Thursday, May 5, 2011

2 and 2

Recipe time people. 2 quiches and 2 desserts...I'm on a roll!

Tonight we (what's this we was me people, all me) I made 2 different types of quiche. A bacon, broccoli, and cheddar quiche and a ham, spinach, and swiss quiche. I guess you can't really screw quiche up.....or I have been craving quiche, or I'm a sucker for anything in a pastry shell...point is.... these suckers were de-lish! Simple as Pie...(pun intended) and quick to make...

All you need are

2 deep dish pie shells (too lazy to make my own)

8 eggs

2 cups whipping cream

salt/pepper/dry mustard

ham, bacon, broccoli, and spinach

cheddar and swiss cheese!

Heat oven to 375

Sprinkle chopped ham in one pie shell and chopped bacon in the other

Sprinkle swiss over ham and cheddar over bacon

Sprinkle spinach over swiss and chopped broccoli over cheddar

Mix 1 cup of cream, 4 eggs, 1/2 tsp each of salt pepper, and dry mustard.

Pour over 1 pie...repeat on last pie

Bake 45 mins or until done! Simple ingredients that come out perfect.....add a spring salad w/a vinaigrette dressing!

I also had extra rice krispies on the what better than to make treats and a PB and chocolate dessert called Peanut Butter Chocolate Oatmeal Bars

We are off to the chiropractor again today ....little Reid is off for more alignments to get his neck back in line with his body and to help fix his spitting up! (his neck got a bit messed up from when he needed help coming into the world during birth!) Gotta love Chiropractors!


LeAnna said...

Mmm, those chocolate bars look so good! I forgot you did chiropractic care for your little ones! I should have had my oldest adjusted, he spit up sooo much!

katie + bret said...

I believe that chocolate and PB are the BEST combinations in the world! I will be trying that for sure! Thanks for sharing!! xx

Danna said...

Yum, the quiches look delish! I am going to have to make one soon.

Shannon said...

Seriously!!!! Why do you do this to me??? I try so hard to be good but have a weakness for sweets! And Bret loves pb as does GG. Plus it's his b'day on Sunday---



(P.s. I know I still owe you a phone call, text, or email...I'm a bad friend...forgive me!!!)

Kelsey Claire said...

Oh my goodness that dessert looks to die for! Just sayin'!

Ali said...

printing this recipe right now these look DELICIOUS!

Dana said...

That dessert is making my mouth water!!

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