Friday, January 21, 2011

Lazy Nesting Momma....(and nursery pics)

I'm totally lazy.....but love these things

Have you seen the 3M velcro mounting stickers? You can hang pictures etc with them w/o nailing holes in your wall. I'm all about that. 1 holds up to 3lb...2 6lbs and 4 12lbs. So you can hang a really nice size picture. I even tried it w/a wooden shelf and it held for a year. I ended up just taking it off the wall to hang a clock mess and no nail holes.

So I've been hanging all kinds of things lately w/o the guilt of nail holes (if you knew my hubs you know my concern)

Last night I hung some things in the babies room...guilt free.

Hubs is killing me though. See Lily still sleeps in our room (remember her new platform bed we built her here) I am not sure she will ever make it to her room...but I've got a few years to worry...

For now new baby coming and he'll get his own room for now....later he'll share w/Lily!

A few months back I decided to switch oldest child's room w/the babies room.....He had the biggest closet of all the rooms and I could fit a dresser and 2 kids clothes in there so I wanted that room NOW for Lily and Reid. No sense in doing it later .....

To make the move even more enticing (Lily's old room is the smallest) we headed to IKEA and bought oldest child all new it looks like a cool college apartment. He got new dressers...night stand and futon style bed. Now he's got a couch in the day and bed at night! He loves his new room! (thanks IKEA for awesome stuff at terrific prices)

I hung his cork board for him last night w/those sticky velcro. I told him the cork board only weighed like 1lb and these stickers would hold almost 6lbs.

In the middle of the night I heard a loud BANG BANG. Ohhhh darn I thought...something fell off the wall...I guess those stickers didn't work after all. When I woke up I wondered what fell in the babies room....and checked and nothing...(Most of the things are super light so I thought surely not)

When Grayson woke up I asked if his cork board fell and he said yes....I was shocked b/c it was lighter than the things in the babies room. About 5 mins later he said I guess I'll need more sticky things to hold the lamp up.


"What do you mean lamp up?"

"Well I hung that huge clip on lamp off the top of the cork board"

" silly nut you can't hang massive lamps on the's for pictures and such not hanging objects off the pictures too"

No wonder the sucker fell off the wall!

Back to Lily and Reid's room.....

So hubs is looking around at what I'm hanging....(he likes blank canvases)

"Why are you making this a cowboy room"

"UMMM well hello honey...that's Reid's theme"

"But this is Lily's room too"

"No it isn't she sleeps w/us...the day she sleeps in here will probably be 2 more years from now and then I'll add her bed and stuff on (points to side w/rocking chair and changing table) this side of the room and R can have this side"

"Well then don't decorate that side w/cowboys stuff b/c it's hers"

"But I just said I will in 2 years from now when she's here...for now it's his room. All she does is change clothes in here"

Needless to say I lost part of that argument ....the glider and lamp still remain pink....everything else is cowboy. The only reason I am getting to hang the curtain on her side is b/c the rod is white and one day I can change the curtain to her pink ones for her side (since her side will have the window)

Hubs already got the themes going to match too....Lily has the owl outdoors theme....Reid will have the camping theme (we saved the big boys stuff when they outgrew it) I've got a ton of adorable decorations from the camping theme!

So.....I have half a cowboy room......and half a pink princess....tis all good!

Here are a few pics...


Neely said...

Those commands are AMAZING!

Shannon said...

Awww, Laura I am loving Reid's bedding! Haha, I see the cowboy stuff and your sweet mention...

I have something in mind to send, now just to find the time to do it!

I love 3M! When I was teaching I used the hooks all over the place!

Hope you have a good weekend. Feels weird that we haven't talked, emailed, or texted yet today? What's wrong with us?!


Hattie said...

I love those Command sticky things.

Cute room, love the theme!!!

LeAnna said...

Love the room, it's adorable!

Stef said...

I always think it is so funny the things that Hubs has an opinion about. I guess I just assumed because my dad didn't that all men were like that. Not so . Oh so not so!

Jennifer said...

Oh the room is so cute! I need to get some of those picture hangers, the walls in my house are made from some sort of plaster that is impossible to put a nail through. Plus, I'm the queen of rearranging!

Gabe and Kristen said...

love LOVE LOVE the Nursery It'd adorable!!!!!!! and havent tried the velcro strips yet... been waiting for a good review.... :)

Annie said...

I love R's cowboy bedding!! He will be here SO soon to sleep in it :)

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

what a fun nursery! i'm pretty certain that reid is going to LOVE it!

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