Friday, March 4, 2011


The Glamorous life of being a mommy to new babies....

~The dark circles under the eyes...

not from all night partying, but from all night newbornin'. These nights will too pass. (from experience and what they remind me) I think I run on auto pilot at night anyways...I fall asleep nursing him and realize it's been 30 mins later. So I'm sure if I totaled the real sleep w/the passing out sleep maybe I am getting more. Just use that time you are alone with your little one to soak in all the love. Having 5 kids I relish each alone time I have with each of them. This is mine and Reid's time to connect in the middle of the night. I am sooo in love with him I could scream!

~Eau de Lait Caille....nope not the Lait you drink...but the smell of curdled milk on yourself.

I don't know how many times a baby has puked and it's run down my back. Or the latest w/ runs straight down my glamorous is that? Better be quick to wipe that one up! You can also find it suck in the end of my hair too lately.... I wear too much black...and don't have enough ppl to point out the white spill stain down my clothes....I'm sure I'm a sight!

~3 min or less showers

I have this down to an art now....I am sooo jealous of hubs when I hear him getting ready for work and the shower runs for 15 mins. I mean HELLO........I WANT A 15 MIN SHOWER AGAIN..

~Eating standing up

I am not sure I have sat for a meal in over a month. I'm usually standing nursing Dude Friend (thanks to hannah loaning me her My Breast Friend) or racing through the kitchen to inhale a blueberry frozen waffle as I'm juggling my daily life.

~Yes you realized God should have made mom's sprout extra arms and shoulders when giving birth...or a clone...either would be fine

I realized last night I needed an extra me. It was that or break down crying. I made the mistake of cooking a dish that needed constant attention. You know the ones that need to be constant stirring for 15 mins....well at this moment Dude woke up from his 3 hr nap ....guess what he needs? diaper change and boob.....Lily also took this moment to have a liquid diaper....(sorry for the visual) She got the priority ticket on this I'm staring at the food I'm supposed to be stirring....Reid is screaming and Lily is crying about her clothes and the floor.....I'm freaking out myself....I mean where is my mom when I need her? :o)

In the end..I survived....Dinner wasn't ruined....Lily ran around in a diaper b/c I didn't have the time to run upstairs for more clothes....and everyone ate dinner while I nursed Reid...thankfully by the time I ate there was still some left....(you never know with this family) Did I mention I hate tummy bugs w/little ones? ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

~Your idea of fun is a 3 hour nap

Before it would have consisted of a night out with your hubs...or maybe a mani/pedi Now? All you want is to crawl under the covers of a nice long warm the peaceful quietness of your own breathing. ahhhhhh

~Make up is overrated

I have to admit going al'natural has been pretty nice this past month. In fact last night Mini Me told me I looked really pretty w/o makeup. She said that most people look weird b/c they wear too much and I look pretty w/o it. And no she wasn't scoring points. (grins) I've never really worn that much make up to begin with.....more of the lip gloss than lip stick girl.....I have the wake up and go go go look! (or the I've got a newborn and barely have time to pee look)

~Breast pads are your friend

well if you are nursing that is...I have a box of my favorite in just about every room. I even have some shoved inside the couch cushions for those emergencies. Elsie at your service. I wouldn't change it for anything....nursing my sweet babies has been the highlight of my job. I guess you can tell since I nursed Lily until she was 28m.

~You're not losing your've just temporarily misplaced it

Do you know how many times I have done the wrong thing or stuck objects in their wrong place? More times than I can count. When making the kids lunches I keep switching the sandwiches or snacks.....The other day I went to make a dessert...I totally spaced out and messed it I threw it out...only to make the same exact mistake again. So guess what? Hubs didn't get his favorite dessert I had been teasing him about all day. Your mind will come back to you I promise! Chalk it up to the newborn'in again

~Potty Talk

Sorry but it's'll be really interested in your baby's movements....sometimes it's the first thing I talk about when hubs calls to check in. I forget he's not as interested in Reid's poo as I am.


Gabe and Kristen said...

This post makes me want to be a mama

I love the one where you say "God should have made mom's sprout extra arms and shoulders when giving birth.. or a clone"

So cute!

Laura said...

This is all so true! I can't imagine 5 at this point lol. I think my head would explode. I applaude you!

Shannon said...

So funny Laura, but I don't think your list is limited to just mommas of newborns...I still can't take long showers and I certainly think napping is a great way to spend any extra time!

It's all worth it though, as I know you'll agree!

Hugs to you and Happy weekend (pick out a St. Patty's card and email me!).


Neely said...

I wish I could relate but I can say you are doing awesome!

Jumping Jack said...

I'm w/ Shannon - I still think a nap is a GREAT way to spend any extra time I might have.

Jack always woke up right as I was about to fix dinner and I still remember standing at the bar eating dinner every night b/c he refused to be put down at dinner time! How do they know???

I don't know how you do it w/ 5! You are SUPER MOMMA in my book!! :)

Lori said...

Have you tried those evanesse nursing bras that wick away the milk so you don't have to wear nursing pads? I forget the exact brand or website, but I bought those about 6 months in and swore off nursing pads forever!

Oh, and my dark circles haven't disappeared yet and my baby has been STTN for ... more than a year now. What gives?!

Dana said...

This is so true!! The fast showers are still the norm for me...unless hubs is home and can watch my little guy for extra 10 mins. Of course that will all change when I have newborns in the house again.

Makeup? What's that? LOL! And forget the hair.

Mrs. D said...

Lol! You crack me up! But, it is SOO true!! Everything you said, I can totally relate to!

Jennifer said...

So true!!!

-Lucky Mommy- said...

I love this post!! I am laughing! And, I feel ya!

jen said...

Which pads are your faves? I love love love Lansinoh. Nothing better, in my book.

Stef said...

Oh my gosh! Nursing pads are the best! Whoever came up with them are the best. I remember with my third child for some reason I had a pluthera...of milk. I would go through those thing the first week like nobody's business.
If I was your neighbor, I would totally help you out.
You're right, this too shall pass in a matter of months

New Mommy!!! said...

Love this post. The 3 minute showers and eating standing up is soooo true! Coming up soon for me too!

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