Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Waddle Waddle Quack Quack

Well it's official! I'm a duck!

Hubs was watching me walk in from the garage the other day and said

"Hey ducky...nice waddle" I was hoping he wasn't talking of the skin under my chin. I'm 36 weeks today and I think my timer has gone off......Momma is done...belly side up! Now I love being pregnant but I think I can honestly say I'm beat. Chasing Lily and keeping house for 6 has taken a toll on my back and feet. I can't bend and so needless to say I'm worthless in the cleaning department at the moment.

I swore I would never ever have a changing station downstairs (thought I'd get lazy and besides walking up and down the stairs is good for the glutes) But I sucked it up and made the butlers pantry a new changing spot! My back and legs and the winded thing is becoming an issue. (wow I sound like a ball of complaints)

I do weekly NST (non stress tests) at the midwife now...just for 20 mins and it's soooo amazing to see his little heartbeat increase when he hears me talking! I hope that's a good "Hey you're my momma...I know that pretty voice"

I know that when the baby comes I have a whole set of other issues...lack of sleep...engorged leaking boobs....did I mention exhaustion? haha Yes Yes I know, but health issues vs lack of sleep...I'll take the lack of sleep any day (remind me I said that)

Lily has been doing really great lately w/her arm. I'm still a nervous wreck when she tries to be Super Girl leaping off of tall buildings....again this child will be the death of me.

She's doing some pretty funny things lately. Last night during dinner she said "Momma Knock Knock" I did who's there....she said "Orange" I did the orange who? She said "knock knock" and this went on for about 5 times with Orange...then by the 6th she said Apple! haha Granted that's not how it goes, but for 2 she cracked me up!

She is always doing stuff to make you laugh! Belting out tunes at the top of her lungs..or when I change her diaper whether it's a stinky or not...she will say "momma stinky stinky wil wee (lily)" haha

She is constantly alert of babies crying....her bottom lip sticks out and she says "Momma beebee cwying" and then rubs my belly. Yes, I tell her, Reid is going to cry too and we will love on him to make him happy!

Over the holiday break she got uber attached to daddy...which is terrific....1. I'm needing a break for a bit... 2. I know when the baby comes she'll need some extra attention....and daddy is her new hero!

Last night she dragged him upstairs to play...after a hr I went looking for them and found then in her new closet playing w/her tutus and looking at photos! When I tried to open the door she shut it saying "No momma...go way" Poor B's face was calling for help! haha Gotta love daddy's!

This morning when she came down the stairs she saw the big kids getting ready to leave for school she said

"morn din din (grayson) jake and sissy.....good day and get lunches"

She hears me tell them have a good day and not to forget their lunches as they are walking out the door every morning.....I tell you she's a sponge! She's a good little mommy in the making!

We are officially in the fun...yet tiring 2 yr old phase!


Jumping Jack said...

Love this title! That's exactly how I felt at 36 weeks, lucky for me Jack came a few days later. I don't know how you do it with all the kids! You're super mom! Good for you for putting that changing table downstairs - you need a little break!

That Lily is a hoot!

Kelly L said...

All I can say is WOW and God bless you!.. 4 more weeks...

Love to you and Happy new year!
I've Become My Mother
Amazing Salvation
Kelly's Ideas

Neely said...

You're getting close!!! We should have a blog meet up soon!

Tiffany said...

I love little sweet talking. It's the cutest thing, especially when they imitate you saying something sweet (not something crass... lol!).

You are SO close! I don't blame you for feeling done or having a changing table downstairs, especially since you will have 2 in diaps.

Angie said...

Aww...she is a little mommie! She is gonna be a great helper for you :)

Britt said...

It's getting so close! I hope these last few weeks go by super fast! Were you usually early or late with your others?? (And sorry if you've said this before... :))

Caroline said...

You are so close. This is such a cute post. Daddy is really going to come in handy with Lily when R gets there. :) So cute!!!

New Mommy!!! said...

Lils is too cute! Nik says/does crazy things too, cracks us up constantly-kids are the best!

Girl, you look about ready to pop!

Ouch for your thumb, and leg, and cheek. careful with those knives.
I'm worried about you with your Skin. Take care of yourself, OK. You're scaring me with that!

Hang in there. Totally ok you made a changing station downstairs.

Glad Lils is out of the cast. Phew!

Shannon said...

Okay so annoyed...just typed a long comment and poof, in a sec, it was GONE!


Anywahoodles, laughing at the title of your post, great visual, Laura, really!

So glad L bonded with Daddy to give you some breathing room!

I remember those stress tests too...kinda a pain but fun to hear all the inside commotion!

Not too much longer and we'll be meeting Reid, yippee!

Hugs! Take it easy!

Just Add Walter said...

you can do it -- take all the breaks you can get!!

Stef said...

Oh, I do not envy you. I love having babies, but those last few weeks are killer.

I hope Lily adjusts well. But it may just be what she needs. Until then, Daddy can do just fine..

Get some rest, Mama!

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

you must be tired! i was spent at 36 wks keeping up with my 14 mo old and hubby... i couldn't imagine taking care of more! you're one tough chick!

mountain mama said...

hee hee, well, it's part of being prego i suppose. funny.

happy new year!

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