Monday, June 13, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

one. Nudist

I got a nudist in my house. Her name starts with a L...No, silly it's not me...but none other than the great Lillian. I've never had a streaker before. I am not even sure how to go about this phase. Thankfully she doesn't leave the house like that...just likes to run around inside neekid. I sure wish with this heat I could join her.

two. GNI

Mini Me and I have had 2 GNI Girl's Night In together. Last weekend we watched The American Girl Carissa. Perfectly put since it was about bullies. We've been dealing with those this past year and this was a great teaching tool. All little girls should see this. Popped some popcorn and giggled in the dark. So we decided we would do a GNI every week. Friday night we made Lucky Charm Treats (think rice crispies w/o the rice crispies) and made friendship bracelets....HELLO DAYS OF MY CHILDHOOD. Thanks to google I rocked the bracelets again. Kate is wearing the one I made her all summer to think of me when she is away at camp. For our movie we chose Gulliver's Travels. Who doesn't love Jack Black?

three. Lo to No

So yes, today is day 8 of my Lo to No carb 'lifestyle' change. I think it's really hard....Only b/c I am cooking for the family and not everyone (coughs...only me) is doing this. So I'm surrounded by temptation. But the scales are my reminder. 7 lbs obviously it's working. I'm a bit bored of meat though and veggies at this point. I sure hope I can keep it up until the end of Sept. For a special treat I will half freeze my water bottle of Crystal Light Raspberry Lemonade to slushie form. Instant yummy

four. Boys and Girls

My oldest as been talking to girls....ohhhhhh ahhhhhh eeeeekkkk. I'm so trying to be cool about it, but deep inside I'm freaking out. I mean after all he is still my baby to me, but sadly he's growing up. I need to learn to keep my mouth shut and my hands to myself. I told hubs I wanted to buy a wooden picnic table and a fire pit so the kids could hang in our backyard to visit at night. I'd rather keep an eye on the group then have them hanging somewhere else. Maybe I could lure the group with my sweets...I mean what teen doesn't love desserts right? (I'm not ready for this phase)

five. Ding Dong

I've had it up to here (points to ceiling) of ding dong ditchers. I told hubs I want him to unhook the bell until ...FOREVER. We have had a sign above it since Lily was born that says...Please Knock baby sleeping. For the most part it's always worked. Until this summer. Kids ring it at all hours (yes even at midnight and 11am) and run off. So surprise... I'll not hear it the next time they do. Joke on them now! Ring away.

six. Sand Pit

I have always been ok with sand boxes...our pool has one and it's huge and fun. The little kids are so precious in it. It was precious until I read an article about how many germs are in the box. It's probably grosser than the kitchen sink and toilet combined. Seriously I'm grossed out. I have no clue what to do, but to pray Lily's immune system is rocking. I want to hose her down with clorox wipes when she's finished. It's her favorite part of the pool. Figures right? I want to yell..."stop touching the sand" but then how do you play? deep sigh. I hate nasty germs.


Angie said...

I hate germs you think ours here at home are just as germy? It is other ppl's germs that make it bad or just that it is dirt?

I love that you have a streaker...hahah! So cute!

So no more WW? Just no carb?

Neely said...

LOL to your oldest talking to girls and seriously little girls can be so mean! My 10 year old cousin Natalie is dealing with it too :( I loved Gullivers!

Caroline said...

Girls are so nasty now days. It's so sad. Love that L is a streaker!!!

jen said...

HOW can you make Lucky Charms treats and not eat them? You are MY HERO.

carissa said...

When the girls start calling for my Hunter I'm going to cry like a baby. Good luck on playing it cool!

My nieces were streakers, too. It was quite comical!

Lo to no?! That is tough! But woohoo on losing 7 lbs!!!!! That's amazing! I'd rather run 5 miles/day just to have carbs. Ha!

mountain mama said...

wow, i've never heard that about sand...very interesting indeed. and gross.

LeAnna said...

You are the WOMAN for going no-carb. I bow to you. Not really, I can't bow, I'm too busy eating cookies.

MEAN, I know.

I hate it when poeple ring the doorbell, and I would be LIVID if someone did it at night and then ran off. Oh my word.

EEK is right about the teen years. I don't even want to think about it right now...

Amber said...

Love that Lilly is a streaker, so cute!

Lucky Charm treats sound like so much fun :)

Ashley said...

Your Lily stories crack me up!

Your girls night in sounds super fun! My friends and I made TONS of friendship bracelets when we were in middle school. Good times!

Anna said...

Interesting sandbox info...and scary :)

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