Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Semi Wordless Wednesday! Escape Artist


I think Lily is trying to tell us something....she's wants out!
We noticed she can unlock doors so I've had to make extra sure all doors are double and triple locked. If you aren't careful she'll slip out.
I noticed these hanging from the door the other day.

I guess since she sees us with keys...she'd use hers to unlock and escape!
Lucky for me Princess Keys are mommy friendly!
Love my girl!!!

Side note...Photobucket is still down...excuse my background!


Kristy said...

awww that is so cute! I'm glad you thought to take a picture :)

Jumping Jack said...

Oh that Lily!

Shannon said...

Yes, that dang PB...

Gosh Lily does really keep you on your toes doesn't she?

She and Sweet Bean would have so much fun!


Anna said...

Aww, that is totally precious! I love how little ones try and emulate big people :)

Stef said...

We better watch out or she is bound to learn how to pick the lock. What next? Hotwiring your car.
Danger! Danger!

Too cute

Meagan said...

That's pretty smart of her!

mountain mama said...

uh-huh, i've had one of those too!

mine once scaled a 5' fence in about 3 seconds! :)

God bless~

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