Friday, December 30, 2011

It's a Southern Thing....Black Eyed Peas


If you know me you know my theory on the Civil War. I'm not gonna beat you down again on the fact that is was NOT fought over SLAVERY, but put due to the sweet South wanted to secede. (read this quick brief summary to get ya started if you want to know more).

North didn't play fair....they stole, burned, killed, raped, or basically destroyed anything in their path through the South. Same for when it came to our crops....they didn't ask...just took our crops and livestock for their troops to feed on.....they pretty much left nothing in their wake for the southerner's left behind.

Enter the black eyed peas. At that time, Northerners considered "field peas" suitable only for animal fodder, and did not steal or destroy these humble foods (why I'm not sure).....hence why as a tradition in the South we eat Black Eyed Peas for luck!! Because it was the one crop they left behind to eat.

I'm a sucker for all beans/peas (well food in general)

As my luck would have it I don't really have a good Texas Caviar recipe in my stash (deep shock)

I do have a fantastic Black Bean Salsa that if I added a can of Black Eyed Peas to it it would be rocking....Hubs said NO....THAT'S NOT TEXAS CAVIAR. Well I know, but it's got our Lucky beans in it.

Any plans for New Years? I'll be lucky if I make it past 8pm....I'm super tired these days....and it's not as if Hubs and I will be swinging from the rafters....Dude has a bit of a cough and has been up a few times at night.....and did I mention he thinks 6am is a good wakey wakey time? (blah)

Speaking of's the sweet lad.....


He turns 11 months on Sunday....Where has time gone?

With that all said...

HAPPY 2012 .....Here's to another fabulous year.....

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Well That Was Scary




I was not amused and really upset b/c this is my digital journal....not to mention a little view into all my friends (yes you) lives.

So for about 4 hrs I have been on the computer with no response to my hoards of messages to google for help


for now....(let's hope forever)

I thought if I violated anything 1. it was news to me.....and 2. maybe the violation was reading too many blogs

Point of the story....

It's good to be back....and now I'm not so sick to my tummy anymore

Different note:

The kids had a wonderful Christmas. Kate got a gift I told her I wouldn't buy her....that no way on earth would she get create a new list. She was worried b/c she couldn't come up with anything else....Little did miss fancy pants know I already bought it for her back nov 1st. It was so hard for me to keep the secret...but Christmas morning watching her cry her eyes out was so worth it...It's so fun being a parent.

Little Miss Lily got a haircut....Her hot mess of a head is still a hot mess....if she ever slows down I'll snap a picture of the new her

As for haircuts....the oldest boy got one. Yes.....We took him to a salon and got a cut. It's not "mom's choice" but it's well shorter.....(he looks thrilled for me to take his picture) My sweet 15 yr old would look great if it was buzzed off in my opinion. Ok not buzzed....but clipped least now I can see his eyes sort of.....(he's still sporting the 70's look)

Extra (to see who extra is view a few posts back) is still around and Reid is teething and growing and eating and as active as can be for a child that doesn't walk but run. His nickname is Mikey b/c he eats EVERYTHING...seriously there isn't a food this child doesn't like

More updates to come later...

I'm just glad to be back...what's new with you?

Friday, December 23, 2011

Dear Santa,


Dear Santa,

I think I have been a pretty good girl this year. I hardly complained (cover eyes) and I rarely threw any fits (ducks).


So if you can find it in your heart of hearts to fill my stocking with sweet treats....

I promise to be even better next year...


Laura....your favorite little big girl


Every 23rd we have some of the family over....9 nieces and nephews and 6 adults....for my Favorite Chili Recipe

Last year I made those little Santa cookies and they were a hit....I think I'll make them every year ....nothing like a lil Santa to make you grin. I thought I remembered how time consuming he was, but not until I started rolling the balls...and note to self....TRIPLE the batch not double!

Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and that your Santa is good to you this year....

I have a feeling good blessings are coming ......

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

He's an Extra

I love having girl time with my Mini Me.....she's my sweet 10 yr old that still has her head in the clouds and twirls around the house....I pray her sweet heart never changes....

The other night I got Dude down early and Mini Me and I bolted out the door for a little Target shopping and hot chocolates.


As we were driving she told me she liked times like this....when it was just the 2 of us. I told her I did too.

Then the conversation happens...(the one that all my kids seem to want to have with know the "WOW I bet it's cool to be an only child" conversation)

And then I have to remind them of how lonely they would be all day not having the others to play or chat with....yes, even fight with. How they would miss out on all the funny things Lily and Reid are doing.....and I have to remind them of the friends they have that ARE only children that love to come to our house where the chaos is b/c it's so full of life. (not saying the only child's house isn't, but come on....we have 5 loud (points to Lily) kids running amuck half the time...there is always something going on here....and a cookie or two to eat)

Then Mini Me pauses....

"What?" I ask

Mini Me: "Well you know Jake is sort of an extra." she says

Me: "An Extra? What's that mean?"

Mini Me: "Well you know how on a sitcom there is always an extra person that doesn't really do much....they just sort of walk around and are just there....well that's Jake"

Me: (don't even know what to say to that)

Mini Me: "You know?"

Me: "No sweetie I don't know........I mean Jake is a bit quiet and does play on the computer a bunch"

(deep sigh....don't you just love how your kids perceive each other)

Jake is my quiet sweet one. He has the kindest heart of anyone. He is always asking me how I am doing....smiles every chance he can.....and Lily and Reid are drawn to him. Some girl is sure gonna fall hard for this one.

He can also have a temper.....I love seeing his little face....(ok not little, he's 13) It turns all red and he frowns and stomps about....haha...I can't help but laugh at him when he does and then he starts trying not to smile.

Lily loves to play swords with him. She will get every kitchen gadget from the drawers and pretend to spank him....Ok no idea where she gets if the child ever gets spankings

So...there you have another installment of A CONVERSATION WITH ME AND MINI ME

I'm glad to know my kids are like extras......

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Jolly Ol Saint Nick....and a Lil Screamer....

I don't have any recent pics of Reid sitting on Santa's lap....Mainly b/c I tried to steer clear of all malls this holiday. So basically I don't have ANY pics of Reid screaming on Santa's lap. Really all you have to do it hand him to someone other than me and he screams....(close your eyes and picture)

I love love looking at everyone's photos of their kids screaming on the fat man's lap...I mean the poor chap gets cried on more times than not...maybe we should be taking him gifts instead of the other way around.

Kate reminded me of the photo I have of Lily on her second Christmas.....We had gone to the main street to check out the lights and listen to the music....there I spotted THE jolly ol man and thrusted (is that a word?) Lily upon him.....makes you feel horrible for snapping a picture of your screaming child desperately reaching for you....but you know you feel compelled b/c you are laughing so hard that you need to capture the moment....

Here's my moment


I can't stop laughing......

Friday, December 16, 2011

Ho Ho Ho Merry Candy Canes.......


Yes I had to bust out some Christmas Cookies before the kids went on break.


I figured the teachers are starting to expect them (not that one kept asking if I forgot and that the last day of school was today or anything....)


I got lazy....(been a pattern with me lately) and only made candy canes.


I figured not a lot of colors and easy to decorate.


I was chatting with Stacy over at Cardigans and Crayons about her Hot Chocolate bar she will be having at her house....which made me realize all the things I forgot on mine. Guess I'll file them away for next year. When thinking of her party I ran across the cutest thing in the Southern Living magazine. They took peppermints and melted them into a plate shape.

Well I just had to see if it worked. I followed their directions to a T and had an epic fail.

Preheat to 350
trace image (or freehand) on parchment paper
have a gap between peppermints
heat 4 mins (or keep an eye on them) or until desired look. Now they said 9 mins, but whoooa. That was too long. I had a melted mess on my hands. 4 or less is perfect.

I decided to do a few C's for my candy cane cookies. (I really wanted to melt the word COWBOY, but not as easy as I pictured)


Is everyone finished with your Christmas shopping? I am totally not...(did I mention I was tired?) I am very grateful for Amazon Prime's saved me. I'd say I'm 80% ready. I need to make my list and check it twice. Some of the little munchkins in the house might be getting coal. (I can't mention names)

My wish list?
glass top for my door table for craft table
20" x 20" piece of marble for rolling cookies

I hope I've been a good girl

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Only In My House


World English Dictionary
multitask (ˈmʌltɪˌtɑːsk) [Click for IPA pronunciation guide]


to work at several different tasks simultaneously

Nuff said right? I mean you should only attempt multiple tasks if you are up for the challenge. I live my life in multi mode. Obviously not today.

Get this....I was only making cookie dough.

That's it....

I was adding all the ingredients for a double batch of sugar cookies. I am so behind in making these for Kate's usually takes me a few days and that leaves Friday the last day to get these there...(their Christmas party is tomorrow...eek not gonna happen)

I'm measuring the ingredients and thinking of all the other million things I need to be laundry (that's like 10 loads high), dishes need unloading and loading, momma needs a shower, swiffer floors, clean guest bathroom, start frying bacon for dinner tonight (baked potato soup) start dessert for In Law wed dinner, keep eye on 2 little rugrats, empty's starting to stink....finish gift buying....the list is on going....

Then I many cups of flour did I add?....was that 4 or 5? Oh man...does that look like 4 cups? Should I add one more....or was it 3. seriously laura how do you mess this up?....

I just go with it and hope it turns out. I'm stressing the whole time I'm rolling the dough...."does it feel feels to maybe did I think you messed up....did you start the dryer?"

You see the dilama? Never think when baking...if your name is Laura.

I baked a batch and tasted one.....they seem fine...I think....I'm only used to eating them with icing. No one will notice right?!


On a different note....

I saw this cartoon and had a giggle....this is so our house...(esp the last few) I try to teach the children to think of others....esp when it comes to toilet paper. I'm usually the one that finds the last photo.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Foto Friday: Back Off Jack...They're all Mine

Let me set the scene....

It's way too early for all kids to be up....Only the big kids should be to git otta tha door for skool.

But Lily felt the need to wake me at 5ish to say she was thirsty.....(forced her to lay in bed and count to sleep again) and then dude decided he was missing the fun and got up at 6. Where in turn I willed him with my magic mommy powers to go back to sleep....I guess my magic was empty...b/c by 6:50 I gave up willing him and just got him up.

Downstairs all 5 kids are bustling in the kitchen....I'm watching oldest child pace and talk to himself. (Chemistry mid term exam and he's reciting the charts....) 2nd child is tormenting Mini Me....and Mini Me is all in a tizzy b/c her choir class is heading to the amusement park tonight to sing and ride rides.

I notice Lily and Reid are gone and I hear Reid screaming......."Hey chick...I can't talk yet and you are really making me mad so I'll scream at you to get your attention" kind of yelling (you know I'm like the Baby Whisperer....I can totally understand what Reid is saying when he yells)

I round the corner and find Lily and Reid by the pantry with Lily telling Reid....
"No little baby....They are all mine....Run away!"

I call Lily's name...


...and my then bag of marshmallows was no longer .....guess where they went? (I think there were about 6 left)

Obviously I need to teach this girl the art of sharing...poor baby Reid!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

It's Torture When Chocolate is Around


I may or may not have given in once (ok ok three times) today.


I had had had to try these cookies see I forgot the vanilla when baking them. (trust me vanilla is a must) and had to see if they were edible for the family tonight. (3 times edible) I figure I had been really really good all week....and messed up this once. THEY WERE CHOCOLATE COVERED CHERRY COOKIES FOR PETE'S SAKE....I'm in the clear here right???

What is it about chocolate and cherries that is so insanely enticing together?

Moving on to the ladies man....Elvis is a favorite with the ladies in our house....You go little Elf

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Fudgy Goodness...

Ok this isn't the cookie recipe I told you I was going to post. (Wednesday come back tomorrow)

This is the "last minute oh goody i have everything on hand to make these i can't believe i forgot to make a treat" cookie.

It was advent last night ...and yes again I forgot to plan a snack (what is happening to me?)

I happened to be on Pinterest (shocker there) and ran into these bad boys.
4I checked the ingredients and was jumping for joy I had everything on hand.

They were easy to fact Lily helped me. It was the 2nd time she has asked to help me bake. I am a little surprised at how quickly she 'gets' it. Here Mini Me is 10 and will help measure one thing and she's through. Lily wanted to do it all. I used a stand mixer so I told her to put her hand on top of the stand. She thought she was doing all the mixing by doing that. It was a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e. I have me my mini baker now! (it only took 5 kids)


I would compare these to chewy brownie's with powdered goodness on them. Did I sample? No (can you believe it?) The kids told me they were out of this world and so far favorite cookie #2 that I make. (#1 are the double oat breakfast cookies)

*a few ppl were asking where I take my photos.....I actually use 2 pieces of white poster board and then either use the light from the windows ....or head outside on our front porch. (I like the lighting there) I am sure if anyone drives by they think what a freak I am (what's new?!)...I'm taking pictures of food for Pete's sake. Then I use my photoshop to add text or brighten picture. I wish I had more time to play around and be more professional....but this gets me what I need quick.

Here's where we found Elvis today....I sure hope he cleans up his mess. I'm sure not (ha...who am I kidding?)


Off to Target today.....yeah I know you're jealous! (grins)

Monday, December 5, 2011

Miscellany Monday....Elvis is in the Building

Head over to Carissa's and link up...
Miscellany Monday @<br />lowercase letters

one. ZA
Yes Pizza....I love it...I could it eat every single day. (that and mexican food) But as of yesterday that was my last day....why? Because my lovely no-low carb/no sweets (but I am going to have a sweet once a a party will be something I look forward to) and no soda. I owe it to my thighs....Momma needs a jump start again. Wish me well please....because of right now...all I can think about is Dr Pepper. (typical huh?)

two. Prayers
Yesterday my neighbor and bestie txt me about her brother's friend. This sweet girl named Lauren was in a plane accident. The plane ride was fine....but it was after that the tragedy happened. While exiting the plane Lauren somehow walked into the propeller. Struck on the left side of her body, Lauren's hand, head, and shoulder area were hit. Following multiple surgeries, Lauren has received facial and shoulder reconstruction, as well as the loss of her hand. They are currently praying for healing on the left eye and brain. She is in stable condition with ongoing surgery. If you have a chance head over to her page and read the miracles that are happening .. LAUREN

three. Puke
Yep puke. Lily woke us up Sat night/Sun morn with it in the bed. Did I mention we co-sleep? Did I mention she must have had something purple (no idea) This went on for about 5 hrs. We used every sheet/towel/blanket we could find. It's really cold out and we were huddled like little bunnies to keep warm. Thankfully she slept at 5am-11am with no more tummy issues. Reid decided this would be the night he would choose to get up and party. He hasn't had a night like that since he was a wee lad. Momma was tired. Then Dude was up by 7am and so was momma....daddy and Lil slept in...(deep sigh) Last night was better, but Lily woke up at 4am and talked my ear off until 6:40...only to be woken up by the big kids for school before 7.. Dude, Lily and daddy are still snoozing...I did mention I was tired right? Point story....? (if there is one) Pray no one else gets it. I'm tired of doing laundry. Not to mention hate seeing my babies in pain like that.

four. Elvis
This is where we found Elvis this morning...Guess we know who his GF is...

five. Cherries
I'm a sucker for chocolate covered cherries. (or I was until no sweets) At the cookie exchange one momma brought some cookies that I can't stop thinking about. I am making them for the In Laws dinner for Wednesday. Must have will power. These cookies are a take on those cherry cordials. They have condensed milk in it....nuff said! I'll blog the recipe and photos so stand by.

six. Best Behavior
What is it with ppl? This is supposed to be the season of giving and cheer and kindness towards men. Well it seems anything but when out shopping. I'm not talking for toys *which I did have to hit Toys R Us for a return...never again mind you* But I'm talking at the grocery store for groceries. Shesh it was kill or be killed. I best put my "kick me" sign on my back...It might be easier. Thank goodness I'm in a terrific mood. Nothing can knock me down!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Cookie Exchange Party

For as long as I can remember I wanted to host a cookie exchange...

Now I'm not sure I did a great job, but I sure had fun. (Hopefully others did too ha)

I had Charlie Brown's Christmas cd playing in the background (I think I'm the only one that noticed)....and yummy Cinnamon Bear scents burning in the air.....

I had a Wassail bar, hot chocolate bar, and a coffee bar....thanks to Pinterest I stole a few ideas....The peppermint tipped marshmallows were a epic we just had marshmallows....


The cookies I made were a complete mess to look at, but they had a nice snap crunch to them and the chocolate cookie itself was divine.


Chocolate Peppermint Stars
20 round peppermint candies (crushed) 1 1/4 cup flour (plus more for rolling)
3/4 cup cocoa powder 1 1/2 stick butter; softened
1 cup sugar 1 egg 1/2 tsp vanilla

preheat oven to 325
whisk flour, cocoa and 1/8 tsp salt and set aside
beat butter and sugar with mixer on med speed until combined, about 3 mins.
Beat in egg and vanilla and beat another minute.
Reduce speed to low and gradually add flour mixture until combine. About 2 mins.
Shape dough into disk and wrap in plastic wrap. Chill for at least 2 hrs.
Roll dough 1/8 thickness on lightly floured surface.
Cut out star shapes and transfer to baking sheet lined with parchment paper.
Refrigerate for 15 mins to firm up.
Cut a smaller star in center of cookies.
Bake 9 mins until slightly firm
Fill center of each cookie with crushed peppermints.
Bake another 5-6 mins until candy has melted
Let cool on baking sheet on wire rack for 10 mins
Transfer cookies to rack
yield 2 dz cookies

I snagged a few (are we even allowed to take our own cookies?) so the kids could sample a few. It was pure torture having them watch me bake them and not getting to sample any.

Anyone ever hosted a cookie exchange party? Any tips or treats for my next one?

Thursday, December 1, 2011

10 Months.....Rugged Boy in the Making


I say it every month, but I'll say it again....

10 months ago on a frozen world (remember the ice storm) sweet little dude friend came into the world. That day marked another awesome day for us!


I can't say enough about how sweet Reid is.....

He's like a dash of peppermint mocha creamer in your coffee each morning.
Like the fresh scent of Downy Fabric softener on your towels.
Like the first bite of Mexican food after a long day.
Like the feel of your smooth teeth after a dental cleaning.
(need I say more?)

He is definitely momma's boy and I welcome his glued hip to my hip...for I know that not in the not to distant future my baby will not need me as much.

Love you sweet boy.

(ok now off to finish baking the 6 dz cookies for the party tomorrow....note: the recipe made 24 cookies not 40...I've got a bone to pick with Martha Stewart. But then again after reading some pages of her daughter's tell all book...I'm starting to think Martha hasn't done any of her ideas at all in the first place.)

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

It's Almost Here...

(notice the blog change? it's to get you in the mood for the holidays from Christmas....through New Year's...thanks to Shannon again over at Sweet Bean Co. Designs)

It's almost here....December that is.....

Can you believe it? That magical season of birth is already upon us. It feels like just yesterday I was decorating the house and putting lights up outside. (Man I forgot what a chore that is....)

I am hosting my first cookie exchange this Friday and have been busy getting little knick knacks together for decorating ...thanks to Pinterest I took some white paper plates and laced ribbon through them. (didn't realize how much ribbon it would end up taking...def not something to do if you have lots of plates to use)

I am also supplying the "drink bar" ....I am going to have a hot chocolate station....with crushed peppermint tipped marshmallows (again Pinterest)

I also plan on doing just plain (not sprinkled like in photo) chocolate covered spoons for either their coffee or hot chocolate.

I'm making my favorite Wassail. (the smell alone is fantastic in the house while simmering)

I bought some of these cuties on etsy (I don't care if they hold up or not...they were darn cute)

I'm a little angry though....I found a cookie recipe for Chocolate and Peppermint Stars in the Martha Stewart magazine....I think the testers for the cookie are either confused or insane....It says it makes 40 cookies per batch...but I baked rolled cookies all the time and there is no way I can get 40 cookies from 1 batch of that dough. I have to make 6 dz cookies for this party....needless to say I didn't plan this very well. (moral.....don't try a new recipe days before a party)

Hope everyone has a terrific Wednesday....Oldest child gets his stitches out tomorrow...anxious to see when he can start to put pressure on his knee and walk w/o crutches! (I'm sure him more than me....)

PS.....I lost my side bar of blogs I please excuse me if it takes a while to find yours again...)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Work With Me Peeps....


Getting 5 kids to take a photo is harder than I imagined. You would think the big kids would be easy (because you can threaten them) but no.


I seriously set myself up though for failure. In my head it was simple....I had the location...all they had to do was walk. Walk...that was it. Oh...and not look like I broke their favorite toy. I was sweating before it was said and done.


I took 198 photos the weekend before oldest child's surgery. How many turned out? 2....and those 2 don't even show their faces.


Who wants a Christmas card where the kids faces aren't even showing...

It's like..."WOW...thanks for a photo of your kids backside"


Well here's the deal wanna see their faces then come and see them in person....nothing says lovin like the real thang baby....(bitter much)

Notice Lily's boots....she refused to wear the brown fuzzy had to be her Pink Hello Kitty....I didn't need anymore meltdowns so I sucked it up. Child #2 pouted the whole time b/c heaven forbid taking pictures with your siblings was beneath him.

I seriously don't know what the children are doing in half the photos...I just know I was screaming to make them all conform (never a good just confuses people)

I figured I would turn the photo black and white and you wouldn't notice Lily's boots anyways.....but then again....


I don't even have one worthy of switching heads from one photo to another....I mean I'm good, but not that good.....too many heads to move.

I did get a cute shot of Mini Me....


After I got home and saw this picture I can't believe how much my 1st baby girl is growing up...

Monday, November 28, 2011

H, L, J, and P

Hope Love Joy Peace

It's Advent season ...which means break out our wreaths for a little family devotion time.

Sundays are a little crazy around the the traditional day gets moved to Monday for our gang. For the past....6 yrs we have had our 'special snack' and prayers with the lighting of our candles. The kids really look forward to it now that they are getting older. It was hard at first to get the little rugrats to sit in their seats....(Points to Lily) it's a time of coming together and the older kids love to hear and be retold the stories each week.

(or fights over who gets to light the candle(s) each week)

3 purple candles, 1 pink and 1 white

Today is Purple....The Prophecy Candle....symbolizing Hope in remembrance of the prophets ...mainly Isaiah, who foretold the birth. Hope in anticipation of the coming Messiah.

I usually have some special 'treat' and 'drink'...but I was lame and forgot the ingredients when I went shopping for the weekly groceries. Soooooo I'm gonna run to the corner donut shop and grab some special 'sprinkle' ones and make hot chocolate. (I am so not impressed) I blame it on Thanksgiving and Gray's surgery for throwing me off my 'I totally fake that I've totally got it together' and now I just look fake (grins)

What traditions do you hold with your family during this season?

Wanted to add a new addition each week to my posts.....New blogs that I adore reading....

You know you stalk...I mean we all do....and then you find a blog where you PRETEND THAT SHE IS YOUR BEST FRIEND AND WANT TO COPY EVERYTHING SHE DOES BECAUSE SHE IS OHHH SO COOL? enjoy reading it...?

Well I thought I would share a blog or 2 that I find and enjoy reading.....

first up....Rebecca...another mom to 5 kids....over at olderandwisor. I have major giggles reading her stuff......


side note....thanks for all the prayers....Grayson is healing beautifully. I have totally enjoyed waiting on him hand and knee...haha get it...aww never mind.... I mean hand and foot. I thought it would get old...but nah. How often do you get to baby your first baby when he's a teen?

He'll be on crutches for another week...and stitches come out Thursday. I thought I would keep him home from school a few days to heal some more before being throw around in the halls or sitting all day in a cramped desk. Thanks again for thinking of us....

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Well goooooood mawn'n (said in her best southern accent)

Thanks for the prayers....The surgery went terrific. His shredded acl was repaired and the tear in his meniscus actually had healed itself...(PTL)

Dear son was pretty much tired and slept on and off the whole day.....and night. The knee was still numb and so thankfully he wasn't in any pain on Monday....I was a worried wreck that during the night he would start to feel pain and I wouldn't be there to get his med's. So what does a momma do? She can't sleep and pretty much is on alert the whole night listening to every sound. Ok that and dude has a dry cough and I was up most of the night anyways....(did I mention I'm tired?)

I went to the store and spent double what I normally do for the week buying all of his favorite foods.....I mean the boy had surgery...and is going to be off his leg for a week if not more and I get to play nurse maid

I got to cook all his favorite foods for dinner...I think I'm spoiling him for his future wife...but I just basically put myself in his shoes and thought..."what would I need to recover fully and how would I like to be treated?"

I put a little snack bucket next to where he is sleeping in case he's hungry, pills for feeling nauseous at night ...a bottle water and his video games and laptop. I tried to keep all his bases covered in case he couldn't sleep.

All in all things are going pretty ok...he's in slight pain...and has been resting comfortably ....we head to the dr on Friday for a checkup to change the bandage. I'm also hoping they will give us the go ahead to take the brace off for a bit so he can shower. We are attempting to wash his long locks of hair in the sink today...guess what? I think he finally wants to get it cut...shorter than a trim. All I can say is wow! (and then keep my mouth shut)

As for me....? I am feeling 100%. Man oh Man that was one horrible day.....those 24 hr bugs thankfully are just that 24 hrs. I think it was so hard on me b/c I didn't get to rest like I needed. Reid was going through some "My mother better not leave my sight or not hold me or I'll scream like a banshee" and Lily? well she was in high form....needless to say I rolled around in pain on the living room rug while the babies climbed all over me ....I wanted to die and was literally grinding my teeth with exhaustion. Typical that Reid also would take a 1 hr nap when he normally takes a 3 hr and a small early evening one. It's like I was being paid back for something....

Again thanks for all the prayers......keep em coming for fast recovery.

Any good plans for your Turkey Day tomorrow? We are having the family here....can't wait!!!!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Bug and Blood

I feel like I have been hit by a Mack truck and then backed up over and then run over again....times 10.

Somehow Momma (me) got a tummy bug ....I thought maybe it was something we ate this weekend..I was awake with tummy pains around 3am....just waiting for the porcelain thrones to start flushing around the house....but alas....that prize was only left for me....I assume bug...24 please (begs) The baby only seems to want me and won't nap today....I'm in hell....did I mention he caught a cold?

My reason for writing on a Sunday is prayers....(one for me too if you can spare) prayers for my oldest child. He goes in for knee surgery tomorrow morning. Yes, as a mom we are always a nervous wreck no matter how simple a procedure....we aren't sure of the extent of the shred until they get in there. Outcome? If it's minor 6 week recovery....the bad kind then we are looking at 6 months. For some reason I don't feel hopeful. (maybe it's the bug I caught beating me into the ground)

Thanks in advance....I'm off to crawl back under my rock now

Friday, November 18, 2011

My Sources For Entertainment

Crazy girl and Dude are best buds.
Now that he is walking he seems more INTO wanting to play with his big sissy. The older kids and I can just sit back and giggle at the 2 of them together. Dude will let out this scream whenever he has had enough of Lily choking him and trying to hug him. I wish I could capture his face on camera when he's soooo comical.

Here is a video I took last night....I was laughing so hard I could barely tell Lily to stop....Listen very closely to the can hear daddy tell Lily to stop....her reply "NO" ...that's Lily for you....

Usually my evenings consist of cooking the dinner...watching my kids inhale before I can even plate my own food....Half the time I'm standing at the island b/c I have a baby on my hip. Now that Reid is starting to eat big people food...he will eat mine before I can get a spoonful myself.

Kids run off to do homework or showers and I'm busy cleaning the aftermath of dinner....(or trying to scrape the bowl for my meal) This is usually what I find by the sink....

I'm guessing either my children love being near me or just don't care where they find a place to do homework.

Nothing better than being surrounded by your children I say....

Lily is a constant source of entertainment for us....last night while she was in her bath she shouted "I need to get out of the tub momma.....I need to put something sparkly on fast"

I love having a girly if only she'd let me fix her hair.

Happy Friday Y'all

Thursday, November 17, 2011


Wow....Just one word WOW

Last nights meal was fan-tab-ulous. I just made that word up ...that's b/c it was so delish.

Granted I might have made more work for myself since I double every recipe I make....but I was smart and did all the prep during the day.

I'll start with the bread portion of the meal....(pats thighs) This was my first time to make Focaccia Bread and I think I just found my favorite bread to bake.....


it tasted out of this world. I tried the food processor way and I've got mixed feelings about it....only b/c when I make bread I like to use my hands...makes me feel all Laura Ingalls like....(grins) But have to admit (don't tell) I will probably make it again this method in the future....less work for momma

8 The food processor made my life a little bit easier yesterday. I ended up making 3 kinds of focaccia....


I doubled the recipe and pressed my dough into 2 8" rounds and 1 9x13 pans. I followed the recipe to a T


the smell of the bread made my mouth water....I knew if I sampled before the meal there may not have been any left. Bread is my weakness....(pats thighs again)


Sorry there are not any 'real' pictures of the main course....I was busy cooking...serving....and toting small babes around. When you have a houseful (9) of hungry people ...stopping to take pictures is not an option.....

I can't say enough about the sauce....It was tangy....and sweet...with just the right amount of basil to it....I may or may not have stolen some to freeze for a rainy day....and I may or may not have grabbed an extra meatball and sauce for today's lunch....and I may or may not have mopped my sauce up on my plate with my bread. I think I even saw my FIL break up a few pieces and pour the sauce on it. Please try this recipe out...You will not be disappointed.


The meatballs turned out moist and perfect too. Even Dude Friend ate a whole meatball....I couldn't keep him away. Yes, the 9 month old inhaled the meat. He's my little garbage disposal...he'll eat anything right now...I sure hope he keeps this up...

I followed all of the recipes and didn't change anything....and I won't when we make these again.....I found the flavors perfect the way it was...

For reference ...the recipe says it makes 8 giant meatballs...I would compare them to baseballs...nice portion. Simmering them in the sauce to finish cooking is what made these little babies into the definition of perfect...


After doing 3 loads of dishes and hand washing more pots than I care to imagine....(all for just that meal)....I think I'll put my feet up today and read books with the babies....

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