Friday, February 25, 2011

F Squared....and a lil something for my friends......

Dude Friend turned 3 weeks this past Tuesday!

Reid has the 2 F's.....At around 7:30pm-10pm he Fusses and Feeds.....During the day he's great...rarely cries...but during these hours he is a fussy wussy! He is storing his tank up I guess....He fusses and eats and roots and toots...and burps...and spits up...and feeds...and fusses and repeats this cycle until 10pm. Then he passes out for 3 hrs. I'm guessing this is his routine for the evening....Now granted I don't mind except for the fact that I have 4 other kids and 1 of those is a high maintenance child. (wonder who??)

For the past 3 days Dude Friend has slept 3 hrs up for feeding....and another 3 hrs...up for feeding and then on and off for a hr etc at night...So my sleep is getting better too...only problem is when I wake up after 3 hrs it feels like 20 mins...ugh! Odd it makes you feel worse not better.

He's also getting that baby acne that Lily got at 3 weeks....NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I have to admit she looked sooooo horrible during those weeks she had it. I thought it would never go away! She looked like she hurt.....Yesterday I noticed Dude was getting some spots on his forehead and I noticed some on his cheeks...go away baby acne...I got enough issues!

Lily is getting more active lately! She is pulling the ol "I'm two and hear me roar" I'm not amused let's say. Her voice is way too loud to play in the house and when I tell her she needs to calm her voice and settle down she feels this is the time to increase the volume. I've never had to use time out before and I'm not sure it's working.....ugh! Maybe I'm doing something's been years since I've had to discipline a toddler!

I'm thankful Dude is a calm baby at the moment...2 high maintenance kids would be more than I can handle! Please keep up the good work Dude Friend!

_____________________SOMETHING FOR MY FRIENDS______________________

Don't you just blogs......I've met some of the sweetest girls by STALKING reading blogs....Take for instance dear Brandy over at Jumping remember the girl who sent Reid the cute burp cloth set and onesie w/his initial on it? (see photo)

Well I went to her Etsy Store and had her make a bandana pillowcase dress to match Reid.

Thanks to Lily not letting me get a great shot of her in her dress it's hard to see what it looks's the bandana top ...w/some cow print around the bottom! They looked sooo cute together!

Brandy is soooo stinkin talented. I was amazed to learn she just newly picked up this skill. I thought she had been sewing since she was a little girl...that's how good she is. I'm sooo extremely jealous of her...I want to sew more than straight lines!!!

In visiting back and forth through emails I learned she used to live in my neighborhood....which made me sad she moved b/c

1. Small world 2. I'd love to run over to visit over coffee and let the kids play! (sniff sniff...move back Brandy) :o) Isn't the bloggy world fun??!!

I got sooo excited about her etsy store that I asked her to make Reid one of those ribbon lovey binky blankets....she had a ton of fabric to choose from and even embroidered his name on it. I couldn't have been more thrilled on how it turned out! I def need to get more made for baby gifts for the future baby showers!

Here's the back of the blanket...

Head over to her Etsy store Sunfire Creative and check out all of her gorgeous's a coupon code to use at check out for a 10% off your order! BOOTS10. Custom orders welcome!!!

Or just drop her a line and tell her how adorable you think Reid is in all his cute stuff! (I'm biased!)

AND WISH HER A HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOO! (Her bday is tomorrow)

Monday, February 21, 2011

Miscellany Monday.....

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

Woohoo...I've been dying to participate in Carissa's Miscellany Monday.......she's a totally sweetie so head her way now tell her hi!

1. This whole post is being typed via 1 hand thanks to a sleeping Dude Friend. I could put him down, but it's not everyday you get to cuddle w/a newborn under your chin. So I'll be thankful for my sweet DF who's a joy have in our life! I stare at him every second soaking in his beauty!!

2. Yes, you really can shower in under 5 mins (on non hair wash day)

3. Speaking of non hair washing mom bought me this

she's coming again today for the whole week......I'm so excited! I'll let you know how the product works ....ohhh the small things in life to make you happy!

4. I own 5 black nursing tanks and 3 black pairs of yes it looks like i'm wearing the same thing everyday, but really I'm get over it!

5. My 14 yr old son made the lunches last week for me and took out the trash on monday night (for tues pick up) w/o even being asked. I know it doesn't seem like a huge thing...but he made the lunches for the week just like I do....for not only himself but Mini Me and Hedgie too! Made me cry....I guess I am doing something right on the motherhood train

6. Mini Me went to a Sock Hop at her school this weekend....I wish I could have gone w/her...

7. I haven't been outside the house in the past 3 weeks ...other than to check the mail...let the dog out to wee wee and drive to the midwife....and no I'm not going through withdrawals. I like to keep Dude Friend secluded for months.....Germs scare me! Besides...not wearing make up has been fun! Maybe I'm living in a lack of sleep state, but I rather like my face like this!

8. I really do like blog 'stalking'...I mean how else do you find some really fun and amazing ppl. How many times have I said..."She could soooo be my best friend" :o)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Only Me....

Today I ventured out w/the 2 of the 5 kids. I don't know why I am sooo's not like I haven't done this before. OH YEAH RIGHT....LILY ISN'T LIKE THE OTHER KIDS...she's active and has a mind of her own. When I ask her to stand by mommy I think she hears the words..."GO and RUN FREE LITTLE ONE. THE WORLD IS YOUR PLAYGROUND" ....

Today Reid has his 2 week check up with the midwife....he weighed a whopping 11lbs 1 oz. HAHA IS MY MILK GOOD OR WHAT?

Soooo the ride there was fine...Reid only cried for a minute and the car lulled him to nappy time. He usually gets the booby for about hour in the morning and I cut it short so as not to be late for a 9am appt. (note to time make it 9:30). So I'm guessing that is why he put up a fight for a second. Lily did great...she didn't even bother or care to notice Dude Friend next to her.....Stuck her Olivia dvd in and gave her a Blueberry Waffle to eat...and viola!

When I got to the midwife I didn't see her car and I was 10 mins early so I sat in the car waiting....dude friend got fussy so I got out and went to sit in the back w/the kids. After 10 mins I realize the midwife IS there and so I proceed to get out of the car.....ONLY THE DOOR WON'T OPEN.....I check the lock still nothing....I idea why since there is a trunk and 3 other car doors...problem is too much stuff is blocking the way to the front seat and it takes me forever to climb over...understand this idea comes to me after mins of yanking on the handle of the door telling it to open! I'm sweating by this point. I'm praying no one is watching me as I fall on my face climbing over the headrest and trying to not knock the infant carrier into the front seat.....

Come to find out? The child safety lock was flipped on the door hence it not opening......(blushes)

I really need to settle. I can handle this 'in public' thing w/more than 1 child....I need to act like I know what I'm doing!

Appt went terrific! Dude Friend is rocking right along! He is a terrific baby and I'm soooo blessed he's laid back! Keep up the good work son! Your mother really isn't a freak like the character you see on a daily basis!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Real Men (babies) Wear Pink

MY BABY IS 2 WEEKS TODAY...Wow I can believe it b/c I feel like I haven't slept in years. haha
So far Reid is a terrific baby...He takes naps in the living room where all the chaos is and does quite well! He has been a champ nurser since the minute he popped out of me...I've been very blessed so far.
We were really taken care of in the food department after Reid too....A great group of ladies had meals every day for a week....dessert too! We ate like Kings and Queens! What would we do w/o the support of friends after giving birth.

Lily is adjusting better than we thought....there are times I'm ready to pull my hair out ....don't get me wrong...she is sooo active and all I want to do is rest any chance I can, but honestly she loves and adores Reid.

I had forgotten what it was like to have a toddler and newborn around....I wish I had taken notes all those years ago...I'd like to know how I did it! :o)

This photo is how I have managed my showers the past couple of days now that my mom has left.
She came to visit for 2 weeks and is back home now (I think recovering) ....she swears she is coming again next week to help out again! I can't thank her enough for all she did the past 2 weeks! She spoiled me rotten by doing all my chores....she even made my coffee every morning! Thanks mom!

Yes Reid sits and spits on a lot of pink stuff...But he wears all boy things....haha! Pointless to buy all new bouncy chairs and burp cloths when the ones I have are just fine

In the words of Little Bear..."TODAY IS A VERY GOOD DAY"

Monday, February 14, 2011

Lily Meeting Reid Video


Here is a clip when we came home from the midwife the day Reid was born. He was just a few hours old in this clip.

We really didn't know how Lily would react to Reid. I talked to her the whole pregnancy about what was in my tummy...but she would ignore me. When she would see me hold other babies she got really upset. I was a nervous wreck thinking she would dog pile the baby or chunk stuff at him. Boy was I wrong.....

She still is really protective of him...doesn't like others to hold him.

The other day a friend brought dinner over and she brought her 6m old...who was in a baby carrier...When she went to leave...she took her baby (in carrier) to the door...Lily started screaming and grabbing her carrier screaming..."MY BABY MY BABY GIVE IT BACK" She was determined that Hannah wasn't leaving with our baby! haha

Every time he cries she says..."Don't cry bebe momma here ...momma here"

She has to hold him every chance she can....she is soooo gentle....she will kiss his head and say

"Ohhh sweet boy....good're soooo cute"

She gags when she sees him spit up! haha

She is still her loud active never fear! I just Praise God she is loving him instead of resenting him ( I think that comes later in life haha)

I think we have a great Big Sister in the making!

I am in the process of weaning her too...I just can't do the both of them anymore....daddy is now putting her to bed at night...and it's working out grand!

Here's the funniest thing yet...SHE REFUSES TO CALL HIM BY HIS NAME. She either calls him DUDE FRIEND....or Little Guy! So his nickname is Dude Friend! Love it!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Refresher Course With Newborns....

I like reflecting back in my blog to the year I had Lily.....It had been 7 yrs between Mini Me and Lily and some things come back to you and some things don't. I guess parenthood is like riding a bike...once you start again you get the hang of it (grins)

Here are some things I wrote back then that still hold true...

Newborn Poo......

  • Newborn poo can shoot up to or over 5 feet
  • Newborn poo is the color of French's Yellow mustard
  • They say breastfed poo has mustard seeds...they are crazy...I don't know what those are...but not seeds
  • Newborn poo smells like buttered popcorn
  • Newborns are talented...they wait until you put a fresh diaper on them and load up another one
  • Newborns are talented...they also wait until the diaper is off of them...while you are reaching for another clean one ...just so they can poo all over the fresh diaper and changing table
  • Newborn poo can go everywhere but in the diaper
  • Newborns seem to have a perfect knack for waiting to make the biggest messes during the middle of the night right after you finally got them to sleep!

Tricks I definitely did not lose on my 7 year hiatus of not having a new baby around....
(and these are still holding true)

  • Standing up nursing while cooking dinner
  • Picking up objects w/my feet w/o having to bend over
  • Holding my breath for long periods of time in order to not wake a sleeping baby
  • Sleep in spurts
  • Hold my bladder b/c you don't have a moment to sit down
  • Change a diaper on my lap
One blog entry I wish I didn't read was the 2 week one of Lily...I said how I was 3 lbs away from my pre pregnancy weight....OHHH HELLLLLLLLLLLO.
Granted Reid won't be 2 weeks until next tues but as of today I am 15lbs away from my pre pregnancy weight. I suck back then! Now granted .....with Lily I only gained 31lbs and with Reid I gained 40.....bah! (makes note to quit reading my past blogs entries)

I promise I am reading blogs...I just don't always comment b/c at the time I'm nursing a babe while reading and it's hard to respond with 1 hand! :o)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Monday, February 7, 2011

6 Days Later.....I Will Survive

Here's my photo from yesterday....yes I eat him up on a minute by minute basis!

Whew Weeeeeeeeeeeeee

Can you say man oh man am I tired? I have no clue how I did this a few years ago...but I'm assuming it was way easier just having Lily as a newborn and 3 big kids who were self sufficient too.

Now with Lily in the 2's and usually stuck to my hip and wanting to hold the baby 24/7.... just isn't always that easy. (more on a lily blog w/her new brother later...anyone able to convert a MP4 video to a MP3?)

The past 5 days were really hard....Reid doesn't like to be put down to sleep at I was sitting in a reclined position on the couch for 2 days...and that sucked. Finally on day 3 and 4 I made a pallet on the floor in his room....and miserable...but he would sleep in the crib for about 15-20 mins and up again. At times it was taking me 3 hrs to just be able to put him down. Lack of sleep for a momma can sure do wonders for your mood the next day. NOT

Yes I had a meltdown crying spell yesterday....lack of sleep does that to a girl!

Finally yesterday he was sleeping on the couch during the day perfectly. Around 11pm I put him on the couch again and I slept next to him....he slept 3 hrs OMG OMG YES YES....I went to his room to change him and nursed him for about 40 mins and out he went and let me put him down again....2 HRS LATER....yep I got 5 hrs now....He woke and went back down again. I turned the monitor on and climbed into bed w/hubs and lily until I heard the big kids get up for school. I feel like a new woman!

Let's pray Reid keeps this up at night! I sure loved the 3 hr and 2 hr nap! haha

Reid really a sweet boy....his cord stump popped off yesterday...makes diaper changes easier..

I've been pee'd on a million times....nothing sweeter huh? :O)

He hates and I mean hates having his clothes taken off or diaper changed. He literally sounds like we are beating him. The minute his clothes start getting put back on he settles and looks around like nothing happened! Little stinker!

Thanks for all the well wishes....I need to sit a spell and catch up on your blogs....

Reid and I have a midwife check to see his progress and double check momma is doing great! We are ....healing was a breeze....aaaawww the joys of midwives and birthing centers! Yes, I am proof you can have a 10 lb baby and not tear! (TMI....................sorry)

Friday, February 4, 2011


Ice Ice Baby........

Reid decides to have a Vanilla Ice song start his birth story.......

For those confused...yes...we named him Duncan Reid...and will call him Reid...Most ppl think why even name him Duncan if you call him Reid....Well get over it! :o) (grins) Duncan Reid sounds lovely together ....

Monday they tell us an ice storm is coming. Not only ice but then snow...making driving conditions horrible. Add to the freezing 9' temps (with wind chills in the negatives) isn't going to help either. They decided to close schools for Tues (then became the whole week...the kids were beyond excited) so we knew the kids would sleep in and I could too.

Of course wouldn't you know it? My labor started around 2am. I heard the ice hitting the house from 2-3:30am and thought surely I'm not in labor.....(the contractions were every 10mins) Surely Reid wouldn't choose today of all days right?

Then Lily decided to wake up around 4, so I cuddled w/her a bit and fell back asleep w/my contractions being sporadic now coming 15-40 mins apart.

Finally woke up around 7ish and came downstairs to check out the weather outside

....NOT LOOKING GOOD. The ice is now covered w/snow......

The rest of the family decided to grace me w/their faces after 10.... (hubs took off b/c of weather and baby) and we told the kids today could be the day their little brother was coming. The boys just stared at me and Kate was freaking out.

My contractions were now anywhere from 15-45mins apart...then when I would have one another would come 8 mins later and then start the whole 15-45 mins apart again. I knew (or thought) I'd be in for a long day.

I had a small breakfast of juice and muffin and lots more juice to keep my blood sugar up.

I love how when a contraction would hit and the kids would talk to me...I would hold a hand up to pause them.....contract and then pick up where we left off. My boys would keep saying...'you ok mom? you ok?' Yes...just quit staring at me. (grins)

I love the fact that my mother was freaking out the whole time telling me I should head to the birthing center. But what for? I'd rather labor at home in the privacy of my own home then up there......Still turned out to be harder than I thought...(not the pains) but having all the kids home...they were running amuck...excited about the weather...and Lily kept climbing on me. Bless her, but man that hurt! She literally would jump on me and bounce...

I gave the midwife (awesome Betty) a call around 10:30ish am and asked half joking how busy she was up there? UMMMM I didn't get the response I was hoping for...THEY WERE BUSY.....There are 2 birthing suites and both were about to be filled....NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO was all I could think of. They normally don't have 2 at once....make that 3.

I told her I was doing just fine at home and the contractions were slower than molasses so I'd stay put and check in with them as the time went on.

Around 3pm the contractions were coming more intense....and lasting 1 min if not longer. I was having more difficulty talking and concentrating now. Yep....I knew then it was time to leave (by the intensity due to past exp) We packed some juice....peanut butter sandwiches (for me after I deliver) and the rest of our gear! I thankfully packed about 3 outfits b/c I had no idea the size of my little peanut...(glad I did)

I called Betty to let her know to be expecting us. She said that 1 momma wasn't in labor like she thought and went home...the other momma had already delivered so for me to BRING IT ON...

Here is a photo of my baby girl as I was leaving the house...(thanks cousin claire for the awesome dress up shoes)

The ride there was horrible. My contractions were pretty low down and in my back and were coming 3-4 mins apart lasting over a min long. The roads were incredibly HORRIBLE!!! We saw trucks overturned or slid off the road. SO I hit panic mode. Hubs reminded me we had 4 wheel drive and all was well. The 24 mins ride took about 40+....and I felt every bump in the road! The pain were the "no talking I need to concentrate on these contractions while hitting every bump in the road strapped to a chair w/a seat belt while trying not to panic b/c of the weather conditions omg did this baby really choose today to come how will we get home" kind of contractions.

I wish I could describe for those who have never experienced natural labor before, but I just can't....these were the "I need to concentrate" soon as they ended I can laugh and joke and carry know anything is possible. I kept concentrating on the magical process of birth and that I needed to relax to let my baby keep moving down...(odd I know ...but hey anything to get ur mind on something else)

Branden was terrific the whole ride. He kept reminding me how great I did in the great I was doing now...and that my body was meant for this. That in a few short hours we'd be holding our son and smiling. He said he was proud to by my husband! AWWW you too love!

We got to the birth center around 4:30pm and got into my room! Chatted through a few contractions giving them the background again of when labor started and how the day went while at home...what I ate etc....

She checked me and I was about 4-5cm. (lovely, NOT was all I could think) But I was totally thinned and everything was perfect. I labored until 5pm pretty easily! They were coming more intense and then I started not getting a break in between them. I remember looking at the clock from 5 to 5:20 thinking "I'm more". I stood up holding on to Branden's shoulders through a few more contractions. He asked Betty to check me again...he thought I was getting close. Betty checked me again and I was only a 7. I thought I was going to cry. I know for some that is totally quick to progress like that...but the pain is sooo intense and w/no breaks it seems like you can't possibly go on anymore

But I had terrific support...hubs held me and told me how great I was doing...Sadly I yelled at him for wearing the wrong cologne and told him to never wear it again or I'd kill him. How lovely was that of me? I remember telling Betty again I was done and wasn't having more babies! haha She gave me different positions to try and nothing helped w/the pain. I remember gripping her shoulders and her looking at me and reminding me to give bigger breaths out.....that helped me concentrate a bit more....Midwives are a wonder....and care for you during unlike any other support....

I basically leaned over the edge of the bed while standing on my tip toes rocking from side to side really fast.......don't know how this worked .....last time it didn't. Hubs said it looked like I was trying to dance....I think I was trying to shake the baby out...

About 2 more contractions later I was really really feeling the pressure you need to push pressure....Betty *midwife* told me to moan deep in my chest while breathing out through the contraction..nothing helps but moaning and I remembered moaning really really loud for Lily's birth.... I wanted to be checked....I was only an 8......BUT

being that I have a great midwife she told me to push just a tiny bit to see what would happen...Don't have to ask me twice....and boom I was a 9 and my water broke. (sorry Betty since you just changed from the last birth) more tiny push like that she said...and guess what? I was a 10 in 2 secs flat and ready to get that baby out!

Pushing...hmmmmmmm even though I've done it before you still need a refresher of how to push....You want to just push...but you need to push more w/your bum and not your tummy.

Betty and Lynn *midwife assistant* did a terrific job keeping me focused on my job...hubs this time stood at the foot of the bed for his front row seat.....cheering me on....

I pushed and pushed and felt like I wasn't getting know the whole...1 push forward...2 sucks back? I was making progress, but now it was time to assume little boy was a big'un......

Finally a few more pushes later I hear Betty tell me I needed a bit of help and for me to just push no matter what....Ok not sure what they were talking about but I was about to find out.....I pushed 3 more times while screaming.......and boom my little man entered the 5:58 pm

Why for the screaming? (it's usually not that bad)....Betty and Lynn had to help a bit .....Little man's shoulders were stuck! :o)

You have this feeling of euphoria the moment you feel that baby slip out...all pain gone totally replaced w/tremendous joy in 1 sec flat...I'll spare most of the is one of me all haggard and sweaty after they handed me Reid...I look on drugs haha Sadly I'm not one of those women who shoot out a baby all glamorous looking! But the glow of birth is beautiful in my mind!

Got to hold little Reid for as long as I wanted and nurse and kiss and love on him....but I was dying to know his off daddy went to capture the scales....a Whopping 9 lbs 14 oz....

This next photo is toooooo AWESOME...hubby captured my face when they told me Reid's weight

So glad I packed 3 outfits...the first 2 were for newborn up to 8 lbs.....ROFL....

Soooo that's it really....sorry no really cool or scary kid at the end...

We hung out at the birthing center a couple of hours and then made the slow cold drive home on the ice yet again! This time every bump didn't hurt as bad as the last!!!

Needless to say I'm totally exhausted....Lily is terrific....still her active self. I knew how active she was but shesh! I don't know how I did it before w/little ones and newborn....I'm learning all over again! Give me pointers ladies! :o)

If I remember more to this sure I'll post!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Baby Update .....Reid Rocks! :o)

Here's another precious photo to get you by until you hear his birth story! I'm still remembering most of it now! (grins) Pain does that to a woman!

We have a really funny video that I'm trying to upload of right after we got home from the birthing center (reid was hrs old) and Lily was meeting him for the first time! Totally not how we thought she would react! (much better and hysterical) So stand by....I was trying to edit it down to spare you w/boring stuff...

I'm exhausted...Reid thinks the only one that can hold him is me and screams bloody murder (no lying) when someone else does. Makes it really hard to leave the room for even a second!

Add to the mix Lily doesn't want anyone to put her down but me to bed....(again baby screaming bloody murder making everyone but me a nervous wreck)

Needless to say he doesn't like to be put down either...So I slept in a half reclined position on the couch last night with Reid asleep on my chest.

He's either nursing every hr or going to town on his binky!

What happened to the baby that was supposed to come out calm? Or the baby that you have to wake to eat? haha...

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

HE'S HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

More info to come......BUT WELCOME MY NEW MAN!

Duncan "REID"

Born February 1st 2011


9lbs 14oz (yes, you read that right)

20 3/4" long

and precious!!!!

(to be con't)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


First off....did you happen to see the weather for a good part of the country? Yep...North Texas wasn't spared....

What do I hear starting at 1am...? Ice rain hitting the windows for 3 solid hours.....and guess what I felt? Contractions every 10 mins from 2am-3:30am.

I decided to wake hubs up at 3:30 to tell him....but then Lily decided she would wake up I laid down with her and the contractions slowed down from every 10 mins to every 15...then 30.....

So I caught some sleep between 4 and 6am.....on and off looking at the clock to see how close they were coming...

Now? it looks like it will be a long day.

Back to the roads.......we got snow on top of the ice now! Isn't that lovely?

Reid sits still in my tummy for months and decides he needs to have a story to make his entrance grand!

I just got off the phone w/the midwife and 2 women are already in labor. Did I mention I would be the third and there are only 2 birthing suites? Soooooo either my contractions need to quit and start up tomorrow or slow and birth after the others leave! haha

(oops just had another one while typing...we're at every 8-12mins just not lasting long...stand by)

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