Thursday, December 30, 2010

Things That DON'T Go Together

What do we always tell our children? Be very careful when using knives...they are sharp. I know this...I mean I've cut myself a time or two w/those suckers.

My mother in law gave me a gift I was totally thrilled about for Christmas...Ceramic Knives (do you see where this is going?)

The last thing she said was watch out ...those are sharp.....

Hubs and I were making Taco Soup...which by the way on recipe...we've made it 3 times now over the holidays....I volunteered to cut the onions...hey any chance to use my new knives. ummmm hello blood and skin...took 4 hrs to get the sucker to quit bleeding. Stitches are not an option considering the fact that ppl won't do lidocaine for pregnant chicks...(I don't understand why you can get a local when getting ur epi, but not for other stuff...I guess they see malpractice if the lidocaine messes w/the baby)

Point is...It really badly. I did this Tuesday night and I never took my thumb for granted before...but even more so now. I really need it for taking care of kids! Deep sigh Anyone got ideas for dressing it w/o ripping off new skin/scab and making it bleed all over again???

On 2 bright spots came back good...well except for the one on my's pre cancer...but I'm leaving it for now since it is in the 'could turn into cancer and may not'. Since it's on my face it's easier to monitor! Praise God!!!

AND...MISS LILY'S CAST CAME OFF...then we headed to the next stop to have a really $$ ugly annoying splint made. She hates it...I don't blame's hard and rubs her. She doesn't have to wear it eating...bathing...or sleeping...but we only take it off at bath time until morning. It's nearly impossible to get on w/one person...and since she hates it ...the less we hold her down the's made of this really hard plastic they molded to her arm in a 90' angle. Just to protect her from failing for the next couple of weeks...You can see by the picture in the after ...she never quits moving!

They didn't have red velcro straps like her favorite color or Doll we settled for bright pink!

I was 35 weeks yesterday....I'm hoping that in the next few weeks it is quiet in the emergency area in our home...I can't take much more stress! As for my low carb low sugar diet I'm supposed to be on...I'm a huge LOSER. I'm sorry I'm weak! If he comes out over 10 lbs...remind me what a Loser I am ok?! In the meantime...the Chick-Fil-A I had yesterday and the bowl of cookies and cream ice cream last night after Taco Soup...really hit the spot! (I'm soooo gonna pay)

(and yes..I photoshopped the one needs to see that...grins)


Sam said...

Yowzers!! That looks like it hurt! Thanks for sharing it though.. Oddly, I like looking at things like that. Prep for what I hope is a career in the Emergency Room, lol.

Yeah, those ceramic knives mean business. I love watching people use them. As for me? I'm not exactly kitchen-savvy, so I leave the technique to the pros, hehe.

Also, I feel like if he comes out over 10, that will be punishment enough, hehe. :p

Happy New Year! :)

Aly @ Analyze This said...

That knife incident makes me wanna puke! I don't do well with blood! Or pain!

You're still looking good - you're all belly! But my goodness, you are big! Reid is going to be a big boy! (I say that you're big with love, you know that!!)

Jumping Jack said...

YUCK! You're thumb looks awful, I hope it heals quick b/c I can see where that might make taking care of the kids a little difficult!

YAY! For your spots coming back ok. That's scary stuff.

So glad Lily got the cast off!

You're still looking good. Only a few weeks to go. I can't wait to see Baby Reid!

Amy Lynn said...

Ouch! No good.... On the bright side, a cut like that wouldn't really warrant stitches so don't fret about that. At least you know it's not an option even if you weren't pregnant? (Im trying to look on the bright side here, lol) At the drug store they sell non-stick gauze. It's got a coating over it so that it wont stick to the newly forming scab/skin. Getcha some of that and tape it on.

Hope it starts to feel better soon!

Lisha @ DeLovely Life said...

Nooooo! I'm sorry about your thumb. Knife wounds always sting like heck. And poo and pee in knife wounds..infection waiting to happen. But yay on your beautiful belly (totally would've photoshopped mine too...stretchmarks galore) and baby girl getting out of her cast.

Shannon said...

Looking good Momma! Not long now! Sorry about your finger, when you texted I just couldn't believe it! Yay for Lily!!!

P.S. Next year I'm making the bow on our Christmas tree shirts bleed all over the onesie for GG! :( Oh well, live and learn right. Next year's will be even better!

Hugs, friend! Miss chatting with ya.

jen said...

35 weeks? Really? Already?

And Lily not only has the same baby as Evie, she also has the same pink froggy pjs.
I think we may frequent the same stores--Sam's Club and Target?

LeAnna said...

Ouch! That looks painful! Here's to hoping things stay a little more quiet around your casa!

Angie said...

I hope the thumby feels mo betta today...ieeekkk! Those are really pretty knifes!

Glad your little tooter got her cast off, and I hate that she has to wear a splint thingy. I can't imagine trying to get that on Hayden's arm. Sheesh!

Happy New Year to ya!!

Stef said...

Ouchie!! That looks like it really hurts. I hate getting hurt on places that we use everyday. Fingers, toes, shoulders, wrists, etc.
And Lily is a go--go-goer. Fun!

I'm getting so excited for you!

Natalie Catherine said...

yay for the cast off! boo for the cut!

and you look gorgeous! darn stretchmarks. my sister has 2 and i was blessedddd with way fair. haha. i'm gonna try and figure out the best way to get rid of them..haven't had a good time to check out products. i pass by the isles in target but when sophia is running for the toy isles its hard to take a moment to look. ;)

flip flops and pearls said...

OH MERCY THAT FINGER!!! Made my knees weak, lol!! I pray that 2011 brings you many blessings!! Happy New Year, Friend! Much Love, Daphne

laura said...

oh goodness. knives scare me. that's why i don't cook. ;)

best wishes in the new year, friend!

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

i had a similar knife incident... only i wasn't pg, so i got the stitches. you poor mama! glad to hear the good news about the spots. eat the sugar while you have the excuse. ; )

melifaif said...

Oh no, lil honey! Not.good. I have no pointers for you either. Just sorry. Hey! Look at the bright is 2011 and you will have a brand new sunshine in your world. Many blessings in 2011!

Lori said...

Yikes! That looks really painful. I hope you're nice and healed now.

Love the preggy picture! You are adorable :)

Happy new years by the way...

Tiffany said...

OUCH! I totally sliced myself with our new knives, too! Mine wasn't nearly as bad. Hope it feels better soon!

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