Your Christmas cards are going to be Fab! Look how little Lils was, so sweet!

Caroline said...

Your house looks beautiful. I love your staircase. And the girls have gotten so big and they are so gorgeous.

Shannon said...

Okay laughing so hard I nearly choked on my drink that Lily counts nearly 20 kids in your family...haha! She's a nut!

Love your decorations, thanks for linking up friend! I can always count on you for support,huh?!

Did I spy the elf on the shelf on your fridge?

We have one for GG but haven't given it to her yet...next year!

And I'm so jealous that your stairs have lighted garland....do you have a nearby plug or do you have battery powered garland? Love it!

Hugs, sweet friend!

Oh and how can I forget...the pics of the little misses are adorable!

Lori said...

I love the flashback pictures! How cute :)

Annie said...

your decorations are all so pretty!! everything looks great!
and the girls outfits for this year are just awesome, i love them!!

Laura said...

I love your girls' outfits!!

Cassie said...

I love home tours!

Your fireplace is gorgeous. So are the stairs. i dont know which ones I like better!

Just found your blog and I am excited to follow!

Hello! I'm Kate. said...

I love this! Your house is gorgeous, I couldn't pick a single thing out I didn't like!

I also love the Elf on the Shelf! I can't wait for Lboy to be big enough to understand what's going on with that!

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

love all the decor!!! is it bad that i'm coveting all your willow tree stuff??? ; ) hope you get that camel this year! ( i think that's what you want?!) your girls are so gorgeous and look JUST like you.

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