Monday, April 18, 2011

Miscellany Monday..."Who's Gary?"

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

One. Who's Gary?

Yesterday Lily grabbed an empty picture frame and held it out arms length and shouted


Hubs looked at me and asked

"Who's Gary?"

Heck if I know, but that girl can brighten a dull day!

(and no it's not a Sponge Bob character....that show is banned in our house)

Two. Mark It

If you have a large family w/lots of ppl drinking from cups and then they leave them lying around then you know my pain. I'm so sick of finding like 20 cups around. We don't even have 20 ppl in our house. The kids excuse ..."I forgot where I put it"

So mommy read this on a blog or magazine post and got all tingly! Now I don't find multiple cups...I just see a few with these fun markers on them.

Just get some clothes pins and decorate anyway you want for each person! Get creative. I didn't! (ha) Now no more

"Who's cup is this?" in my house anymore!

Three. Shortcake

Even after all my 30 + 7 years...I'm never too old to enjoy a present in the mail for my birthday. My lovely sister sent me this gift basket...It's a Strawberry Shortcake theme...because after all...strawberries are my most favorite thing in the world. I'm a lucky girl.

Four. Say what?

I had a bad day on Saturday...It started out terrific and then got even better until.....

Hubs and I took the kids for our weekly shopping trip. I am usually the one to do ur shopping, but after having babies, hubs will take over until the baby is about 4m. This weekend I was feeling a little stir crazy and asked if we all could join him. I felt I could handle it better w/Mini Me and the older boys to help with Lily and pushing carts. Everything was going smoothly until hubs and I stopped at the bank first. I was having issues with my debit when using it online. We left all the kids in the car while we ran in real quick. Now before any haters for leaving kids in the oldest is 14, and then 12, and then they were all perfectly capable of watching a 2yr and 2m old!! (back to story)

Hubs and I went into the lobby and were told to wait at the couches until the next available teller was available. There was already another couple waiting so we got in line. The next teller came to the couple and said she could help them. The man pointed to me and said...

"No...let them go first....I always let those with child go before me"

I didn't have Reid with obviously the man assumed I was pregnant.

Now for starters I haven't lost all my baby weight....but COME ONNNNNNNNNNNN

My heart sank to the floor and I felt like sobbing.

I told him I wasn't pregnant and went ahead anyways to go before him. I felt he owed me that much.

For the record...we all know NEVER to assume a woman is pregnant unless you've been told. I know I'm fat, but I didn't think it was that bad...I guess I was wrong. I gained 40lbs w/Reid and lost 30 so far. After that I will lose another 10. That's the 10 I put on with the baby we lost before Reid.

Deep sigh...what a way to ruin my day. It's all I've thought about sense.

Five. Keeping my Youth

I love having a Mini Me...she always wants me to watch all the Disney Tv Movies with her. Last night we watched Lemonade Mouth w/Bridget Mendler (name of our future daughter ha)

I loved all their pretty dresses w/belts and pretty cardigans. Makes me want to welcome summer ...almost!

Six. Love Hate Relationship

To the jerk in the bank who told me I was fat (well it was implied)

I lost 2 lbs this past week. WW does work, but I have a love hate relationship with it.

I love that it works, but I hate not eating what I want whenever I want!

Seven. PB

There is something about making the first dent in the peanut butter. I love ripping off the seal and making the first dent! We go through 2 of these or more a month and I always look forward to packing the kids lunches! Odd.....I know!


Anna said...

Girl you so deserved to go first and I highly doubt you look remotely prego men are just ridiculous...

Sounds like your kiddos are adorable and hilarious!

Jumping Jack said...

WOW - what an ass at the bank! That's awesome that you've lost 30 lbs - I'm sure you don't look fat at all! MEN!

WW does work, but boy do I hate it too! I really need to start doing it again, b/c I'm pretty sure the 15lbs I'd like to loose aren't going to come off when I eat french fries daily. HA!

I love the cup marker idea!

Caroline said...

I've never seen a PB jar so big! I'm impressed! Love the glass decoders! :)

Lori said...

Yikes, I know that feeling from personal experience and I was first humiliated, then hurt, then angry then wanted to cry. Haha. Your little guy is so young anyhow, you can't be too hard on yourself mama! :) You're GORGEOUS!

Those cup marker things are so cute ;)

jen said...

I have an answer for you:
Gary is my brother.
How Lily knew that, I don't know.

Dana said...

Wow whata jerk!!! Why can't people keep their mouths closed sometimes. I am pretty sure you aren't looking prego anymore considering you are close to having lost all your baby weight.

That basket your sis sent looks delish!!

Heather said...

I love that yall drink out of Mason Jars!!! So Southern :).

Southern Belle Mama said...

I love the clothespin idea...wonder if they'll work on husbands too?

And don't sweat that dude. Now, even with LB almost 2 years old I still have a pooch and it's a full blown food baby after I eat a big meal. I even put my hand on it just to give others the impression I'm pregnant (though I'm not) should they attempt to stare. Just let them think you are and reap the benefits. ;)

Annie said...

mmmm....peanut butter! ;)
sorry to hear about the rude man at the bank! i'm just sure you look fabulous my sweet friend!! you've already lost 30 pounds, that's amazing!! i hope my weight comes off that quick!

LeAnna said...

I doubt you look fat! Some people just don't think before they speak...

LOVE the pb pics. Poor Q can't eat PB, so we've had to go to almond butter, and it's just not near as cool.

Stef said...

First off, you only have 10 lbs left??? I am really jealous. Then again, I keep falling off the WW wagon. Sigh...
And every woman in that place should have slapped that guy and asked him if he likes salt with his foot.
I love doing that to peanut butter too. Funny.

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

lol... gary?! what in the world! she's a hoot! i love the way you mark the glasses. -that settles it, you're a genius.

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

and the fact that you have lost 30 lbs already is reallllly good!!! it took me months upon months!

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