Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My baby is 6 Weeks...Minute by Minute in My Life

Dude Friend is growing by leaps and bounds.....

He was 6 weeks yesterday....

I thought I would jot down what a day in the life of Dude Friend is like...

Now keep in mind these are just times w/Dude Friend...I'll add with blue what I do in between those times you can see what I don't get done Now I can show what I do on a daily basis.

Dude Friend usually goes to bed around 10, but...lately it's been closer to 11pm UGH

Monday Night...he cried from 8-11 on and off...smiling and playing and then cries for no reason...smiles and plays and then cries for no reason..not really wanting to eat...just make his mommy sweat and bounce and sing and coo to keep him happy hoping he would pass out...

FINALLY....he eats and

10:50pm Dude in his crib for the night...(or hours in his case)

1:50-2:50am Dude wakes for a feeding

5:20am Dude wakes...(I lay there willing him to go back to sleep....does no good)

I'm too tired LAZY so I lay him next to me to nurse....

6:20am burp switch sides

7 am try to settle him on the other boob...I'm tired

(do this for a hr)

Now I realize if I would quit being lazy I might get him back down...but from experience...he always wakes at 6am....then again at 6:40 and then usually stays I've just been putting him asleep w/me to make him go until 8

8:30-9:30 dude wakes up for good...change his diaper and head downstairs to start coffee...rush to feed dude who is acting like he's never eaten!

after this I'm grabbing Lily some breakfast some coffee

10:20-10:35 nap in crib

got Lily dressed

10:45-11:15 nurses

grabbed a fast shower....with dude watching me and Lily walking in and out of the room....wanted to wash hair...knew there was no time...lucky to get the shower

12:05-12:35 nap

Lily decides to talk as loud as she can and giggle and run when I try to tell her to use inside voice....instead we fix lunch together and she is happy to drink from a big girl cup at the table w/o her sippy lid. I grab a quick bite too...and then realize Dude is waking up...where I end up shoving the rest in my mouth ...thus eating too fast and realize I'm still hungry!

12:35-1:20 nurses dude

1:20-1:25 dude naps on couch...yes for 5 mins. That gave me enough time to unload the dryer and start to fold 5 items before he screamed!

(at this point I walk around w/him on my shoulder. He usually naps at noonish until 3, but the past 3 days he thought that was a bad, not so much!)

1:49- 2:46

actually heard him fussing at 2:26 but ignored him and he just fell back asleep until 2:46...he fusses in his sleep and I've learned to not hop up and run just yet.

Lily and I get her doodle writing toy out and practice letters....she knows her ABC' I'm trying to get her to read them. she loves asking me to write letters for her... She so far she only recognizes O, S, L, W, and T (random huh?) She is obsessed w/W's for some reason!!!

2:50 changed Reid's diaper....and then off to feed him

2:52-3:14 nursed and then Reid had a blow out in his diaper that needed attention....

3:16-3:40...finished feeding Dude while watching Lily take her bucket of crayons and throw them around the room. While nursing dude I txt hubs to google a nursing watch I want to have

...he txt back the price of them.....$100...I txt back...'are you kidding?...." he txt back...nothing...granted he's not much of a txt'er so I'm lucky I got the first one.

3:53 Dude fell asleep on my shoulder....carried him upstairs at 3:58 to lay him in his crib...this is where Lily noticed I was missing from downstairs and came busting into his room shouting "what you doing momma...." where upon jolting dude from his sleep.....where upon I put a binky in his mouth and bounced his bottom to lull him back to sleep ...all the while covering Lily's mouth w/my other hand and rushing from the room. (hears thunder)

4:03-4:36 I made it downstairs w/Dude still in his crib for a nap....(hears thunder and prays the baby doesn't wake...doesn't the thunder know I need this break??)

This is where I realized I had yet to pee all day (TMI get over it) It's the small things in life we take for granted....

4:15 (still hears thunder and heard baby stirring on monitor....go away thunder go away...)

This is the time I use to wonder what I'm fixing for dinner...we had those bean and cheese casserole things that I posted for monday twice now....I think hubs would like to move on. Too tired to be creative...tonight's dinner I have a feeling will not be good!

Lily is rooting for a snack....she wanted cheese and crackers...hmmmm I'm craving some swiss cheese on triscuits and a peach Fresca now!

After Reid is awake Lily and I change his diaper...and try to play with him...

5:05-5:42 Dude Friend eats

hubs comes in and starts fixing dinner...tonight we thought...buttered pasta w/pesto and bread

then another diaper change....and

6:05 dude falls asleep on my shoulder

6:18 lay dude down in his crib

I scarfed down my pasta all before I hear a whimper....

6:35 Dude is chilling on my shoulder while we clean up dinner

7:00-7:10 dude fell asleep on my chest while we play with Lily in the living room....

7:10-7:30 Fed Dude....

Lily has taken this moment to realize my hands are not free and grabbed her bucket of crayons and is throwing them in handfuls around the room. I'm not amused at this point...I feel like my mothering skills have up and flown out the window. At this point I use the scary mom voice and say "I'm going to count to 3 and you need to stop or you will go to time out....1...2.............3" by this point she does stop...but not b/c of my scary mom was because she was out of crayons.

7:30-7:50 Sissy and I bathe dude friend and she helps....more throws water in the air and trying to fall in the tub w/dude.

Then we dress dude and get sissy in her night nights...more or less me chasing her around the house trying to get her dressed.

8:00-8:45 Dude eats....

Daddy comes in to rescue a sleeping Lily from me....and dude is asleep so I try to lay him in his crib too...COULD THIS BE WE ACTUALLY HAVE SOME TIME TOGETHER?

NOPE...dude wakes upon me laying him down and I can't soothe him back to sleep....

so much for couple time

Bring dude down and daddy and I play with a fussy/happy/fussy/happy baby until finally he is ready for bed.

10:00-10:40 Dude eats and crashes in his bed for the night. (he only lasted 3 hrs and woke by 1:40....)


Now you know what I do all day. Pretty much get not a thing done...I'm tired....scatterbrained and my house stays in constant disarray!

Yea to those first few months of TOTALLY CHAOS Motherhood!


Caroline said...

I'm tired just reading this. I don't know how you do it! You're wonder woman!!!

Jumping Jack said...

You have my head spinning! Maybe I don't want another one! HA! But yay for at least getting a quick shower!!

Neely said...

You are amazing and I dont know if I ever want to have a baby haha

Lori said...

Yikes! I feel tired looking at your schedule. Hope your hubs lets you get that nursing watch since you're SO busy with all the kiddos, especially your new little dude..

Shannon said...

Shesh! I'm tired just after reading this. I'm also laughing hysterically at the watch...con leche! How funny!

Got milk? You crack me up woman!


Aly @ Analyze This said...

I never want kids. The end.

Joanne said...

Sounds all too familiar... except add; check a blood sugar, give a shot, count carbs, treat a low blood sugar (several times a day) and you've got my lfe.

I do have to say Elise is a little less crazy than Lily!

Meant to be a mom said...

What a good mommy you are.
It sounds like he has a pretty normal newby schedule.

I'm not really looking forward to the sleepless exhausting nights but other than that all the rest I'm so excited for :)

mountain mama said...

why do we have kids again??

hee hee, totally kidding.

oh man...i remember those days girl. hang in there!!

i can't believe he's already 6 weeks!!!!!!!!

Angie said...

Oh my word...I remember those dazey days. Bless your are one busy momma! You deserve that watch ;)

jen said...

I've never heard of a nursing watch?
Whew. It seems so long ago I was doing this with Evie. . ..

Anna said...

Oh my goodness. You are precious, hilarious and a fabulous mama! So glad I stumbled upon your blog!!

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

this brings back recent memories. it's so hard when there's not a single break! but remember, soon, very soon, it will get easier!

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