Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Lily-ism's Continued...

Before i start....i had to add a quick video of my sweetie pie....he melts my

now on to Lily-ism's.....

last night both babies had dirty diapers at the same of course i had diaper duty! i think they planed it. i will like to add for digital journal sake....DADDY HAS BEEN CHANGING DIAPERS LATELY little sweeties. So when you look back and read all my journals of your life you can see daddy did have a hand in some of the dirty stuff...(notice i said a hand...1)

back to story...

so i changed L first...then R. for some reason Lily was impressed with reid's diaper in the trash and kept wanting to open it...

me "noooo nooo monkey brain...that's dirty...blech...blah....don't touch it sweetie"

lily "ohhh's reid's poo poo"

me "lily ...mommy is no touch's nasty poo poo"

off lily walks over to oldest child playing some video game...he can't see her behind him, but he can only hear her and our previous conversation about the poo poo.

grayson "lily did you see the poo poo"

lily "yes"

grayson "do you still have it now?"

(rubs her mermaid w/brown hair on his cheek)

lily "yes"

he flies up off the couch and I die laughing....haha he saw brown out of the corner of his eye and thought she had the diaper! silly lily!


the other night after getting Lily all ready for bed we sat on the couch to wind down. a few minutes later she jumped off the couch and ran into the kitchen and in secs she was back....with a gallon sized bag of chocolate chip cookies.

me "what on earth are you doing little girl?"

lily "shhh i'm having my lunch...don't bother me"

haha little stinker (and i let her have 1 before i yanked the bag away)


her latest favorite story is The Three Little Pigs...hourly she makes me pretend the huff and puff scene...i thought i'd capture it on video


Need to feel like you're not alone in the Terrific 2's Tantrum world? Check her out. What cracks me up is that she has to wipe her face while screaming. (yes every time) and then hands it to me when she's finished her rant...and walks off to play That A Girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


from the mouth of a 32 month old...

" i don't like panties or the potty...diapers are my favorite"

(lovely...this will be a long long summer)


Kristen said...

I love the Lily-isms! She is such a character!

LeAnna said...

Okay, the video of her throwing a fit cracked me up. Can't be having tear stains, now can she?!? Tooooo funny. Dude friend is getting so big, such a cutie!

Caroline said...

Love her!!!!

Neely said...

You should submit the last vid to AFV seriously

Amber said...

HAHA! Diapers are my favorite, potty training should be a blast! ;)

Sew.What. said...

Those videos are great. What a little flirt R will be one day!

Stef said...

I love the videos. First, I love the coo-ing stage. I miss it, I'm not going to lie. However, I am right in the thick of the two's and so I feel your pain. But two is such a great age too. We take the good with the bad, don't we as mothers?!!

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