Friday, April 15, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen....


She cracks me up...I have no idea where she gets her crazy sense of humor (points at her mother)

I was feeding the baby this morning and she pulled out her kitchen oven, sink, and stove and put them in the middle of the living room. She then climbed on top of the stove ...took her toy pizza cutter in her hand and shouted w/her arms over her head

"Ladies and Gentlemen.....Inducing the Tollee Show!"

She then pointed w/her pizza cutter to me and said

"Hey you over're next"

Ha Ha...seriously, that was the funniest thing I have heard or seen in a long time!! Gotta love the mind of a 2 yr old

Mini Me


At the end of every school 6 weeks they have an awards ceremony. You know...A honor roll...perfect attendance etc. They like to pass out certificates as a show of job well done. Not only that, but the kids have a theme and get to dress up for the day. One 6 weeks it was "Super Hero" another during homecoming was "Homecoming" . Kate dressed in a semi formal w/corsage. (I wish I had made a tiny mum, but forgot) This 6 weeks it's Pirate theme.

Brandy over at Jumping Jack and the ETSY store Sunfire Creative or better known as my dear creative friend that sews all my kids awesome personalize stuff!

We had her create a shirt for Mini Me's Pirate theme! Look at how precious it turned out! Brandy....once again you rock! Head over to her stuff and check things out!

Child #1 (oldest son)

I have been sooooo irritated with the boys (in general ...the whole lot of them) hair style these days. I hate the long look...I mean seriously when your hair is longer than your sister or your grandmother that's a problem. I used to get on him and get angry and threaten him with hair cuts....and then I realized. Hey...It's a's the latest style....I mean I am sure I annoyed my mom with what I wanted back in the day. Or when I look back at the Jenna Elfman short "darma" haircut I had to have 14 yrs ago (ohhhh boy was it bad) I realized I needed to let it go and let the boy be a 14 yr old Freshman in high school.

So I did...I quit harping about his hair. I just told him that if he wants that long ugly mess then he needs to keep it clean and brushed everyday. And he does (it's boy #2 I have to worry about)


Last night he came to me and said

"everyone says I'm gonna look weird w/a haircut and for me not to cut it."

me (with eyes open wide) "What? what? You want a cut???"

him "Well if you want you can take me this weekend...but not to that guy you call Edward Scissorhand, I could go for a trim or something"

me "I'm sooo excited...(calms down really quit) ok ok ok ....ummmm whatever you want honey"

WOW?!!!! I'm totally excited. I mean hello....? Is that all I needed to do was keep my mouth shut?

Parenting at it's best! (grins)


Anonymous said...

I am with you on the long hair styles for boys. It really gets me when it is hanging in their eyes.
Love the pirate shirt on your daughter. Super cute.

Jumping Jack said...

Lily is too funny! I can just see her standing on the stove waving her pizza cutter! Too funny!

Kate is a doll! Thanks for the shout-out! :)

YAY for a "mama" WIN on #1's haircut! You'll have to take pics of the before and after.

Annie said...

OMGosh....Lily.....what a silly girl....I love it!!

mountain mama said...

love the updates on everyone!!

Shannon said...

That would've cracked me up too! Go Brandy go, that's adorable! She's great isn't she?!

Have a great weekend, friend! XO

Neely said...

I love hearing about your kids!

Kerbi said...

I LOVE that your kids get to have a theme for their awards assembly! My students would totally be okay with that!

Stef said...

Lily is ha-lily-ous!! I love it!!!

And I am totally with you on the long hair. But with four boys I am a little nervous that one of them will want long hair. Fortunately for me, my boys hair doesn't grow down. It grows up. ..and up. Not so cool. Score!!

I guess sometimes the best parenting is to step back. sigh...

Aly @ Analyze This said...

Kate looks so cute!! Love the shirt Brandy made ... she is SEW creative! Ha!

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